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Owning a Hot Tub


Bullfrog Spas make owning a hot tub
a more relaxing experience.

Experiences of Current Bullfrog Spa Owners

Hear how the JetPak Therapy System creates the only hot tub that can be personalized just for you.

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Justin L’Heureux. – Action Photographer & Bullfrog Spa Owner

Hear Justin’s Bullfrog Spas story.

hot tub review

Kate Nowlan – Entrepreneur & Bullfrog Spa Owner

Hear Kate’s Bullfrog Spas story.

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"As a biker here in Michigan I really need and enjoy the benefits of your product... nothing takes away the aches and pains of a 100 mile ride better than my Bullfrog Spa!"

Rex L. - Grand Blanc, MI

"Love my Bullfrog Spa. It is a great way to end the evening, you will sleep great! Great hydrotherapy! And may be used all year long."

Kathy V. - Riverton, UT

"I have owned my Bullfrog R7 for a month now, using it 1 hour per day, with a temp of 102 and water cycles 4 hours a day. I was suprised to get my electric bill...only an $18 increase. Good job Bullfrog!"

Scott R. - Sacramento, CA

"We continue to enjoy our Bullfrog Spa and the JetPak Therapy, especially the neck massage. It's worth the price of the whole thing!"

Jim & Mary S. - Santa Clarita, CA

"One thing you can count on is that Bullfrog will back you up. In my dealings with the company I have not met anyone there that is not professional and courteous..."

Edwin G. - Columbia, SC

"I certainly think that owning a Bullfrog Spa has improved my life. In fact, I feel a little fancy. This time I didn't buy the discounted item or go to the cheaper store, I went and got what I want."

Monica - Salt Lake City, UT
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