JetPaks for Custom Spas

Why build a custom gunite or concrete spa that just holds hot water, when you can have the ultimate relaxation experience with JetPaks!

Your custom concrete spa can now have interchangeable jets, contoured seat comfort, and therapeutic hydro-massage with Bullfrog’s JetPaks for concrete spas.

JetPaks in a custom spa

Style, Comfort and Therapy Come Together

Nothing enhances the ambience and function of your backyard landscape like a beautiful custom concrete spa. Building a concrete spa requires a firm commitment to the design because, once your custom spa is built, it will be a permanent feature of your home and yard for years to come. Until now, most custom spas were very attractive to look at but offered relatively uncomfortable seating and very few jets, each with limited massages.  Now, with JetPaks for concrete spas, you can have a beautiful custom concrete spa that is also comfortable and highly therapeutic, with a range of different jets and massage options to suit your needs and preferences. JetPaks for your concrete spa allow you the option of total customization now and total upgradability in the future.

Hydrotherapy is better with JetPaks for Gunite Hot Tubs

Ever noticed that concrete spas usually have only one kind of basic jet and a very limited number of them per seat? One or two simple jets per seat can never give you the massage that you deserve. You no longer need to settle for limited jetting in your custom spa. JetPaks for concrete spas give you multiple advanced massage options to suit all of your individual hydrotherapy needs. JetPaks can be interchanged from seat to seat, customized to fit your therapy needs, and upgraded at anytime in the future to stay up on advanced JetPak Technology.

Standard Custom Spa Jets

standard hot tub jets

Standard concrete spas offer one type
of jet, in limited configurations, with
very limited hydrotherapy applications.

JetPaks for Gunite Hot Tubs

JetPaks for custom spas

Different JetPaks offer different kinds
of jets, each with their own specific
hydrotherapy application to address
your individual needs and preferences.

Comfort  is Our Priority

Concrete spas are typically made with seating that places the back rest/spa wall at a 90 degree angle from the bench. This seating arrangement does not provide ideal comfort for relaxation.  JetPaks provide the solution. Each JetPak is designed for comfort with a contoured shape that fully supports your back as the advanced jets massage your tension away.

Standard Custom Spa Seating

standard spa bench

The concrete bench built at a 90 degree
angle to the seat back, combined with the
hard surfaces, provide very little comfort
and support.

JetPaks for Gunite Hot Tubs

comfortable hot tub seating

The contoured shape of each JetPak
provides a comfortable seat with back
support for maximum relaxation in
your spa.

Customizable and Upgradable

JetPaks for custom spas selectionJetPaks are customizable so you design the spa that is perfect for your needs. You choose the jetting and arrange the JetPaks in your spa the way that works best for you. JetPaks are easily interchangeable at any time so you can always move JetPaks around between spa seats to suit your changing needs. Unlike other custom spas that have a few, very basic, fixed jets, you decide where your favorite JetPaks are positioned in your spa. Also, your spa will never become outdated because it is fully upgradeable. As new JetPaks are developed and become available, you can easily upgrade without a major construction project or buying an entirely new spa. With JetPaks, you can relax knowing that, even though your concrete spa is permanent, you can always upgrade JetPaks to stay on top of the latest jetting technology.

Benefits of the JetPak System for Concrete Spas:

Available Colors

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Midnight Canyon




To get a better idea on how Gunite JetPaks will fit into your plans, here are a few more installation pictures.

JetPaks in mountain spaPark City spaJetPaks in a red tile spa

Please feel free to download the installation guide and use it as a resource.

JetPaks for Gunite Installation Guide



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