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Traveling Family

Brad & Hailey Devine live a fast-paced life, traveling the world with their 3 girls. Learn how their Bullfrog Spa helps them wind down and give them something to look forward to when they return home.

hot tub with cover design studio square

The Devine’s Spa

Spa Model: M7

Cabinet Color: Timber

Shell Color: Solitude

JetPaks: Alleviate, DeepRelief, NeckRelief, Oscillator, Rainshower, Spinallsage


“With our lifestyle of travel and kids, it can feel really fast-paced. That’s why we love having our Bullfrog Spa as part of our home—because it gives us peace.”

Get to Know the Devines

What do you do for work?

We are full-time content creators. We travel the world and create all sorts of content from home.

Why did you decide to get a Bullfrog Spa?

When we get home we really want it to be just like our soft landing spot. Fortunately, one of my friends, he ended up getting a Bullfrog Spa and we went over and saw it. We’re like, “Man, this is quality. That is what’s going to fill that void that we have at our house.”

What feature do you love about your Bullfrog Spa?

Not only is it big and it fits our full family in it but I love how beautiful it is. It really completes our home and all the intention behind it.