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Marcus is a professional skier and athlete from SLC, UT who promotes the appreciation for the art of skiing through creative expression and athletic performance.

Marcus’ Spa

Spa Model: M7

Cabinet Color: Timber

Shell Color: Solitude

JetPaks: Wellness, Rainshower, Trio, Neck, Fibrotherapy, and Versa


“I grew up with a Bullfrog Spa. My parents had one. Everyday after skiing I'd come home, hop in it. When it was time to move out and live my own life, I knew I needed a Bullfrog Spa too.”

Get to Know Marcus

What do you like about skiing?

That’s a loaded question, but I think what I like most about skiing is the way you have to be present and really live in the moment.

How do you like to relax after skiing?

Hot tubs and skiing go hand in hand. Since the beginning of time since people were skiing, they were hot tubbing. Nothing is better at the end of a ski day than a hot tub.

What motivates you to keep active?

When I’m outside exercising, I’m not motivated by a goal, a time, or I need to reach this summit in a certain amount of time, or I need to look a certain way. It’s just about the experience of being outside in nature.

How has your spa help you with your active lifestyle?

Rainshower is my morning JetPak, so I’ll start off in the corner with a little relaxation. Then after skiing, I move over to a more powerful corner to really get deep into my muscles.