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Relax in a Hot Tub with JetPaks

Bullfrog Spas are the Only Hot Tubs with JetPaks!

Award winning design, USA-made quality, leading energy efficiency, and the patented JetPak Therapy System make Bullfrog Spas the best hot tubs made today.

The JetPak Therapy System gives you modular massaging hot tub seats that can be personalized just for you at any time. You are empowered to choose the massages that you like in your spa. That's an incredible advantage over every other hot tub.

Alleviate JetPak Side View


The JetPak Therapy System is just 1 of the many reasons Bullfrog Spas are preferred over every other hot tub. Request more information today.

"We continue to enjoy our spa and the JetPaks... especially the neck massage. It is worth the price of the whole thing!" - Jim and Mary S. Santa Clarita, CA