Bears are Apparently Attracted to Hot Tubs

So bears are just like us. They like hot tubs.

bear enjoys a dip in a hot tubA recent headline from the picturesque ski town of Whistler, British Columbia, Canada indicates it’s not honey bears are after, it’s hot tubs. Pique online news magazine published the following headline:

Whistler bear destroyed after attack: black bear swatted man in hot tub…

The story goes on to explain that a man was out enjoying his hot tub when a bear suddenly attacked unannounced from behind. Luckily the man regained his wits, yelled at the bear, and it ran into the woods. The man then called the Mounties.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police are one group that hot tub-craving man-swatting bears apparently don’t want to mess with. Let’s just say the hot tub attack bear didn’t fare so well with the Mounties.

Perhaps the most fascinating line in the story:

There were no bear attractants around that might explain why the bear was in the area, however it’s been suggested that bears are attracted to the smell of hot tubs as they mimic the smell of ant larvae.


Ok, so maybe this theory isn’t as ridiculous as it sounds. Because this isn’t the first time that a bear has decided to take a dip. This picture was taken in Florida. This bear obviously wanted to relax.

Florida bear enjoys a soak in a hot tub

This bear took a dip in a California pool.

cinnamon bear in the pool

It happens enough for children’s authors to take notice.

Samson: The Hot Tub Bear

This bear enjoyed a beer in the spa.

bear and a beer in the hot tub

This guy just has enough hair to be mistaken for a bear.

Caveman in hot tub

And this bear shows us the poor attitude that some bears adopt as their mantra. Proving that a bear’s just gonna do what he wants. Poor form, Bear, but I’m not going to stop you.


So, what did we learn from all of this?

  1. It is generally frowned upon by the Mounties for a bear to climb into a hot tub or swat hot tubbers in the melon.
  2. Hot tubs smell like ants in-utero to bears. (They don’t, I know my larvae.)
  3. Everybody loves hot tubs! Including bears and cavemen.
  4. Bears kill things.

Let us remember it is not frowned upon for you, a human person, to hang out in a hot tub without bears. However, if you live in Whistler, BC, it is probably better not to eat triple pastrami sandwiches or ants in your outdoor hot tub, if you’re concerned about sharing your spa with bears that is.

Sidenote: Apparently bear stories are so common in Canada that they publish them together as one story.The remainder of this headline reads: “…young bear disrupts ‘Day Out with Thomas’ in Squamish.” The story describes how a young bear just wanted to ride the train (sort of). I’m not normally one to anthropomorphize but, dang, these British Columbia bears are making it difficult.

The next story in this BC newspaper included has this headline: “Man recovering after swerving to miss a bear.” Apparently bears are basically a huge menace to society in Whistler. Good thing they have Mounties.