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Redneck Hot Tubs

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Hot Tub – Redneck Style!

Ever get one of those “I am so brilliant, this will be killer awesome” light bulb type ideas, only to have your good sense filter come along and mercifully shoot that idea down in flames? Well, here are a few prime examples of what happens when the “good sense filter” breaks and rednecks just have to relax.

1. Soaking Party

Judging by the beer cans in the peripheral of this picture, it’s a safe bet that this wasn’t a sober decision … and I’m guessing there is no temperature control knob for adjusted comfort.recneck hot tub party


2. Magic Motorboat

Heating the water in your redneck hot tub is one thing but creating soothing bubbles is a whole other science. While this artist is brilliantly using the horsepower from his motorboat to stir up some bubbles, the roaring engine probably fails in providing a calming effect.

3. The Garbage Group

This home made hot tub is clearly reliant on body heat to warm the water – pile as many bodies in a confined space as possible and feel the temperature rise very very very slowly.

Redneck Hot Tub Garbage Group


4. The El Camino

The first of many cars-turned-tub, this El Camino lined with garbage bags is an instant classic – wide enough for three and naturally heated by the sun, you can’t beat that.

Redneck Hot Tub El Camino


5. Southern Comfort

I’m not a genius but if I had to guess, I’d say that this home made hot tub was invented somewhere in the south – based on the type of trees in the background that is.

Redneck Hot Tub Southern Comfort


6. Group Therapy

When it comes time for improving your relationship with your father, look into this intimate variation of the homemade hot tub – not a lot of room to spare but surely a wonderful bonding experience.

7. Boiling Pot

Reminiscent of some sort of child-eating witch from Hansel and Gretel, this bucket-seated hot tub pod seems like a cozy way to spend a redneck minute.

Redneck Hot Tub Boiling Pot


8. The Memorial Day

This one is pretty self-explanatory but the real joy is in listening to the proud inventor walk you through his creation – Happy Memorial Day!

9. Lawn Chair Lounge

Using a slight variation of the vehicular hot tub, these proud fellers are soaking with class in their refined lawn chairs rather than bothering with other more “trashy” methods.

Redneck Hot Tub Lawn Chair Lounge


10. Hobo Hot Tub

“Let’s see, I’ll start a fire here, run a tube over there and bingo – we’ve got a home made hot tub. I recon I’ll even make a cardboard sign to show ‘er off to me neighbors.”

Redneck Hot Tub Hobo Hot Tub


11. The Luau

If you’ve got an empty shell of a bath tub, it really only makes sense to prop it up on blocks and heat it over open flames – the only problem is not toppling over while getting in and out – might be a touch hotter than you bargained for.

Redneck Hot Tub Luau


12. Scout Camp

Whether they’re certified boy scouts or Future Pyros of America, these born inventors are wise enough to know one thing; nothing heats water like an open flame.

13. Tin Can Fam Tub

Gather up the whole family and your farm feed trough and you’ve got yourself a regular five-star hot-springs resort. There’s absolutely no better way to connect with nature.

Redneck Hot Tub Tin Can Fam Tub


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  • Mr. Diggles | Jul 2, 2010 at 6:47 pm

    It seems that at some point some of those would be dangerously hot.

    I am not above the tarp in the back of a truck. I would jump into that on a hot day.

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