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About Bullfrog International

JetPak Luxury Hot Tub TherapyFounded in 1996, Bullfrog International, LC, is headquartered in the greater Salt Lake City, Utah metro area. Bullfrog designs and manufactures the world’s only hot tubs with the patented JetPak Therapy System  One of the primary features of the JetPak Therapy System are the JetPaks themselves. JetPaks are modular jetted seatbacks, which allow the user to customize, interchange and upgrade their hot tub’s jetting at anytime.

The JetPak Therapy System is backed by six U.S. patents, multiple foreign patents, with other U.S. and foreign patents pending. In addition to JetPaks, Bullfrog Spas provide powerful hydrotherapy, legendary reliability, and are extremely energy efficient. Bullfrog International currently distributes, licenses, and retails its products in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Asia, and Europe. Since 2003, Bullfrog International, LC has experienced an average growth rate of more than 17 percent each year.

Bullfrog Spas, The World's Fastest Growing Hot Tub Company

Bullfrog´s unique JetPak Therapy System has allowed the company to grow at a rate that has significantly outpaced the industry every single year since 1996. Bullfrog is headquartered in a state-of-the-art 81,000 square-foot manufacturing facility where it employs Lean Manufacturing concepts to keep costs down, quality high, and lead times short. Not only is Bullfrog the fastest growing spa manufacturer in the world, but it continues to create and engineer the most innovative and unique hot tubs in the industry. Find out more about the unique benefits of our products by visiting the Why Bullfrog section of our site.

Bullfrog’s Patented Technology

Acutherapy JetPakBullfrog Spas have patented technology that is recognized world-wide for the innovation in the pool and spa industry. The benefits of the patented JetPak Therapy System include: jetted massages that are truly customizable and upgradeable, an efficient system that creates the most energy efficient spa, the only leak-proof spa design, and an ultra-efficient plumbing system that provides more power to run all the jets at the same time with optimum pressure.

The JetPak Therapy System

Power to Run All Jets at the Same Time

The Most Energy Efficient Spa

Legendary Reliability

Recognition & Success

Bullfrog's Beginning, An Entrepreneur´s Vision

Bullfrog International was established in 1996 by David Ludlow. Working for his father´s pool and hot tub business as a young man, Ludlow was, in part, responsible for sales and in turn servicing clients´ leaky hot tubs. After attending a pool and spa trade show in Las Vegas in 1989, Ludlow knew he could design a hot tub that could more effectively protect against leaks than the ones featured at the tradeshow. Knowing leaks occurred inside the spa shell where hundreds of feet of plumbing intertwined, Ludlow decided the best way to prevent a leak was to minimize the plumbing underneath the spa shell and place the plumbing inside the water, where if it did leak, it would actually be contained inside the spa and not hinder the spa’s functionality.

Ludlow’s main challenge was designing a spa that reduced the amount of plumbing while increasing jet power and efficiency. Ludlow developed a technology which he coined the JetPak System.