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Swim Spa Types: Combo, Dual Zone, Exercise, & More

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If you’re considering buying a swim spa, you might be feeling confused or overwhelmed by all the different types and styles of swim spas available. You’re not alone! Like with hot tubs, there is a lot of information to wade through to find the information you need. Let’s talk more about different types of swim spas and the purpose of each.


Exercise Swim Spas



An exercise swim spa is created mainly for the sole purpose of swimming or other water workout options. It’s not usually intended as water therapy in the same way as a hot tub, and in lieu of jetted seats, comes outfitted with a high-power swim current system of some variety, which allows the user to swim against currents for different levels of exercise.

A swim spa intended solely for exercise may not have any seats at all, and no blowers for jet therapy. This spa is often deeper, and longer in length than the average hot tub or dual-purpose swim spa, with easy entry and exit steps, and sometimes comes equipped with built-in connection points where optional accessories can be installed for use. For example, a swim tether or row bar.

Bullfrog Spas offers this type of accessories, as well as the extremely cool Zero Gravity Spa Hammock that is designed specifically for our Swim Series™ line. We do not offer a swim spa that is solely intended for workouts or swimming, because we believe in the JetPak Therapy System™ too much to not include it, and we believe in giving customers the best product we can for the money they are spending.


Combination Swim Spas


Swim spas that come with jetted seat options, as well as a swim current and swimming area, are combination spas. They are generally the most versatile of the swim spa types, because they function as both a spa, as well as a small swimming pool by utilizing the swim current system for the swimming portion, and still allowing for hydrotherapy by including jetted seating options.

The Bullfrog Spas S150 and S200 models are examples of this type of swim spa, and still each have a slightly different functionality. For example, the S150 is shorter in length, but can seat up to thirteen people, while the S200 is five feet longer, but only seats nine people, allowing for more swimming space, rather than therapy space.

The S150 functions as a large spa with a swim current that allows for some swimming and play, with four JetPak outfitted hydrotherapy seats, a lounger, and a splash pad that adds additional fun. The S200 allows a more serious swimmer to utilize the space for workouts and can be ideal for any user from beginner up to advance-level swimmers. It also features a splash pad for playing or cooling down, as well as four JetPak seating options and a lounge. This model takes space from the bench seating on the S150, and adds the additional length in order to allow a stronger, longer swimming capability. When used with the optional accessory packages, it makes for an excellent workout.

Both spas showcase multi-level therapy seats, ergonomic headrests, and leg and foot therapy. Users can take advantage of unlimited options, because the functional layout appeals to families, those looking for premium therapy, and fitness enthusiasts alike, all packaged into one truly remarkable spa. Whichever model you choose, you’re getting an upgraded backyard experience unlike any other on the market.


Dual Zone Swim Spas


A dual zone swim spa is usually one unit that has two separate water chambers that each serve a different purpose. The larger of the two is generally the longest one and is used for swimming and workouts.

The smaller is a focused spa area used for hydrotherapy. In many cases, each chamber is powered by different heaters and pumps, so theoretically, your spa could hold water at two different temperatures to allow swimming at one temperature, and relaxing at another.

These spas are basically a swimming pool and hot tub in one unit, with a wall that separates the different types of water. Bullfrog Spas Swim Series does not offer this type of spa…yet. However, wise and patient readers will understand that it could be wise to keep an eye on future announcements, since Bullfrog Spas are just getting started with the Swim Series line.

No matter which swim spa you choose, you can’t go wrong with a multi-functional spa that is designed big enough and well enough to be used for multiple different purposes.


Personalize Your Swim Spa

Purchasing a swim spa isn’t just an investment; it’s a lifestyle change that will benefit your entire family. Only you can decide if a swim spa is a good investment for you. Use our online Design Studio tool to select your model, JetPaks, and accessories. Once you’re done, you’ll receive an instant price quote.


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