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Should You Get a Salt Water Hot Tub? 6 Salt Water Care Myths Debunked

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When considering what type of hot tub to purchase, water care is a big consideration. What does water maintenance look like, both short and long-term, and should you consider chemical water or saltwater plan?


Choosing a saltwater hot tub can be enticing. They are often advertised as low maintenance, chemical-free, and offer the many health benefits of saltwater therapy.


We put together six myths that will help you make an informed decision on if a saltwater hot tub is best for you.


Myth #1: Saltwater means fewer chemicals, meaning softer, cleaner water.


Fact: Salt is a chemical, and adding it to water generates a chemical reaction that creates chlorine.


Myth #2: Saltwater spas are self-maintaining.


Fact: Keeping your hot tub water stagnant with any water care system will cause issues and be unhealthy to use. Saltwater hot tubs cannot be left alone to maintain themselves.


Unless you intend to allow microorganisms like mold to grow on your spa surfaces, all hot tub water requires care whether adding chemicals or salt. On top of this, all spas have filters that require regular cleaning and periodic replacement.


No matter which water care system you choose, the testing/balancing, filter-care routine is going to be required on a similar scale and schedule. So, if you were hoping to avoid those three-month filter cleanings there is no way around it. Maintenance is an unavoidable necessity.


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Myth #3: Saltwater maintenance is cheaper than chlorine water.


Fact: Saltwater hot tubs require a bigger investment up-front because saltwater hot tubs start out at a higher price point. In addition, cartridges will need to be replaced on a regular basis.


Myth #4: Saltwater spa components last longer than chlorine spa components.


Fact: Salt builds up, creating residue on basically everything it touches. This includes the components. If you’ve ever seen an older-model car that has rust corrosion, you’ve seen firsthand what happens when salt has its way. Consider what that same substance will eventually do to your heaters, pumps, seals, bearings, jets, and anything else the salt touches.


Saltwater requires cleaning of ALL surfaces and components to avoid corrosion, which can be a big job. In addition to this, most spa manufacturer warranties don’t cover salt-related damage, so you’ll want to keep that in mind as well.


No matter which spa you choose, the water care system is going to require some effort on your part. It is possible to have clean, clear water with low chlorine levels and no salt damage.


Myth #5: Saltwater chemistry is easier on hot tub surfaces.


Fact: Salt plus ions equal calcium. Higher salt content means higher calcium levels. If you happen to live in an area where hard water leaves calcium deposits on dishes or cars, you know it is tough to remove, especially from acrylic.


Myth #6: Your hot tub can be turned off and be allowed to get cold whenever you choose.


Fact: Saltwater systems must be kept above 60 degrees Fahrenheit in order to keep the saltwater system working. Most salt systems automatically shut down when the water gets cooler than that, which can create a breeding ground for microorganisms.


Bottom Line


If you are considering adding a salt water hot tub to your home, make sure you understand the pros and cons of the salt water maintenance system. As an alternative to a salt water system, the  FROG @ease water care system creates fresh clean mineral water, while self-regulating SmartChlor® technology to maintain low chlorine levels.


With FROG @ease in your spa, you’ll use up to 75% less chlorine, reducing the need for shock treatments while protecting swimwear and skin. If you are looking for water care items to keep your hot tub water looking crystal clear, head over to the Bullfrog Spas online store to get the supplies you need.


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