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The Best Post Ski Recovery Tips to Help You Recover Quickly

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Whether you’re a seasoned skier or just starting to learn, you know what a workout skiing can be. Nothing else quite matches up, so it’s normal to feel a bit sore and need to recover afterward. Planning your post-ski recovery starts long before the first snowfall of the year and continues after the last ski lift is closed. Here are a few tips to get you ready for your best ski season yet.


Prepare Your Entire Body for Skiing


ski recovery workout


You may think of yourself as a “weekend warrior,” not a year-round athlete, but you will be much better off during ski season if you keep your body in shape all year. You use all of your major muscle groups in skiing, so try to work them all ahead of time.


Your legs, of course, get a deep workout on a ski trip, but so do your arms. Starting off with strong quads, hamstrings, glutes, calves, and ankles will help you ski well and prevent injuries. Don’t neglect your core, either, because it helps keep you balanced and upright on the slopes.


You don’t have to spend hours every day at the gym to keep your body limber and strong for winter sports. A regular yoga or Pilates practice will go a long way toward maintaining strength and flexibility, so you don’t feel like you’ve been hit by a bus your first day on the slopes. It can also make you more aware of your positioning and stance, helping to balance out your body so you don’t strain one group of muscles to compensate for a lack of tone elsewhere.


No matter how much you’ve exercised all year, you will likely be sore after a long day on the slopes, especially at the beginning of the season. Even if you feel fine after the first day, be sure to stretch out before going to bed because soreness often takes a couple of days to set in, and you don’t want to wake up with stiff muscles. Now that you’ve (hopefully) prepared for the ski season, there is still more you can do to aid in recovery after skiing.


Invest In a Foam Roller or Massage Stick


If you haven’t tried a foam roller yet, it’s time to change that. A foam roller is just what it sounds like: a cylindrical roller made of dense foam. The idea is to use it to work out tension and increase circulation all over your body. You can also use tennis or golf balls for self-massage on smaller areas of your body, especially for the plantar area on the bottom of your feet.


To use a foam roller on your spine, lie on the floor or a mat, and position the roller horizontally along your lower back. Place your feet flat on the floor with your knees bent. Then, roll yourself back and forth so that the foam roller massages the length of your spine.


To work out tension in your quads, use a similar motion, but this time position your body face-down and place the roller under the front of your thigh. Do one side at a time, adjusting the pressure by partially supporting your weight with your other leg. Go with a massage stick for calf work, or use two tennis balls (tied up in a sock, like two peanuts in a shell).


Relax in a Hot Tub



There are two sides to the “ease sore muscle pain” issue: those who ice and those who heat. Ice can do wonders for post-ski muscle soreness, and you should try it if you can stand it. However, there’s a reason a hot tub is often on prominent display at the coziest chalets. There is nothing more relaxing than sliding into a steamy spa after being out in the snow all day.


The heat from a spa tub increases blood flow and can promote healing and relaxation. In addition to the benefits of hot water, you can get even more relief from customized water jet massage options.


Imagine soaking in a relaxing spa and then enjoying massaging water jets on just the right areas where your back is sore. Sound like something you need in your life? Check out Bullfrog Spas’ lineup of therapeutic spas today.


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