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How to Find the Best Low Maintenance Hot Tubs

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If you’re looking for a hot tub, you most likely want one that doesn’t require much work. Not all hot tubs are created equally, meaning that some brands and types will need more work to keep them clean and maintained to run the way they should.


Some hot tubs still require a lot of your time and effort to keep in good shape, but there are quality hot tubs that are low maintenance and perform better than most.


What makes a hot tub low maintenance?


low maintenance hot tub


Several details go into building a hot tub, manufacturing the frame, shell, wiring, plumbing and so much more. These details determine the level of maintenance required to keep your hot tub running smoothly.


For starters, the way a hot tub is constructed, the materials it’s constructed with, the plumbing system, the jets, the electrical system, and the number of pumps can effect water care and cleanliness of the hot tub itself.


If your hot tub has an option for an Ozone cleaning system, this can be an added bonus, as Ozone systems are a fast and effective way to safely sanitize water.


Some questions you should consider asking when looking at spas:


  • Is this hot tub insulated between the spa cabinet and shell?
  • What is the cabinet made of?
  • Is this model energy efficient?
  • What are the water care options for this spa?
  • How many pumps does it have?
  • How does your dealership help with water care issues?


Asking these questions will help you to determine the level of maintenance required by each brand of hot tub, which can help you decide which is best for you. Just remember that not all hot tubs are created equally, and some will be more maintenance than others simply because they don’t have all the same sanitizing and maintenance options.


Why Bullfrog Spas are at the Top of the List




bullfrogspas enduraframe

All Bullfrog Spas, including the X Series, are constructed with the company’s patented, 100% wood and metal-free EnduraFrame structure and durable three-layer acrylic spa shell. Nearly all other spas on the current market are made with some level of wood or steel that can rot, corrode, or oxidize over time.




Plumbing is another consideration. Bullfrog spas are designed to function with 90% less plumbing since the majority of the action is contained within the JetPaks.




Bullfrog Spas are made with an exterior cabinet that is completely wood-free while being aesthetically pleasing to the eye. They are maintenance-free, and weather and UV-resistant.


hot tub testing

WellSpring Water Care System


Bullfrog Spas also offers the WellSpring Water Care System. With this system, spa water is circulated up to ten times as often as the industry standard, while using less energy in the process, keeping the water fresh and clean.


Bullfrog Spas WellSpring filter pump uses Microban® technology to aid the elimination of unwanted contaminants without requiring extra maintenance or high costs. In addition, for some models, Bullfrog Spas offers an optional Ozone purifying system that can boost the ease of water care and the cleanliness of the water.


FROG@ease Water Care System


Frog®@ease® is a water care system that simplifies the chemical addition process and has been created specifically for Bullfrog Spas. This intelligent system only has to change or add chemical cartridges once every month, depending on how often your spa is used.


Choosing the Right Hot Tub for You


No matter which hot tub brand you choose, it’s important to remember that while certain add-on options may not sound like a big deal when you purchase your hot tub, those options could be the determining factor between adding chemicals to your spa every time you use it, or adding a cartridge of chemicals once a month. In most cases, the additional options are worth the money. But again, the level of maintenance is up to you.


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