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Things to Consider When Installing an Indoor Hot Tub

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Installing a hot tub indoors is no simple task, but it can be worth the costs and effort. You are probably wondering if it is even possible to install an indoor hot tub in your home.


It is possible to have your hot tub installed indoors, but there are a number of factors to consider when making the decision to have your hot tub installed inside a house or other structure.


Benefits of Indoor Hot Tub




One of the more common reasons for installing a spa indoors is for additional privacy. Unless you live on a sprawling plot of land, or somewhere more rural than urban, to some degree, your outdoor hot tub is going to be visible to neighbors or passers-by. If you’re concerned about privacy, an indoor spa might be perfect for you.




Installing your hot tub inside means you will never have to brave the weather to use your hot tub, whether it’s below freezing outside or the heat of summer, you will have control of the temperature inside the room where your hot tub is located. No need for clearing snow off the cover in order to open it, or de-ice your hot tub steps. Winning? Absolutely.


Indoor Hot Tub Hot Tub Considerations

indoor outdoor hot tub


How much does it cost?


The price will vary according to a number of factors, such as how easily accessible your indoor space is, and what it will take to get the spa inside, along with remodeling the room with water-resistant walls and floorings, as well as installing the proper electrical outlets and ventilation.


To purchase your spa, the cost will generally range between $5,000 – $25,000, depending on the size of your hot tub. Wherever you choose to install your hot tub, if it’s inside, here are some important considerations that will affect your overall installation cost, as well as time and structural requirements.




One of the more important factors to consider is how and where to install a ventilation system that will protect the rest of your home from potentially dangerous chemical odors that come as a result of caring from your spa water. It’s also essential to make sure the hot tub has ventilation so that the filtration is able to work properly. Not to mention the damage that can be caused by the excessive humidity your hot tub will create.


This will most likely come in the form of an air intake that is directed outside, such as in a regular bathroom, only with a stronger capacity. You may also want to choose a location with lots of windows, which can be opened during nice weather, as well as installing ceiling fans to help circulate the air. Best practices also suggest that you keep the room temperature moderate in order to minimize condensation that can cause damage to walls, ceilings, and floorings.




Hot Tubs require proper drainage for water that gets outside of the spa. In addition, clean water care practices require periodic draining and refilling, and drained water needs a place to flow that will not cause damage to other portions of your home or space.


It is possible to purchase a sump pump for such occasions and drain your spa through a hose directed outside, but keep in mind that you absolutely must keep any drainage going away from your home’s foundation and any lower windows (basement, cellar, etc.) to avoid flooding.




Take a look at the space where you are considering installing your spa. Does this space include reinforced concrete or other solid foundation? Is it currently able to hold a spa that could weigh anywhere between 3000-6000 pounds?


Let’s do a little bit of logical math. First, let’s consider that the average spa weighs somewhere around 700 pounds. These same spas generally hold an average of 300 gallons of water. One gallon of water weighs 8.34 pounds, and if you multiply that by 300, we get 2,502.


So far, we’re up to 2,502 + 700 = 3,202.


Okay, now let’s consider human bodies. How many people will be using your spa at once? Four? Six? Eight? The average American male weighs around 200 pounds, while the average American female weighs somewhere around 160-170 pounds.


Let’s say you have two men and two women sitting in your spa regularly. That’s an additional 1,110 pounds. We are now up to 4,312 pounds of weight in that one space of your flooring. This is if you have only four people in your spa at once. If you might have more occasionally, add that weight on as well to get your total.


Are you installing your spa in-ground or above ground? This is another decision to consider, since both can affect the bottom line of your project, and will need to be carefully planned for safety and maximum enjoyment.


While installing your hot tub in-ground you need to understand the costs and efforts for an in-ground installation will be much higher and have a larger overall impact on your projected time frame. In addition, any potential maintenance to the plumbing will require some sort of access, which will need to be built-in with the spa. If you are installing your indoor spa on the ground, we highly encourage that you hire a professional spa installation company.




Generally, an average six-person spa comes with a power requirement of a GFCI protected 220-240v dedicated circuit. To get proper power to wherever you are installing your spa, an electrician is your best option, unless you are choosing a smaller hot tub that is able to run on a 120v circuit.


Design your Spa


No matter where you put it, or if it’s in-ground, or above, make sure you choose the hot tub that is perfect for your needs so you can get the maximum enjoyment from your investment. Bullfrog Spas offers spas of all sizes to choose from, including smaller sizes that can more easily be fit into your indoor space. Design your ideal spa today.



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