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How Much Does a Hot Tub Weigh and Can You Move it By Yourself?

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If you’re staring down the process of relocating your hot tub, you might be wondering how to get your hot tub from point A to point B.


Or, perhaps you’re wondering if your new hot tub can safely be placed on an outdoor deck, or if you really need to reinforce that concrete slab.


So how much does a hot tub weigh?


The actual answer is going to depend on the size and type of spa and how many people might be using it at one time.


Dry vs Filled Weight vs People


family in hot tub


In general, a small two-to-three-person hot tub will typically weigh 500 pounds when empty, and somewhere near 3000 pounds when filled with water.


If your spa is of a much larger variety, such as a nine or ten-person spa, the dry weight will be somewhere in the ballpark of 900-1250 pounds, and up to 8000 pounds filled.


Here is a chart of approximate weights for each size of spas. These are rough estimates so make sure to check specific spa models for specific weights.


how much does a hot tub weigh


Why Should Hot Tub Weight Matter to You?

When it comes to deck, concrete, or ground placement, you will need to factor in the average weight so you know your space can support the spa.


So as you plan to move or install your spa, make sure you understand the weight requirements. This will ensure that you, the spa, and your property are protected.


A Solid Foundation Matters


solid hot tub foundation


If you purchase a ten-person spa, the total filled weight is likely to be closer to 3000 pounds. In most cases, this weight is too heavy for the typical wood or vinyl deck. Unless your deck space has been specifically engineered to hold that much weight, it could potentially give way.


This is also the case with smaller, thinner concrete slabs. We suggest that you hire a professional to pour or reinforce the concrete where your hot tub will be placed, just to be absolutely sure your spa will be a safe refuge for all who use it. Concrete foundations should be a minimum of 4” (10.16cm) thick and should be reinforced with either rebar or mesh. For electrical grounding purposes, the rebar or mesh should be attached to a bond wire.


If you’re now thinking it will be easier to plop your spa onto leveled ground instead of pouring concrete, keep in mind that flat dirt could also give way or potentially sink, especially when you factor in weather and potential water splashed from the actual spa. Concrete pavers/bricks, pea gravel, or crushed rock can provide a solid foundation for your spa, but we never recommend placing your spa directly on dirt or grass.


Flat ground is not all created equally, so it’s best if you consult a licensed contractor and your local dealer about placement options before your hot tub is delivered or moved.



Can You Move a Hot Tub Yourself?


This, again, depends on the size of your hot tub and the equipment and manpower you have available. With the right people and equipment, anything is possible, however, it’s always safer to hire professionals to move, deliver, and install your spa. Most spas are moved using a dolly or slip sheet, but occasionally a crane is required to install the spa by lifting it to its final destination. When moving a spa, never have the equipment door/front panel bearing the weight.


In addition, we suggest that you check the warranty on your spa and be sure that moving it yourself won’t void a still-valid warranty.


So yes, it’s technically possible for you to move it yourself, but it is always safest to consult your local spa dealer to discuss options for moving or installing your spa in a new place.


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