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FROG® @ease® for Bullfrog Spas

With self-regulating SmartChlor® technology, caring for your spa has never been so easy.

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Optional on M Series, A Series, STIL, & X Series*

*FROG @ease is available in the USA only.

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Automated Chlorine Release

The FROG® @ease® system, designed specifically for your Bullfrog Spa, utilizes SmartChlor® technology to provide a self-regulating water care experience that is easier than ever. Enjoy water that is clearer, cleaner, softer, and much easier to maintain than traditional di-chlor or bromine systems.


You’ll only need to change the SmartChlor cartridges every 3-4 weeks and the mineral cartridge every 3-4 months.*

*Cartridge longevity may vary depending on hot tub use, bather load, dial settings, and hot tub size.

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75% Less Chlorine and Only Shock Once per Month

Normal chlorine water care systems see a spike in levels when you add chlorine, but then your usable chlorine is quickly depleted. The SmartChlor system replaces used chlorine with active chlorine to maintain a constant level. Using just the right amount of chlorine over time reduces your chlorine usage by up to 75%. This method also reduces your need to shock spa water to about once per month.

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Simple, Safe Water Care

The FROG® @ease® system for Bullfrog Spas maintains a constant low level (0.5 – 1.0 ppm) of free chlorine.


This system is much easier on your spa equipment and more reliable than salt systems.


It also means your swimwear doesn’t fade and there’s no hot tub smell.

3 Cartridge Options

FROG @ease for Bullfrog Spas®, Simplicity

Ideal for M Series™ & A Series™ spas in 5, 6 & 7 sizes

FROG @ease XL for Bullfrog Spas®, Simplicity

Ideal for M Series™ & A Series™ in 8 & 9 sizes

FROG @ease for Bullfrog Spas®, Classic

Ideal for X Series™ & STIL™ spas, along with most Bullfrog Spas® produced before 2023

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How to Use the FROG @ease System Kit

First add the Jumpstart packet to the water. Next, make sure your water is balanced by using the FROG @ease test strip. Set the blue mineral cartridge dial at 4 and the grey SmartChlor cartridge dial to the corresponding number depending on your spa size. That’s it!

Video: How to Use FROG @ease
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Common Questions

Q: If I use standard test strips, I see a high total chlorine level but a very low free chlorine level in the water. Why is this?


A: The FROG @ease system uses SmartChlor technology, a unique form of chlorine that:

  • Creates a chlorine reserve that is activated only when there is a demand. This reserve is read as total chlorine on a standard test strip and can be as high as 5 – 10 ppm but it’s in reserve – inactive until needed.
  • Self-regulates the free chlorine level at a consistently low 0.5 ppm, which can be hard to read on a standard test strip. Since this level doesn’t change for the life of the cartridge, as long as the water stays balanced, there is no need to test for it.
  • Has its own test strip that gives you an Out Indicator when the reserve is used up. If your test strip is lighter than the color on the bottle, it’s time to check or replace the SmartChlor Cartridge.

Q: What does it mean when my test strip is lighter than the color on the test strip bottle?


A: Your SmartChlor reserve level is low. This can be due to one of several reasons:

  • Your SmartChlor Cartridge may be new. If you just installed a new SmartChlor Cartridge, it can take several days for the SmartChlor reserve to build up. Test again in 24 hours.
  • Your SmartChlor Cartridge may be very low or empty. Remove the cartridge from the holder, drain the water, and shake it gently to feel if there is any SmartChlor left inside. If empty, shock the hot tub with FROG Maintain Non-Chlorine Shock (1 packet per 600 gallons) and replace with a new SmartChlor Cartridge.
  • Your SmartChlor Cartridge setting may be set too low. Turn the dial to the next highest setting, and test again in 24 hours.

Q: My salesperson estimated that my SmartChlor Cartridges should last 3-4 weeks each, but they seem to be running out sooner than that. Why is that?


A: There are several possible answers to this question, along with a few tips for increasing cartridge life:


  1. Hot Tub Use:

Like all water sanitizers, SmartChlor use depends on spa use. The more contaminants (the number of people and frequency of use) that are introduced to your spa water, the faster your SmartChlor Cartridge will deplete. You can always be sure your spa has enough chlorine reserve available by checking your spa water with the FROG @ease Test Strips provided.


  1. Hot Tub Size:

Larger hot tubs need more sanitizer to ensure they stay clean and clear. This is directly related to hot tub use as typically larger hot tubs can hold more people which puts more demand on the sanitizer. Gallon size also determines your dial setting.


  1. Dial Setting:

The rate of SmartChlor release is related to the setting (1-4) selected on the dial and the water flow in the filter well area during spa use or filtration. Start with the dial setting listed in the manual for your hot tub model. Depending on how you use your spa, a lower setting may extend cartridge life, while maintaining adequate levels of SmartChlor in the water.

Additional Tips

Tip: Although the recommended SmartChlor Cartridge dial settings have been evaluated to be effective in most cases, each specific use case is unique, including yours. You may need to experiment a bit to find the setting that works best for your use, and you may need to adjust the setting if usage patterns change.

Tip: People and their swimwear introduce most of the unwanted contaminants to a hot tub. To reduce the amount of possible organic contaminants introduced to your spa water:

  • As much as possible, avoid entering your spa with sunscreen, lotions, deodorants, shampoos, or similar substances on your body, or detergents on your clothes.
  • Do not wash swimwear you intend to wear in your spa with detergents. Many people keep a dedicated “spa” suit that is never laundered with detergent but simply rinsed well after use.

Rinse off in the shower before (and after) spa use.

Tip: Let guests know that it is helpful to shower before getting in the spa and provide suits that have  not been washed in detergent. If you use your spa very frequently, at or near full capacity, especially with kids, or if you often have users from outside your household, it is wise to use a non-chlorine monopersulfate (MPS) shock like FROG Maintain™ immediately after a session. This will help maintain clear water, lowering demand for SmartChlor.

Tip: If your spa water ever appears a little murky in between water changes a simple non-chlorine shock treatment will often clear things up. Always use non-chlorine monopersulfate (MPS) shock products, like FROG Maintain, for these occasional clean up treatments.

Tip: When shocking your hot tub, never use a chlorine-based shock product (except when using FROG Jump Start® at start-up) These products introduce cyanuric acid (CYA) to the water which accumulates and can reduce SmartChlor effectiveness.

Tip: If you prefer to increase the length of your filtration cycle(s) beyond the factory settings, or if your spa is equipped with a dedicated filtration pump that runs all or most of the time, you may want to turn the dial on your SmartChlor Cartridge to a lower setting to reduce premature dissolving of SmartChlor.

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Design Your Personalized Spa, Get an Instant Price Quote

Use the online Design Studio tool to choose your spa model, colors, JetPaks, and accessories. You’ll then receive an instant price quote and your local dealer’s contact information.

Use the online Design Studio tool to choose your spa model, colors, JetPaks, and accessories. You’ll then receive an instant price quote and your local dealer’s contact information.

hot tub with cover design studio square