Don’t Feel Older as You Age: 5 Tips for Keeping Your Youth

Don't Feel Older as You Age 5 Tips for Keeping Your YouthNo one should wait until they are too old to begin taking care of their body. There are so many things we can do to maintain a youthful mind and body now.

No matter who you are and how old you are, there are things to do that will help you live a stronger and more vibrant life and it is never too late to make changes. Below are 5 tips that will promote a more youthful you.

Starting Early

Never wait until you are too old, to start taking care of yourself and your body. Believe it or not, the signs of aging will start creeping up on you in your 20s and 30s. Most of us never think twice about aging and the long-term effects of our choices at that age. But age will happen much quicker than you think. Whatever your age, start now to make positive changes!

Drinking Water

You should drink an adequate amount of water every day. Most people go about their daily business without even realizing they are becoming dehydrated. This is one reason why you might develop dry skin and eventually wrinkles. Bring a water bottle with you from home and take it everywhere you go, even while just driving and running errands. This can also save you money at the end of they day. You might otherwise feel the need to stop at a gas station or fast food restaurant for something less much less healthy like a soda or coffee.

Watch Your Diet and Learn to Eat

Use common sense when it comes to your diet. Eat a little more often but a little less each time. The more you eat great stuff from nature like fresh fruits and vegetables, the more this will become what you crave. The convenience of fast food is horrible for your appearance and health. The old saying, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” is something to keep in mind when watching your weight and overall wellness.


Make sure you exercise regularly. The most important thing about exercising is consistency; if you start consistently walking, riding a bike, surfing, golfing, jogging, skateboarding or anything else, you will see the benefits of your efforts. Minimally, you should aim for at least 30 minutes of exercise a day. Make time out of your schedule to begin regular fitness, or join a group so you always have support when you start.

Take Time for You

Last but not least, take the time out every day to do something relaxing for yourself. This might be reading a book out on the back porch for 20 minutes, or spending time in a hot tub just letting your muscles and body relax. Nothing is better after a hard days work than coming home to sink into a nice, bubbling hot tub. It is the perfect ending to the day.

We might not be able to do much about our age, but with more information we can start with some simple steps to regain wellness. Why not start taking care of your body today and maintain and regain your youth?

How to Design a Yard Around a Hot Tub

backyard-landscapeA hot tub can be a great addition to any backyard. It gives homeowners and their guests a place to relax, and it can make for an interesting design aesthetic. However, many people don’t really know how to properly design a yard to accommodate a hot tub without making it look out of place. There are a lot of things to consider with a large project like this. Here are just a few tips that should help homeowners decide where to put a hot tub and how they can design a yard around it.

Having Enough Space

spa-greeneryObviously, the most important thing to keep in mind when it comes to hot tubs is making sure that you have enough space in your yard. Check your city’s building codes to determine how far away a hot tub should be from your home. Some cities require hot tubs to be at least five feet away from your home and from your property lines, but aesthetically, it may be wise to allow for more room than that. The spot you choose for your hot tub should also be at least ten feet across and ten feet wide, although this depends on the size of the tub that you choose. You should also allow for enough room to be able to climb in and out of your hot tub safely. It would be wise to consider creating a pathway to the tub from the house to prevent getting grass and dirt in the water.

Having Enough Privacy

SpaVault In-ground Hot Tub KitYou should also have plenty of privacy when you use your hot tub, something that is not hard to achieve with the right landscaping and design decisions. If you want something simple, a privacy fence, gazebo, or pergola will do nicely. If you are looking for more elaborate and aesthetically pleasing design choices, consider surrounding your hot tub with some attractive flora. This will provide a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere in addition to giving you a little privacy.

To further increase site lines, in your yard you may consider creating an in-ground hot tub look with a below-ground vault made to contain your portable spa. This also makes getting in and out of your spa much easier.

Choosing the Right Flora

hot tub with rose petalsWhen you plant any kind of flora in your backyard, you want to make sure you are planting the right kinds. For most of the United States, this means deciduous trees and other plants that stay healthy and green year round, but this will give you a great opportunity to experiment as long as you choose plants that are hardy enough not to be killed by bad weather.

When you create your own serene hot tub space, be sure you have the space and materials that will last a long time and will provide the calm, peaceful feeling you crave.

Surprise Your New Spouse On Your Honeymoon With Gifts That Keep Giving

Surprise Her on Your Honeymoon With Gifts That Keep Giving

While staying in a posh room in an incredible hotel can certainly  be a lot of fun, there are many other ways to make your honeymoon memorable. Finding exciting and enjoyable local activities, tasting great local food and wines, and planning for your future together will make your honeymoon truly memorable. If you want to impress and create memories to last a lifetime, pay attention to these gifts that just never stop giving.

Scuba Diving

Many couples choose an exotic island for their honeymoon, making scuba diving the ideal experience for bonding while trying things that may be new to both of you. While scuba diving, you will enjoy a visual masterpiece as you swim around the vibrant coral reef, and beautiful schools of fish. Scuba diving is a unique, romantic honeymoon gift because you’ll also be maintaining close communication with your loved one as you discover the world underwater together. The gift of scuba diving will offer a new perspective on the area you are honeymooning in, and increase your appreciation for the beauty around you.

Bird Watching

aracariA second honeymoon gift idea that is surprisingly fun is bird watching. Because most honeymoon locations are often overflowing with tourists, locating activities that are more low key, is crucial to maintain a sense of romantic privacy. Birding is the perfect choice for a honeymoon gift that will provide alone time with unbeatable scenery. Most honeymoon locations have an impressive list of local, colorful birds that will present a feast for your eyes. Exotic birds that you’ll love to observe near honeymoon locations like Central America include the Quetzal, fiery-billed Aracari, Indigo Bunting, Ruddy-tailed Flycatcher, and more. Even if you are simply camping, the variety of smaller birds are sure to impress you and your new bride. The birds you’ll get to observe while exploring will boost your adoration for the amazing honeymoon location you’ve picked, ensuring you’ve made the right choice.


There’s no denying the importance food that accompanies the most memorable vacation of your lifetime. Indulging in savory, multi-coursed meals, will offer a sense of luxury that you both will remember and daydream about forever. Picking a restaurant with several courses allows you take the time to really savor appetizers, first courses, entrees, and decadent desserts that are exquisitely prepared, and showcase the local cuisine specific to that area. Enjoying a celebratory glass of wine or champagne paired with the meal is also a must.

Create an At Home Spa

at-home-hot-tubAfter an active, adrenaline-filled honeymoon, finding time to relax together as newlyweds is crucial. A final honeymoon gift that keeps giving, is an at home spa when you arrive home. Simply including an at home hot tub is the perfect way to extend your honeymoon forever as you enjoy romantic, relaxing evenings together while soaking away any outside stress.

2010 Year in Review

Another Big Year for Bullfrog Spas

Bullfrog International, manufacturers of the Bullfrog Spas brand of innovative portable hot tubs, is proud to release our annual year in review for 2010.

Following are just some of Bullfrog International’s 2010 highlights:

Awards & Accolades:

IPG President’s Award

Independent Pool Group, a large Canadian buying organization, honored Bullfrog Spas with their President’s Award. The award is given to the manufacturer who provides the best service and most value to the group.

SpaRetailer Magazine’s annual Retail Stars Edition featured one of Bullfrog’s top spa dealers, Georgia Spa Company, and general manager, Josh Kemerling on their cover and in their feature article on the best spa dealers in the country.

Bullfrog Spas International Sales Director was chosen to sit on the Hot Tub Power Panel at the industry’s largest trade show, the International Pool Spa and Patio Expo. This panel held productive and lively discussions on the hot tub industry and where it is heading.

Bullfrog Spas was honored with our 5th Best of State Award in the Pool and Spa category. This award is presented to Utah companies that exhibit exemplary customer service, integrity, and success.

New Products:

Reliever JetPak Hot Tub Jets

Reliever JetPak

The Reliever JetPak was officially released in August of 2010. With its unique and powerful low back-focused massage the Reliever became an immediate top seller within Bullfrog’s lineup of JetPak hot tub jets and was mentioned as a highlight of the pool and spa industry’s top trade show by Pool & Spa News.

The Bullfrog Spas Model 262 quickly became a top seller with many of today’s value-conscious spa buyers. The Model 262 falls within Bullfrog’s Series II and is priced very reasonably, especially considering its capacity, energy efficiency and overall quality.

Enhanced Services:

In an effort to provide up to date information and some fun along the way, Bullfrog Spas launched our hot tub blog as an interactive part of the Bullfrog Spas website. Blog topics range from new product announcements and press releases to fun topics like funny commercials featuring hot tubs.

New Research: Hot Tubs Improve Overall Health and Wellness, Part 7 of 7

Hot Tubs Improve Health, What Does This Mean for Me?

friends enjoying a hot tubRecent studies by the National Aquatics and Sports Medicine Institute and others offer a look at the enormous potential for improving health and wellness through aquatic therapy, especially warm water immersion such as hot tub therapy. For some time there has been evidence that suggested that it was good to soak in warm water. Now science is actually proving that warm water immersion improves the function of our autonomic nervous system leading to decreased stress and a greater sense of balance and overall wellness. Water also has a significant beneficial effect on our heart and circulation. It improves blood flow to the muscles which reduces pain and speeds healing. Warm water relieves symptoms of diabetes, lowers blood pressure, and may even make you smarter by increasing brain circulation and function.

They’re finally getting to the bottom of why warm water makes us feel so good. Ongoing studies in aquatic therapy will certainly uncover more valuable information about the health benefits of warm water. For now it would appear that if you are not spending some time relaxing in a hot tub that you are probably missing out on your chance for better health.

This is the final installment of a 7 part article series. Please visit the Bullfrog Spas Hot Tub Blog for preceding  articles.

Becker, B., Hildenbrand, K., Whitcomb, R. K., & Sanders, J. P. Biophysiologic Effects of Warm Water Immersion, International Journal of Aquatic Research and Education, 2009, 3, 24-37 © 2009 Human Kinetics, Inc.

Popke, Michael. Calming Influence. Athletic Business, March 2010,

History of the Hot Tub

Phraortes relaxed in a hot tub. Do you?

Never has history been this relaxing! This informative time line takes you through the history of the hot tub in a fun and informative way. Pay attention, there will be a test!

The History of the Hot Tub