Introducing STIL™, a New Concept in Modern Hot Tub Design

STIL, a modern hot tub design

A Modern Hot Tub with the Perfect Blend of Comfort and Style

STIL, a modern hot tub designBullfrog Spas is excited to announce that our newest hot tub, STIL™, is now available at Authorized Bullfrog Spas retailers around the world.

STIL™ is a mid-size modern hot tub born from a collaboration of Bullfrog Spas and European design partners. It embraces an ultramodern approach to hot tub styling and engineering that is simple, without sacrificing essential features and functionality.

The STIL™ spa offers a modern hot tub design that is elegant and contemporary in its design and extremely comfortable at the same time. STIL™ features an open seating plan that allows for maximum freedom in the way you choose to relax in your spa. Three JetPaks® of your choice add to your freedom to personalize your relaxation options.

Visit the STIL product page for more specifications and details or see it in person at your nearest Authorized Bullfrog Spas Dealer.

Hosting an Event? Why Not Heat it Up with a Hot Tub

How to Host the Most Amazing Event Ever – Make it a Hot Tub Party

A British-born company, Hot Tub Cinema, has recently made a huge splash here in the USA with the immigration of one of the most unique event concepts to come along in years. It’s basically like it sounds, you get together with a bunch of friends and new friends and watch a great movie from the comfort of a warm swirling hot tub. Hot Tub Cinema brings in a bunch of portable hot tubs to an ultra-cool rooftop location and you bring your suit, towel and desire to party.

hot tub party picture

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Hot tub movie nights have been a popular tradition in trendy London neighborhoods for a while. In May 2014 fundraising platform Crowdtilt introduced the trend to New York City.

Kicking off the new Hot Tub Cinema series, with a screening of ‘Hot Tub Time Machine’, Crowdtilt drew the attention of the mass media to a Brooklyn rooftop. The ultra-hip crowd took advantage of free flowing drinks and popcorn, 102 degree spas, and were only happy to cough up the $55 a ticket entry fee. Tickets sold out in under 2 hours. Over 1,700 hot-tubbing guests reportedly went on the waiting list for follow up events.

Hot Tub Cinema events are so popular they often sell out in a matter of days and the buzz in the media has ranged from local news all the way to Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update.


Boiling Down the Hot Tub Party Buzz

So, all of the hype begs the questions: What is it that makes hot tubs such a buzz worthy event feature? Who should be adding them to their event lineups? How can new technology aid even young startups in affording a media dominating hot tub party?

Yeah, it may seem a little off-the-wall, or even totally bonkers, but hosting a hot tub event or party is a great opportunity for more businesses and organizations than you might suppose. The audience is built in (people love hot tubs). In addition, the crowd you will gather is nearly guaranteed to be excited about the event, your brand or business. Finally, the quirkiness of it will help set you apart from your competition in a way no other event could.


Why Spa Parties are so Hot…

Media praise for the Hot Tub Cinema series has ranged from “an unusual, once in a life time experience,” all the way to “It is a luxurious event…in a fun and engaging way…It’s an epic, priceless story to share with your friends.” What brand wouldn’t kill for this type of buzz and reviews today?

People like people and the truth of the matter is that hot tubs are one of the ultimate communal events. Even going way back to the Romans, getting together in warm spas has been a fun community-building activity. Even today spa gatherings are a staple of social life in places like Japan. According to major hot tub industry studies, socially motivated buyers make up a large percentage of hot tub purchasers. People are drawn to hot water and great times, it’s a simple fact.


Didn’t Hot Tubs Disappear with Parachute Pants and the 80s?

While the popularity of personal spas boomed some 30 years ago, hot tubs have never been more popular that they are today. According to Pool & Spa News the “Hot Tub Industry is Warming Up .” Specifically, IBISWorld estimated international hot tub sales up 7% in 2013. Forecasts for year over year growth through 2018 is expected to stay buoyant at 13% annually.

This is testimony to the powerful allure hot tubs have across times and cultures. From lengthy pilgrimages to healing springs, to the elite Roman baths, spa treatments ahead of weddings, to relaxing and steamy evenings at home, hot tubs continue to embody so many warm human emotions. The uniqueness and appeal of hot tubs at events not only generate incredible buzz, but set the optimal scene and sensations for unforgettable events that will be remembered and raved about for years.


Who Should be Hosting Hot Tub Events?

This question is easy! Almost every brand, company, and group that wants to entertain and impress by throwing a great event.

That said, there are a few organizations that should not throw a hot tub party. You may remember a highly controversial, and highly publicized, story with this theme. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), a tax-funded federal organization, had announced plans to host its 2014 ‘Environmental Justice’ conference at the Renaissance Arlington where hot tubs were just a part of the lavish accommodations. At a price tag of $1.6M for 24 days the EPA has found itself in the wrong type of hot water.

If you’re a tax-funded agency, don’t throw a hot tub party. But for everyone else, fire up those spas and dive in.


Who else should be considering featuring hot tubs at their events?

Hot tubs have become incredibly popular with the young and successful, entrepreneurial tech crowd. Gawker reports the spa is the new way to celebrate, and is even the conference room “where deals are closed” for app creators such as the team behind Connect, who landed $200k in venture capital earlier this year.

In an odd melding of names and themes the Foxboro Hot Tubs, a musical side project by the members of the band Green Day, were featured at one of the most highly anticipated tech events of 2014 – Stubb’s BBQ at SXSW.

Hot Tubs have become features at VIP tents at major events ranging from the X Games to golf tournaments. With their versatility, these buzzworthy event warmers could well be the perfect finishing touch to almost any industry event; from tech conferences, to charity fundraisers, corporate parties, grand openings, open houses, retail property community events, or like Crowdtilt’s experiment; hot tubs and a little entertainment can create events in themselves.


How to Make a Splash…

There are virtually as many ways to creatively wield hot tubs for game changing events as there are opportunities to leverage their benefits. Of course one of the challenges is that we’re talking about hundreds or thousands of pounds of hot water here. Don’t be discouraged though, here are some easy ways to pull off the best hot tub party or event ever.

  1. Bring in small portable hot tubs and set them up anywhere from rooftops to event halls and stadiums. Smaller spas like the Bullfrog Spas SportX 151R are perfect. Be sure you have a water source and you’re good to go.
  2. Create pop up street and mall events featuring hot tubs.
  3. Host events at resorts or hotels with hot springs, hot tubs and spas already in place.
  4. If you can find one, explore using mobile hot tubs and hot tub limo buses for entertaining on the way to events.
  5. Arrange Meet Ups in home or hotel hot tubs for truly laid back networking.
  6. Create events online with Google Hangouts where attendees can tune in from their own home spas and mix it up in virtual reality.

Firing Up the Buzz

As every marketer, small business owner, startup founder, CEO, and event planner has experienced recently; it doesn’t matter how fantastic and innovative a new idea is, if some noise isn’t made about it. Fortunately, a little guerilla marketing can go a long way…

10 Event Promotion Hacks for Blowing up a Hot Tub Party:

  1. Use #hashtags to draw #hottub lovers and #party fans.
  2. Use Google Adwords or other cost per click alternatives for driving traffic related to your event.
  3. Considering offering journalists and bloggers complimentary press passes in exchange for free media coverage.
  4. Get street teams dressed up for hot tub parties out on the street to spread the word live.
  5. Organize or hire a swimsuit wearing flash mob.
  6. Capitalize on affiliate marketing channels to get others to market for you, for a share of ticket sales.
  7. Collaborate with other companies to cross promote your event. Exchange promotional emails to subscriber lists.
  8. Run competitions to win tickets, or even offer a hot tub as a prize in advance of the event.
  9. Take advantage of press release syndication networks, and DIY online press release distribution portals like PRWeb and OnlinePRNews.

It may sound like a bit of a gimmick, but the research shows that a large percentage of the populace loves hot tubs and most people don’t own a home where they could have their own spa. Your hot tub party or event will give attendees the chance to enjoy a hot tub if even for the night and associate you, your company, or brand with all the fun they are having.


Return to Raw Food – Interview with Raw Foodie, Kate Magic

Raw Foods are Making a Comeback, and There’s Good Reason

Hundreds of thousands of years ago, humans discovered the art of cooking and everything got a lot better, right? Naturally, cooking food came in tandem with the mastery of fire – which, according to Harvard anthropologist Richard Wrangham, made modern humans what we are today. There is much debate about exactly when humans started cooking – while Wrangham concludes it was around 790,000 to 2.6 million years ago, hard evidence shows the first cooking hearths around 250,000 years ago, and still others think it was closer to 100,000 at the beginning of the last Ice Age, when warm food presumably made for warm bodies. Regardless, at some point in our last major phases of evolution, cooking became an integrated part of human existence. There’s nothing like a home-cooked meal. Preparing food over a hot stove/oven and gathering around the table with loved ones is a ritual that results in some of a person’s fondest memories and happiest taste buds. Yet, for some modern food and nutrition enthusiasts, it’s the uncooked food that is most enticing, most comforting, and most beneficial. Consuming a raw food, mainly a primarily vegan diet, has emerged as a hot trend with health-conscious food perfectionists – those who want to optimize their diet to lose weight, treat an ailment, or simply feel their very best.

What are raw foods?

When we think of raw food, we often think of salads, a plate of veggies and dip, maybe even guacamole if we’re thinking outside the box – not the most exciting dishes, though a raw eater would be happy with these choices. The raw lifestyle has so many more options, however, and innovative minds have made dining without cooking a culinary experience to rival all others. There are now raw food restaurants, raw food cookbooks, and raw food chefs to cater to the raw community and those on the periphery wondering what the big raw deal is. Allay Magazine recently interviewed Kate Magic, a raw food expert and chef from the UK, who has been eating raw for more than two decades. An early adopter of the raw revolution, the motivation that drew Kate to eschew cooked food and opt for the old school prehistoric way of eating was simply how it made her feel. “It always felt right to me,” she says. “I never felt comfortable eating the kinds of foods I was brought up on. Raw food made me feel more at home in my body.” Interview with Kate Magic Magic officially identified as a raw food eater in 1993, and hasn’t looked back. She’s gone on to have her own line of raw food cookbooks, is a renowned speaker on all things raw, and teaches classes on how to make delicious, wholesome raw dishes around the UK and the world. In January, she is teaching at a retreat in Costa Rica, Epic Living Retreats, with 10 days of yoga and raw cooking for beginner, advanced, and “superstar” students. Eating raw, says Magic, is focused on the long-term impact of what we put in our bellies. “It has always interested me that people think about taste and presentation – that experience lasts a short time. How the food makes you feel is what lasts, whether it’s hours or years afterward.”

Getting the most out of the food we eat

In order to be considered raw, a particular food can’t have been cooked higher than 118 degrees – much lower than your average “preheat at 350” cookbook instructions. But, this  means not all raw food has to be eaten cold. The trick is to keep its temperature low enough to preserve its “rawness.” Cooking breaks down enzymes, vitamins, and other nutrients in food, leaving fewer of these nutrients for the body to utilize for all its functions. “When you cook it, you kill it,” the saying goes. Eating food raw keeps these nutrients intact, something that raw food experts say optimizes the food’s nutritional value. In this way, it can optimize our health and wellbeing. What are the health benefits of eating raw? “Everything,” says Magic. “That’s why it’s so popular and getting more popular all the time. It works on all levels – we are what we eat.” Foods like dairy products, meat, and gluten can be hard on the body and difficult to digest. Raw food, however, is “food that the body can work with,” says Magic. The body doesn’t have to work so hard to break it down, making it something that the body will eventually crave. “If you’re eating simple plant foods, the body can extract what it needs and work more efficiently,” says Magic. Raw eating is also known as eating clean – eating food in its most natural state, or as close to that as possible. People who have started eating raw, clean foods report that common health programs like migraines and digestive troubles simply vanish. This even includes mental health issues like anxiety and depression. “One of the most common things people say when they go raw is that they feel happier,” says Magic. “It’s so common for people to be in a fog – to say, ‘I forget things, I feel tired all the time.’ When you start eating clean, that starts to disappear.”

The raw food palette – what are the options?

Raw food has come a long way since Kate Magic started following the diet. There weren’t a lot of fancy dishes back in 1993. “When I first started I would just eat a carrot,” she says. “I was really happy just eating a carrot.” Since raw meat isn’t all that safe or tasty, most people who eat raw are vegan, though some are vegetarian. Raw ghee, eggs, butter, and cheese are all options for vegetarian eaters (although raw butter and milk is illegal to sell in the U.S.) If eating animal products, Magic said that organic, steroid- and hormone-free products are best. “It’s most important where it’s sourced,” she says. While many raw foodists find that eating a simple salad is satisfying in itself, there are seemingly limitless possibilities for raw food now. The upswing of the raw food trend can be attributed largely to individuals striving for better health, but the influence and appeal of fancy raw specialty foods can’t be ignored. Years ago, pasta-like dishes were unheard of – a raw eater just had to go without. Now they can choose from dishes like lasagna made with a walnut-miso “meat” and “cheese” made from raw nuts, or spaghetti made with spiralized zucchini “noodles” or kelp noodles, sun dried tomatoes, and olive oil – good imitations of Italian comfort food. Options like these have made it all the more appealing to go raw, and raw food eaters are just as much foodies as those who eat traditionally cooked food. “Raw eating is like a new fad cuisine,” Magic says. “Years ago it was Thai, then it was Japanese. Now it’s like, OK now we’ve eaten all the foods around the world – what do we do now? With raw food, we can cherry pick and take all the best dishes of the world. The flavors are more fresh and more alive – there is so much potential – anything you could think of eating you can come up with a way to eat it raw.” Magic loves to make magic in the kitchen. One of her most popular dishes is her Thai Yellow Curry. In this deliciously sunny recipe she uses yellow peppers, turmeric, and yellow thai curry paste along with other spices to pack an Indian-flavored punch. “If I have the right spices I can get the desired flavors,” she says. In the realm of desserts, raw foodists are in now way deprived. Sweet treats like cakes made with raw cacao enrich raw meals with a dessert course. “I make cakes for people and they say it’s the best cake they’ve ever eaten,” Magic says. “They don’t say it’s the healthiest cake they’ve ever eaten.” Sexy-stuffed-avocado-recipeRecipe: Sexy Stuffed Avocado Chocolate-Disco-Smoothie-recipe2 Recipe: Chocolate Disco Smoothie

Making the raw diet easier to chew

Giving up cooked food is something that most people eating that way their entire lives would have a hard time with. There is a lot of sentimentality surrounding home-cooked food. But Magic says the change doesn’t have to be so dramatic – an all-or-nothing approach isn’t required to benefit from eating raw foods. She suggests starting by gradually adding more raw foods in the diet – like green juice and super foods. Green juices made with raw fruits and veggies start the body’s detoxification and cleansing mechanisms. Superfoods like maca, cacao, bee pollen, and algae can be added to just about any food, from salad to cereal or a plate of French fries. Kale chips, raw chocolate, and kombucha are three “gateway” raw foods that Magic recommends for those looking to try raw eating. Adding a salad here and there and popping more raw veggies and nuts couldn’t hurt, either. Once a person starts eating raw, they may find it addictive – the body literally starts craving those foods because they make it feel good. “The body has intelligence and when you start giving your body what it really needs, it starts asking for that,” Magic says. For more information about raw eating and the clean food lifestyle, visit Kate Magic’s website, Kate’s Magic Bubble, and her video site, Raw Magic Academy.

How to Choose the Perfect Hot Tub for You

Take the Quiz to Discover Your Perfect Spa

One of the most common questions asked when shopping for a hot tub is “How do I choose the perfect hot tub for me?”

This simple quiz and info graphic (below) can help you to determine which spa model is best suited to your needs, your body, your likes and your lifestyle.

How to Choose the Perfect Hot Tub for You

Go to to design the perfect spa for you and your lifestyle.

New Bullfrog Spas Webseries – The Principal. Watch and Win!

New Webseries Entertains and Gives You a Chance to Win a Free Hot Tub

Bullfrog Spas is extremely excited to announce the premier of The Principal, a hilarious new 12-episode web series. The first episode is viewable on The Principal’s dedicated YouTube Channel, the Bullfrog Spas YouTube Channel and we have also included it below.

The Principal tells the story of the lovable Principal Gary Foote and his staff and students at the fictional Brookfield High School, home of the Fighting Bullfrogs. It stars several noteworthy and talented YouTube and Vine celebrities including: Eric Artell, Manon Mathews, Marcus Johns, and Lana McKissack.

Watch The Principal on YouTube and be sure to subscribe to discover answers to questions that will help you enter the Free Hot Tub Giveaway. You will have the opportunity to win a new Bullfrog Spas Model R7 hot tub.

Watch, enjoy, and hopefully, you will win!

Exercise Trends that Empower Women


These hot exercise trends empower women to be our best.

One goal: fitness. There are countless ways of achieving it, and even more ways of embracing your personal definition of this term. Can you identify one thing in your life that empowers you? The best answer: yourself. There are so many options for fitness these days and while many fleet as fads, others make an impression on society with lasting positive endurance. The following popular workout regimens embody physical and emotional empowerment for women of all ages, shapes and fitness levels. Read on to discover if any of them speak to you.


Cross Fit, Fitness for Women

CrossFit has skyrocketed itself to the forefront of fitness, and for a truly empowering reason. A CrossFit workout (called a WOD: Workout of the Day) consists of a warm-up, mobility (gymnastic) movements, Olympic weightlifting and functional, varied exercises using body weight and equipment like medicine balls, kettle bells, jump ropes and barbells. These workouts are short but intense, challenging strength on both physical and mental levels. The result is an ultimate physical challenge that is followed up by euphoric adrenaline highs. It becomes less about the number on the scale and more about the number of pounds on the weightlifting bar. It’s also less about the size of your jeans and more about the personal score you write on the whiteboard at the end of every workout. The improvements you see in your muscles and personal records are what end up making you feel proud and strong.

CrossFit workouts challenge what society has conditioned women to believe about their bodies: that they should focus on skinny, lean and purely feminine. Generally, women fear muscles and bulkiness, but in CrossFit, bulky is in the eye of the beholder and muscles are welcomed with open arms. CrossFit is also unique in that it offers an incredibly socially supportive environment. It embodies a holistic lifestyle that tailors itself to any age and any fitness level. WODs can be easily modified to accommodate inexperience, apprehension or even previous injury, but there is no question that over time you will begin to push further and further toward individual goals and personal records. Each CrossFit workout will drive you past boundaries and far out of your comfort zone. You’ll gain muscle. You’ll gain strength. And with that, you’ll gain confidence in the fact that you really can do anything, even beyond those gym walls. How’s that for empowerment?


Yuliya Yelistratova, source: Wikipedia

Yuliya Yelistratova, source: Wikipedia

Marathon and triathlon: such intimidating words! There is something to be said about the physical and mental endurance required to complete a race of this nature. More and more women are embracing races like these, yielding a host of impressive physical and emotional results. Participating in a 5K, 10K, half marathon or triathlon isn’t just about a race. It’s about setting goals and turning the seemingly impossible into a glorious reality. It’s about the journey from start to finish, a journey that begins months (and even years) before setting foot on that official starting race line.

When you embark on a training program for a race, whether for a simple 5K or a full on Ironman, the finish line can seem impossibly far off. In fact, many people hear the term triathlon and assume they will never have the stamina to pull it off—but this couldn’t be farther from the truth! There are actually many distances in triathlon ranging from sprint (1/2-mile swim, 12-mile bike, 5K run) to a most ambitious full Ironman (2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike and 26.2-mile run). There are also a variety of multisport options that include duathlons (run/bike/run), aquathlons (swim/run/swim) and aquabikes (swim/bike). The bottom line? Training and racing will open doors to not only to better physical health, but also confidence and camaraderie that will empower you both on and off the pavement.


Dance for FitnessBoogie-based fitness is hardly a new concept, yet it continues to evolve as an incredibly empowering sport for women. It started with Zumba and morphed to include Latin and Bollywood-inspired dance methods, and from there it has moved in virtually every direction. This method of fitness is more social. For those less rhythmically inclined, feeling uncoordinated and laughing at oneself is all part of the process. The art of dance can empower women a level of freedom and autonomy that otherwise might not be found in the everyday stresses of life. There really is no greater feeling than letting go, nailing a difficult step or a challenging routine and feeling that fire light up inside of you.

As far as dance options go, there truly is something for every taste. Traditional ballet classes cater to grace and poise, while hip-hop routines capture a raw edge and progressive sense of self. Even ballroom dance classes can help boost self-esteem by encouraging focus, drive and accomplishment. There are also a host of new, integrative dance classes popping up around the country. Pound uses weighted drumsticks as props, tapping the ground and air to a series of challenging rhythmic exercises. 305 Fitness is a Miami-based cardio routine that combines the intensity of sports drills and HIIT training with dance moves and live DJs. All of these dance varieties ultimately encourage fitness’ most promising by-product: fun.



Yoga is perhaps a less obvious choice for empowerment, but in all reality it might be the most significant. Much like CrossFit, Yoga breaks down societal stigmas placed on women and encourages great strength, a majority of which comes from deep within. Yoga encourages an overall sense of balance and presence, with countless postures that focus solely on breath and alignment. Yoga also serves as a mental and physical detox, encouraging a flush of toxic buildup within our cells and also negative thoughts that weigh heavy on the heart and mind.

Women endure a great deal of societal and familial stress, which can take a toll on posture and alignment. Yoga offers great back bending and balancing postures that help to re-align the spine and relax the shoulders properly down the back. Yoga also helps women to focus in the midst of life’s tensions and chaos. It connects us to ourselves and to others, uniting us all with breath, energy and a confident presence. This presence is rooted in our feet and this connection to the earth allows for clear thoughts and the ability to better hone in on intuition and overall life awareness. Women can use a yoga practice to tear down various physical and emotional expectations of modern society, assisting in self-discovery, emotional balance, cerebral stability and an overall physical strength that translates to a happy life at any age, size or shape.

At the end of the day, only you can best judge what works for you, what motivates you and ultimately, what empowers you to be the greatest version of yourself. You may try one or all of these, or you might discover something completely off-the-wall that speaks to who you are and what gets you going. No matter the case, use fitness to inspire, encourage and empower yourself!