Internet Cats Need to Relax Too, Feline Hot Tubbing

What do stars of the internet do after work? They jump in the hot tub of course.

It’s no secret that the internet is pretty much owned by cats. As we know, this fact is due to the propensity of cats to do all kinds of amazing things online. Cats and cat-related content has been shown to account for roughly 92% of all web page visits from librarians and lonely people named Claire or Clarence.

Feline internet stars and the battle for better workplaces

It’s obviously hard work being a feline internet sensation clawing your way to the top. Add to this that the working conditions have historically been sketchy at best, and you’ll see why some internet cats have just one to three of their original nine lives remaining.

Some of these precarious feline work environments include: small boxes, food containers with tiny spaces a head can fit through in one direction only, canines, precariously laying on one’s back waving cute little paws, being coerced into endlessly chasing tape affixed to tails, tops of trees only a trained firefighter can reach, and falls where everyone just assumes the talent actually lands on their feet. These overworked and underpaid felines need and deserve their down time.

Here are some examples of cats owning the internets, while surviving (we assume they survived) poor working conditions.

They make viral videos:

They star in memes:


They stalk:



They work as film critics:

Finally, a solution to a hard day at work on the webs

Online-sensation work is difficult for the modern feline. I mean, historically the expectations for most 8 pound domesticated animals have been sleeping, eating, shedding, purring and cuddling. Most of these require minimal effort if you’re indeed say, a cat. Times are a changin’ and internet cat stars are now bearing the heavy burden of the insatiable need for a continuous stream of more and more hilariously cute online cat entertainment.

“It’s purrfectly exhausting,” mewed Mr. Squeakers, a cuddly and rare male calico currently working primarily for I Can Has Cheeseburgers.

So, what do today’s internet cats do to relax after a long day? They do what any fun-loving internet star would. They go hot tubbing of course.

Mr. Squeakers confirmed the appeal of this recent trend. “A lot of my friends, mostly tigers you know, had really taken to using hot tubs after work.” He continued, “I, of course, had to overcome my terrifying and nearly debilitating instinctual fear of getting wet. But you know, once you do, it’s pretty relaxing way to unwind after a long day of chasing your tail or sneaking up on other cats.”




Who knows what the future holds for cats online. We can only hope the for the best, more safe on-their-feet landings, a greater reliance on canine content, and for more kitty hot tubs to help these fantastic felines to preserve their health, sanity, and remaining lives.

Hot Tubs to the Rescue at the Polar Plunge


Bullfrog Spas supports Special Olympics charity benefit, supplying 2 hot tubs for warming shivering swimmers.

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH – Bullfrog Spas is proud to have sponsored the 2014 Polar Plunge, a benefit for the Special Olympics. The Saratoga Springs Polar Plunge event was held at the Pelican Bay Marina, on frozen Utah Lake near Bullfrog International headquarters.

thick ice at the polar plungeThe Polar Plunge is an entertaining event that is also not for the faint of heart or weak of constitution. Daring swimmers don crazy costumes of all types and garner pledged donations with a promise to jump into an icy lake and swim for charity. The lake venue for this event had to be cleared of nearly 8 inches of solid ice with the help of a chain saw and picks a few days prior to the swim. Ice, which continued to form on the open water, had to be skimmed several times just prior to the event.


Bullfrog Spas offered support by placing 2 large hot tubs near the edge of the icy lake. Swimmers can use the spas to reheat after their bone chilling swim. The hot tub is heated to around 100 degrees and, although it’s a bit of a shock to the system, is a welcomed site for chilled swimmers.


In addition to the swim, the event features a crazy costume contest, spin-the-wheel of prizes, music, food donated by local restaurants and grocers, along with a raffle for a host of donated prizes. It is attended by numerous local residents who donate and help support Special Olympics even if they aren’t quite crazy enough to jump into the frozen lake.

The Polar Plunge features both individuals and corporate teams. These generous people come together to do something a little stupid, but it all goes to raise money that goes directly to Special Olympics. The event is hosted by the Saratoga Springs, Utah and Lehi, Utah police departments.

This year’s Saratoga Springs Polar Plunge was, held Saturday, February 22nd. It is one of several Polar Plunge fundraisers held around the world to benefit Special Olympics and give athletes of all abilities the opportunity to compete and succeed in their athletic aspirations. This is Bullfrog’s fifth consecutive year sponsoring the event.

There more Polar Plunge events upcoming so it’s not too late to participate. For more information on becoming involved in Polar Plunge events and the Special Olympics visit:

See more pictures of the event below:

polar-plunge-2014-3 polar-plunge-2014-2polar-plunge-2014-35 polar-plunge-2014-37polar-plunge-2014-38polar-plunge-2014-34polar-plunge-2014-32polar-plunge-2014-33 polar-plunge-2014-28polar-plunge-2014-30 polar-plunge-2014-27 polar-plunge-2014-26 polar-plunge-2014-25 polar-plunge-2014-24 polar-plunge-2014-23 polar-plunge-2014-22 polar-plunge-2014-20polar-plunge-2014-21polar-plunge-2014-18polar-plunge-2014-19polar-plunge-2014-17 polar-plunge-2014-16 polar-plunge-2014-15 polar-plunge-2014-14 polar-plunge-2014-13 polar-plunge-2014-12 polar-plunge-2014-11polar-plunge-2014-1polar-plunge-2014-10polar-plunge-2014-9polar-plunge-2014-8

Of Olympics, Rainbows, Tchaicovsky, and a Feeling Like Chocolate Kittens

Olympics, Proof I Care

Normally I write helpful stuff about hot tubs and such, but, if you’re anything like me, you have been essentially glued to the TV during the Olympics in a fascination trance. I started thinking about this and, I admit, I was a little troubled. Last night I caught myself gritting my teeth during the women’s downhill, having been wallowing unproductively on the couch for hours, and I started thinking; this Olympic obsession of mine is a strange phenomenon. I mean when else do I care about short-track speed skating, luge, ice dancing (shudder), biathalon or, yes, that media darling of a “sport,” curling? Yet, for about 2 weeks every 4 years I care. I really care.

Over the last oh hour or so I’ve done some deep thinking, soul searching, and consulted my Facebook newsfeed and then watched some Vine (short attention span). I think I may have come up with some great excuses for my strange Olympic-time enthusiasm.

Bob-Costas-pink-eye-Olympics-2014My highly-scientific (aka. purely speculative and anecdotal) take on my fanatical Olympic fascination is this: the key motivators for it, patriotism, curiosity, and a desire for international goodwill, all in the tone of Bob Costas’ authoritatively smooth timbre, are actually positive influences on me. These are much different influencers from the usual snarky sarcasm and social network potty humor that generally fill my day to day media. When the Winter Olympics are on I find I don’t even care about memes, unless of course, they are Olympic memes and not mean (check out the picture I included, whaaaat? Not even mean.). Holy crap, did I just say I don’t like mean memes?

Yes, unlike almost every other media, Olympic telecasts actually seem to have a positive influence on my world outlook. It’s a strange feeling, almost like a nice RedBull buzz but with red,white, and blue butterflies and Tchaikovsky ice skating music. And this feeling could not be more unexpected or weirdly awesome, sort of like chocolate kittens waving cute little sparkly paws in the air like they just don’t care.

People all over the place are loving the 2014 Sochi Games, and not just hoteliers trying to get ideas for new and exciting trends in interior design and engineering. I hear people around my office almost giggle-talking about the Mormon girl Beyonce-dancing as she’s mentally getting ready for the luge and I saw that the other USA luge girl took third and Bode Miller just tied for third. This is a lot of excitement for a third place these days, I mean think of this in terms of the Windows Phone. Yes, third place, and people are all happy crying. In fact, I seriously get the feeling that I’m not the only one who hopes Bob Costas’ pink eye actually gets better so we can hear more of his melifluously-toned Olympic commentary (usually I would hope for a really gnarly and grotesque pink-eye flair up, you know, for memes).

For once in our cynical lives, Olympic spirit is an energy we can all feel, all warm and fuzzyrific. I think it’s because the Olympics are about all that is great – sportsmanship, triumph of will, physical and mental excellence, healthy competition, national pride, peace, and tight body suits. Skiiers hug their fellow competitors, snowboarders knuckle knock each other for landing that sick 1440 double-corked triple-wedgied Japan-grab trick (pretty sure I made this up), and the hockey games don’t even really have fights. Anyone else emotional here?

All of this awesomnasity makes the Olympics an incredible, even life-changing, event that simply demands our attention. So, don’t text, send Instas or Tweet at me tonight, I’ll be enjoying the warm double rainbow winds of international sporting love that are taking a unicorn courier from the Olympics, to an NBC satellite, and then shooting right out of my TV and straight to my heart.


Which Hot Tub is Your Pick?

Super Bowl Hot Tubs, which is your pick?With the Super Bowl just a day away, we decided, because we can, to make 2 very special big game hot tubs. One is blue with a gray cabinet and neon green JetPaks, colors you may love if you’re from Seattle or the great Northwest and the other is blue with a white cabinet and bright orange JetPaks, definitely preferred in Denver and the Rocky Mountains.

Only Bullfrog Spas can offer interchangeable JetPaks that you can choose to customize and completely personalize your hot tub. Each JetPak gives you a unique massage that addresses a specific area of your back, neck, or shoulders or provides a specific relaxing feel. Whichever is your preference between these 2 spas or any of the other thousands of combinations available, you are sure to get a hot tub that is perfectly suited to your lifestyle and preferences.

So, which hot tub is your pick?

Happy New Year and a Relaxing 2014

Happy New Year from Bullfrog Spas 2014


What an incredible year 2013 has been. It’s had its highs and unfortunately a few lows, but all in all it has been amazing.

Here at Bullfrog Spas our all new hot tub models released this year have changed the way top quality hot tubs are built, forever. We’ve enjoyed sharing our passion for engineering and manufacturing the very best hot tubs in the world with our loyal and passionate customers.

From everyone here at Bullfrog Spas we wish you the very best and a relaxing 2014.

Awkward Family Photo – The Hot Tub Christmas Card

Ok, so we love hot tubs. We do. A lot, especially Bullfrog Spas. Hot tubs are perfect for unwinding after a hard day, great when you need to get away, fantastic for entertaining, and hot tubs make a perfect evening family activity.

This said, please, please don’t take your family Christmas card photos in your hot tub. It just doesn’t work out well.

This will be an awkward Christmas in the hot tub

img source:


Just Add Water: Exercises to Increase Mobility in the Hot Tub

Just Add WaterWhen we think of hot tubs, many times relaxation, therapy, and good times with family and friends are the things that come to mind. Indeed, hot tubs are great for kicking back with friends, relaxing after work, or soothing muscles after a workout, but is there more? Let’s explore.

Sure, athletes might use a hot tub to ease muscle aches and recover. However, there’s another great use for spas. Athletes, and everybody else for that matter, can actually use a hot tub in another interesting way: exercising in the spa.

That’s right, exercising is one more way to enjoy and get great use out of your time in a hot tub. Actually, exercising in water can offer several advantages over conventional exercise.

Give Your Joints a Break

An important part of staying healthy is regular exercise. Different kinds of exercise, like jogging or weight lifting, can increase stamina and cardiovascular health or build strength in specific muscle groups. But conventional exercises have a downside. They are often hard on joints.

Running, for example, can really wear out knees and ankles. Every time your foot hits the pavement or track, shock is transferred up and absorbed by the ankles, shins, knees, and hips. In moderation, this probably won’t cause much trouble. Over long periods of time, or in cases of pre-existing joint pain, running can really hurt those bones.

Water exercise, though, doesn’t hurt the joints at all. There is no hard ground to pound your foot and no jarring shocks to your joints. You get the same cardio workout, but no joint stress.

Arthritis and Muscle Aches

Sometimes pre-existing conditions or old injuries make exercise more painful than it should be. Arthritis, especially in older people, can make lifting weights or walking very painful. Muscular injuries like pulls or sprains prevent full range of motion and cause pain during exercise.

People suffering from this kind of condition may find hot tub exercise a much better alternative. Submersion in water applies gentle pressure to the entire surface of the body, created by the body’s buoyancy and water pressure. This pressure floats the body and relieves muscle and bone pain by helping take the strain off of injured bones or muscles.

If you have bone or muscle pain when lifting weights (even light weights), try doing it in a hot tub instead. The soothing heat and water pressure may be the perfect combination to make exercise enjoyable again!

Hot Tub Enticement

The most important advantage to exercise in a hot tub is that it’s in a hot tub! Hot tubs are fun and relaxing, so you’re bound to exercise longer and more often. Friends or family may be hesitant to hit the gym with you, but they’re sure to love joining in on a hot tub exercise session!

Think Big and Plan Even Bigger: How to Plan for Large Group Events

Think Big and Plan Even Bigger How to Plan for Group Events

Thinking of having a big Holiday party for a large group? Are you trying to ditch the mainstream, and go with something bigger and better? Well fear not, because we have a plethora of ideas available on how to plan a successful event which is as amazing, as it is big.


First and foremost make a fixed budget. Since you are planning for a huge amount of people, keeping the budget in mind will eliminate any unexpected problems, and reduce the chance of overspending on a huge event. Planning for a large party with a lot of people can be overwhelming, and you could make the mistake of overspending while you plan. Instead, start your planning off with a well-organized and thought-out budget.

Map Out a Timeline

Since the event is large scale, start your planning a couple of months before the big day. Don’t leave every task until the last minute, as that would only increase the hassle. Plan everything from the catering, to the theme, to babysitters. If you’re worried you won’t have anything left to do in the last month, you’re wrong. After you start, the problems and worries could just keep on multiplying, so planning well in advance of the event will at least ensure that you don’t forget to get your best dress ironed before the party.

Theme – Be Creative

If you want something fun and exciting to kick off your party with, then pick a creative theme relevant to the event. The key is to think outside of the box. Try to steer clear of the mundane, and find a theme that will not only be meaningful to you, but to your large group of guests as well. Pick up color schemes and clues from the season and add to it, to develop your theme.

Venue Selection

Selecting a venue for a small group of people is relatively easier than selecting one for a bigger group. Since you are planning an event for a large group, you definitely might want to give the venue some thought. Venues that cater to larger groups are usually booked solid through holidays and weekends, so make sure your name is on the booking list well in advance of your event. Choose a place that won’t go outside of the budget while still maintaining a fun feel for everyone.

Make Careful Catering Considerations

Select a caterer that will offer a wide enough selection of food so all of your guests can find a favorite item on the menu, while not going outside of the budget. With a big group, there are many food considerations, especially in regards to food allergies. Make sure you find about any possible food allergies well in advance of your event so that you can pass them on to your caterer. In addition, consider vegetarians and other special food requests that you guest may have.

Hot Tubs

With a hot tub or even several hot tubs your party will be a success. It sets the mood for a good time almost immediately. Make sure your outdoor space can hold all the people in the tub as well as anyone not swimming. Select a hot tub that will hold as many of your group as possible. Remember, the more the merrier is the rule of thumb with selecting a hot tub.

These tips will ensure that your event is bigger and better than the rest. The biggest tip, of course, is not to forget to have fun. This is your party after all, and you have put in a great deal of time towards its planning so you are entitled to have fun.

Peyton Manning Knows How to Hot Tub

Who doesn’t love Peyton Manning? Ok, there are probably some of you, mostly Chiefs fans, who really don’t even like him a little bit. But, you have to give it to the guy. When almost everyone thought he was done with football he made the move to Denver and kicked off a fantastic final chapter in his already storied career.

We think we’ve found his secret – hot tubs, iPads, and always wearing your helmet.

Peyton Manning in a Hot Tub

img source:


This picture surfaced on the interwebs this week of Peyton Manning soaking his right ankle and foot in a hot tub, on an iPad, with his helmet on. It’s weird, but also weirdly appropriate for this guy.

My guess: The dude is a true student of the game, so he’s probably dissecting film on the defense of his upcoming opponent while helping his aging body recover and he is so into it he just forgot that he’s wearing his helmet or he just keeps it on 24/7 as a precaution. A little awkward on dinner dates but worth it for another Super Bowl Ring.

Good for you Peyton Manning and good luck in the upcoming playoffs.

Adding JetPaks to Your Hot Tub For Fun and Therapy

If you are looking for a little bit of fun and therapy within your custom hot tub or portable spa, there’s no better way to achieve these results than by choosing to go with JetPaks. The JetPak Therapy System is exclusive to Bullfrog Spas and was designed to provide users with an amazing hydro massage sensation that can be personalized specifically for you.JetPaks-banner

Hot Tub Therapy for Each Individual

Each and every jet used in the Bullfrog hot tub with JetPaks serves a different purpose to massage and provide wellness for all types of therapy objectives. By opting to add JetPaks to your at-home hot tub, you will have the ability to enjoy a therapeutic hydrotherapy session right in your own backyard, whenever you desire. There is truly no more customized and personalized experience that you can have in a hot tub.Exchanging a JetPak in a Bullfrog Spa

Types of Jets and Therapeutic Benefits

There are many different types of JetPaks that you may opt to add to your hot tub. Each JetPak has its own focus that can help provide you with therapy, relaxation, and fun at the same time. Each JetPak is created using different jets that each have their own specific therapy use. Let’s discuss these individual jets.

DeepRelief hot tub jetDeepRelief Jets are some of the most popular and most powerful jets. Many people choose to add at least one JetPak with these jets to their hot tubs. You can relieve extreme day to day tension with the help of this intense-powered jet that was specifically designed to provide you with a focused deep-tissue massage in your spa. If you are dealing with aches and muscle pains, JetPaks using this jet will be the the ideal for you.

FirmRelief Hot Tub JetFirmRelief Jets provide hot tub owners with a steady firm massage designed to help to relax and remove the tension from various muscle groups. For a great mix of therapy and relaxation look for JetPaks that feature this jet.

Dual Pulse Hot Tub JetBoth Single Pulse Jets and Dual Pulse Jets use a rhythmic pulsing motion to give you a kneading pressure that provides extreme relaxation and relief of tension. DualPulse jets are a bit quicker in their intervals between pulses and SinglePulse jets provide a slower more relaxing massage.

If you are looking to address certain parts of your body with your hot tub massages, you may opt for Target Therapy Jets. These types of jets are placed in various areas of the hot tub and focus on high tension parts of the body like feet, calves, wrists, and hips. Firm pressure will relieve your muscles, giving you a relaxing and rejuvenated feel.

Oscillator Hot Tub JetOther types of exclusive jets only available in JetPaks include Oscillator Jets and Shower Jets. The Oscillator Jets provide an wide ranging massaging action that covers a large area of your back with a figure-8 kneading motion for maximum relaxation. Shower Jets are like a dream with their light and soothing caressing feel. This is the perfect massage for escaping your cares for a while.

Fun With JetPaks

Not only do JetPaks provide users with hydrotherapy relief in their spa, but also add in a little bit of fun. You can experience new and unique feelings while relaxing in the comfort of your very own hot tub. Whether you’re looking for deep-tissue massages, soothing motions, firm relief or kneading actions, adding JetPaks allows you to experience it all, offering a fun and relaxing time at home.