Bullfrog Spas Donates a Model 682 Large Hot Tub to Children’s Hospital

Large Hot Tub Helps Kids in Need

Bullfrog Spas donates a Model 682 8-person hot tub at cost to raise much needed funding for Primary Children’s Medical Center

Riverton, UT (Vocus) July 27, 2010

Bullfrog Spas Model 682 8-Person Hot Tub

Bullfrog International is happy to have the opportunity to donate at cost a top of the line Bullfrog Spa to aid in fund raising efforts for Primary Children’s Medical Center, a Salt Lake City children’s hospital serving children with severe illness and acute medical needs.

The upcoming fundraiser will directly benefit Primary Children’s Medical Center in Salt Lake City, Utah. Primary Children’s Medical Center is the premier children’s hospital in the Intermountain West, serving children from Utah, Idaho, Nevada, Wyoming, Montana, and beyond.

The impressive Model 682 Bullfrog Spa, Bullfrog’s largest spa model which seats up to 8 adults and retails for close to $11,000, will be on display at a charity golf tournament from July 29-31, 2010. The fund raising auction will be on July 30 at the Homestead Resort in Midway, Utah where the tournament will be held. The proceeds from this auction go to Primary Children’s Medical Center to fund critical medical and recovery programs for children.

Bullfrog was contacted by Steve Sorenson of Smith’s Food and Drug, a major sponsor of the Children’s Miracle Network, requesting the donation. Mr. Sorenson, who is heavily involved in the fundraising efforts for this event, commented, “We appreciate donations like this amazing Bullfrog Spa because, not only does it directly benefit the kids by bringing in thousands of dollars, but the person who buys the hot tub gets something of value that actually improves their own health.”

Bullfrog International is proud to manufacture hot tubs and spas that promote a healthy lifestyle. Recent studies have actually shown that hot tub therapy provides some very important health benefits. Researchers at the National Aquatics and Sports Medicine Institute are finding that soaking in a hot tub, like the Bullfrog Spa Model 682, provides relief of stress by bringing the autonomic nervous system into balance, which leads directly to improved physical and mental function, a real sense of calm and wellness, and better overall health.

Immersion in the warm swirling waters of hot tubs has also been shown to increase circulation, promote better sleep, relieve symptoms of diabetes, and to reduce pain and swelling in muscles and joints after workouts or injury.

Bullfrog International and Primary Children’s Medical Center hope to continue to work together to provide critical medical care to kids in need and health and wellness to everyone. To find out more about the health benefits made possible through a Bullfrog Spa please call today or visit www.bullfrogspas.com.

About Primary Children’s Medical Center

Founded in the early years of the twentieth century as a church-sponsored institution, Primary Children’s Medical Center is now owned and operated by Intermountain Healthcare, a charitable, community-owned, nonprofit health care organization based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Primary Children’s is the Intermountain West’s only full-service children’s hospital. Located on the beautiful campus of the University of Utah overlooking the Salt Lake Valley, the hospital cares for children with acute and chronic medical needs from Utah, Idaho, Nevada, Wyoming, Montana, and beyond. The hospital is equipped to treat children with complex illness and injury and is recognized as one of the top children’s hospitals in the United States. For more information on Primary Children’s Medical Center or to make a donation please visit www.intermountainhealthcare.org.

About Bullfrog International

Founded in 1996, Bullfrog International, LC, is headquartered in the greater Salt Lake City, Utah metro area. Bullfrog designs and manufactures the world’s only hot tubs with JetPaks- modular jetted seatbacks. JetPaks are backed by six U.S. patents with other U.S. and foreign patents pending. In addition to the JetPak Technology, Bullfrog Spas provide health benefits through powerful hydrotherapy, are virtually leak-proof, and are extremely energy efficient. Bullfrog International currently distributes, licenses, and retails its products in the United States, Canada, Australia, Asia and Europe. Since 2003, Bullfrog International, LC has experienced an average growth rate of more than 43 percent each year. To learn more about the health benefits of hydrotherapy, the technology, and the company and to order a complimentary Bullfrog Spa DVD, please visit www.bullfrogspas.com.

New Product: Bullfrog Spas SpaVault

SpaVault Provides a Beautiful In-ground Hot Tub with the Comfort of a Portable Spa

To get an in-ground spa with the comfort of a high-end portable spa you could always just bury your beautiful new spa in the ground. But then how do you ever move it, or access the equipment, or keep water from seeping in and damaging things?

The SpaVault is the answer for those that want to have the aesthetics, accessibility, and hydrotherapy of an in-ground hot tub with all of the additional benefits of of a beautiful portable Bullfrog Spa with JetPaks. The SpaVault is an easily assembled  kit that forms a strong protective barrier around your portable spa allowing you to place it fully or partially in the ground. This type of spa installation makes getting in and out of your spa much easier and allows you to surround the spa with custom concrete, pavers, decking, rock, or other landscaping materials for a custom spa look. Because your in-ground spa is a Bullfrog Spa, you get all of the benefits of comfort and the custom massage options of the JetPak System. The SpaVault ships easily on a pallet and can be installed by any landscaper, construction company, or even the do it yourself homeowner with a little knowledge of construction and landscaping.

In addition to all of the functional benefits of a SpaVault in-ground spa installation,  the aesthetics that it makes possible are a landscape designer’s dream. Many Bullfrog Spa customers have really enjoyed freeing up some extra patio space by installing their new Bullfrog Spa in a SpaVault just off of their patio or elsewhere in a secluded and serene place in the yard. Having the spa in the ground or partially in the ground frees up sight-lines and keeps the hot tub from sticking out or looking out of place in any way. Some landscape designers pair the SpaVault installation with a Bullfrog Spa that is fitted with the Custom Ready Cabinet. This allows them to place the spa partially in the ground and then finish the exposed spa cabinet with rock or brick for a truly unique custom look.

If you are considering a relaxing new Bullfrog Spa, be sure to take a good look at the SpaVault and just dream of all of the options it will give you in your backyard. Contact an authorized Bullfrog Spas Dealer and learn more about SpaVault and Bullfrog Spas today.

Portable Hot Tubs

These Portable Hot Tubs Are Just Plain Wrong!

Portable hot tubs have been around for years and are now quite refined but apparently some just aren’t portable, creative, or just plain trashy (pun intended) enough. So conformists beware! Napolean Dynamite (yep he’s pulling a Where’s Waldo in one of these) thinks these tubs rock!

1. The Great Dumpster Dive

It’s crafty and trashy all at once. This fella has taken a metal dumpster and retrofitted it into a homemade hot tub! What’s most impressive is that it seems to have all the necessary piping for some soothing jets and a convenient ladder – you won’t see any of that in your average DIY hot tub.

The Great Dumpster Dive Portable Hot Tub


2. Igloo’s Plan B

Adults need not apply (unless you’re extremely small); however, this kid is King for a Day in his common Igloo Cooler turned not-so-common personal hot tub. Well done son – gold star.

Igloo's Plan B


3. Zero Points for Presentation

No, the shell of this hot tub clearly isn’t homemade but it’s still ghetto in its own right. Simply placed on the deck and deemed suitable, the owner must not be too concerned with the overall presentation.

Zero Points for Presentation


4. The 3 B’s Tub

In the middle of the Australian Outback, one mustn’t be too picky about their soaking tubs. This metal drum seems to be placed in the middle of nowhere and left alone to be heated by the beaming sun, body heat and a bottle of booze coursing through the veins.

3 B's Tub Portable Hot Tub


5. Timber Tub

While most homemade hot tubs are crafted out of anything that will hold water with minimal effort (steel drums, barrels, garbage cans, etc), our hat goes off to the wood-worker who took the time to hollow out a tree to be used as a most natural hot tub.

Timber Tub Portable Hot Tub


6. The Ideal Hot Tub

When your electricity goes out and your fancy “manufactured” hot tub becomes useless, just place a steel drum over your fire pit, put a match to it and watch nature run its course. Unlike most homemade tubs, this one is even name brand – although it’s doubtful that this is anything close to ideal.


7. Fashion Over Function

The creator of this DIY hot tub is most likely a welder – how can you tell? Well, he spent more time on the metal aesthetics of the heating apparatus than he did fabricating a comfortable soaking tub. Kudos, the propane tank looks great – the tub itself, not so much.

Fashion Over Function Portable Hot Tub


8. Beer Bath

If you ever secure a sponsorship from a beer company, just stack all the free beer cases you can gather in a square, line the empty space in the middle with a tarp and voila – a bonified hot tub that will never ever get cold (as long as you keep emptying the cases that surround you).

Beer Bath Portable Hot Tub


9. Hard Times Tub

Reminiscent of something you’d see in The Dust Bowl, if the flowers won’t grow, repurpose the planter for a good ol‘ fashion soakin’ tub. It should only take a couple 100-degree days before it’s ready for ya but, after that, you can forget all about those hard times.

Hard Times Portable Hot Tub


10. The Tarp Tub

Sure, find a big box, line it with a big blue tarp, run a hose and see what happens. Definitely lacking in creativity, these college kids must have used all their brain-power in the classroom but deserve an “A” in hot tubs.


Pro Skateboarder Making His Mark Building Hot Tubs

Kevin Fedderson

Kevin Doing his “K-Fed” Signature Trick

Bullfrog Spas and Skateboarding, Hmm, What’s the Connection?

Skateboarding and spas almost seem like opposite universes but one Utah kid mixes the two quite well. Skateboarding phenom, Kevin Fedderson, is working hard in the factory here at Bullfrog to support his passion and what will probably be his future career, professional skateboarding. Kevin works on Bullfrog’s portable spa assembly line carefully crafting the installation points for foot, calf, and hand jets in the spa shell. At work Kevin is focused on ensuring maximum quality as he helps build the best hot tubs in the industry and he is just as focused after work when he heads out to his local skate parks and streets to practice  the tricks and moves that have him quickly moving up the ranks of pro skateboarding.

In the Summer of 2009 Kevin was invited to skate in the skateboard park event on the Dew Tour, a big move for this 19-year old kid from Utah. The Dew Tour, known as the premier action sports tour in North America, holds several events across the United States. Even though he is young, he hasn’t buckled under the pressure of performing at amateur and now professional events. He has made the finals at every event he has skated and finished the 2009 season in 14th in points. Kevin is excited for his prospects in the remaining 2010 Dew tour events and has also been invited to skate at ESPN’s 2010 X-Games, the premier event of its kind. Kevin already has several major sponsorships and is in line for a few very large sponsorships from bigger corporations.

Kevin talks about his passion in a recent feature interview by the local Fox affiliate and also shows some of his signature moves in the video below.

Bullfrog is proud to have focused and hard working individuals like Kevin helping to build the best hot tub in the world and would like to wish all the best for Kevin in his skateboarding pursuits.

Kevin Fedderson Video

Bullfrog Dealers Recognized by Spa Retailer Magazine

Georgia Spa Company Highlighted in Spa Retailer’s Feature: National Treasures

Congratulations to Josh Kemerling (pictured on the cover) and Mark Stevens of Georgia Spa Company, a Bullfrog Spa Dealer with stores in Buford & Athens, Georgia. Georgia Spa Company was highlighted in the annual Retail Stars edition of Spa Retailer Magazine. Josh Kemerling, General Manager, provided some great commentary about financing in the industry and the state of spa retailing. Georgia Spa Company continues to show that hot tubs can be sold with great success, even in warmer regions not typically known for explosive spa sales.

Other Bullfrog Spa Dealers Honored

Congrats also go to to Pool & Patio Center of Coventry, Rhode Island, Pools & Spas Unlimited of Milford, Delaware, and Premiere Hot Tubs of Austin, Texas for being listed amongst the Spa Retailer Magazine Retail Stars.

Bullfrog is proud to be associated with some of the very finest retailers and finest people in the spa industry!

Bullfrog Donates Hot Tub to Humanitarian Effort

Another Reason to Buy a Hot Tub: Bullfrog Donates Spa to Humanitarian Effort

Bullfrog International, manufacturer of advanced hot tubs, recently donated a Model 362 portable spa to the Eagle Condor Humanitarian foundation to benefit several impoverished villages in Northern Peru.

(Vocus/PRWEB )  — Bullfrog International LC, manufacturers of Bullfrog Spas with JetPaks, recently donated a Model 362 portable hot tub for auction at a fundraising event for Eagle Condor Humanitarian.

Hot Tub Helps Children in Northern Peru

The Eagle Condor mission statement reads: “Enriching lives, empowering people while building self-reliance.” The group provides aid, micro loans, and continuing education for people in the villages of Northern Peru. Unfortunately the impact of the economy on family budgets in wealthier nations can have a ripple effect that reaches to areas of the world that rely on outside help. Charity Navigator reports: “The data for 2008 showed the largest drop in private contributions in the 53 years it has been tracked.”* Charities like Eagle Condor know that it is even more important than ever to have corporate fundraising help these days.

Bullfrog Spas Director of Sales and Marketing, Jaden Kemp, commented, “Bullfrog is happy to do what we can with great organizations like Eagle Condor to benefit people in impoverished areas.” Kemp continues, “The good thing about a program like this is that, even though someone gets a really nice spa for their donation, that money that they donated really goes a long way in places where a dollar or two may be a full day’s income.”

The Eagle Condor website describes the economic situation in places where they provide aid:

Eagle Condor works in Northern Peru in the cities of Chiclayo, Piura and Trujillo. The unemployment rate unfortunately reaches more than 60% in this area. Sixty-four percent of the families in Lambayeque department are categorized as the poorest of the poor (living on less than $1 per person per day). There are few programs in the north area to help small businesses to develop and grow. Countless families survive on a budget of $US 30.00 a month. Many families live outside Chiclayo in sandy desert areas without water, sewer systems and sometimes electricity. Those that have employment are often underpaid; have to work long hours and more than five day a week including holidays and Sundays to keep their jobs. The migration to other countries or to Lima is high, not always solving their problems.

The money raised by Eagle Condor is used to build schools, provide vocational training, improve sanitation, build needed community and private facilities, and also to fund micro loans that help people build small businesses to support their families.

One recipient of a micro loan used it to build a small restaurant business at her home. The Eagle Condor website reports that Maria is very grateful to Eagle Condor for the training and loan that she received. She says, “Before, my life was a disaster economically. Now, I have independence. . . The loans are helping us achieve success.”

Bullfrog International and Eagle Condor would like to thank those that contribute to this worthy cause. The family that purchased the Bullfrog Model 362 hot tub in the charity auction reports that they are enjoying the many benefits of the JetPak System in their Bullfrog Spa, including decreased stress, better overall health, and quality time they spend together.

To learn more about Eagle Condor Humanitarian and their continuing efforts visit: www.eagle-condor.org.

To learn more about Bullfrog Spas, the world’s most advanced portable spas, and the JetPak System visit www.bullfrogspas.com.