Planning for your new hot tub

Getting Ready for Your New Spa

A Bullfrog Spas portable hot tub offers a simple and rewarding ownership experience. Unlike custom in-ground spas or swimming pools the maintenance is light and it's easy to start using your spa almost as soon as you have it in place and full of water. There are, however, a few things you should do to plan so that you are ready for your new hot tub.

This section of the website is dedicated to helping you plan for your Bullfrog Spa. We include ideas on landscape design, our SpaDesign online spa building tool, maintenance information, background information on portable hot tubs compared to other spa types, a list of common terminology, and installation tips so that when your spa is delivered there won't be any surprises.

Some of the tools that will help you prepare are:

SpaDesign virtual spa builderSpaDesign

Use this revolutionary design application to create the spa that works best for your needs and your style. Launch SpaDesign

Bullfrog Spa Photo Gallery

See the way that other Bullfrog Spa owners have used their spa to enhance landscapes and to create an at-home resort setting in their own backyards. Visit the Gallery

Pre-Installation Guide

This step by step guide will help you to know what to expect and to be ready for your spa to be delivered. Don't get your spa home only to find a surprise that throws a wrench in the process. Read this guide first.

Hot Tubs 101

These pages include everything you ever wanted to know about hot tubs, spas, hydrotherapy, water chemistry and the terms that are used to talk about them.No worries, you can enjoy your spa without knowing all this, but if you're the type that likes to know, you'll find it here.  

Hot Tubs 101 is your crash course. It includes the following topics:

Hot Tub Dictionary

Brush up on words and phrases related to portable spas and their care. Don't be confused when someone asks you about "saturation index" or how to "oxidize" out the "chloramines" in your spa water. Visit the Dictionary

Hydrotherapy History

Review the history of hot tubs in their current shape and form as well as the history of hydrotherapy going back to ancient times. View the History of Hydrotherapy

The Modern Portable Hot Tub

Ever wonder how modern portable hot tubs are different than other spas and traditional hot tubs of times gone by? Well, this explanation illustrates how modern hot tubs have progressed to what is now an efficient and easy to use addition to your health and wellness regimen and your home.

Hot Tub Videos

See video on every thing from spa care, to crane installations in tight yards, to the stories of happy Bullfrog Spas owners. View Bullfrog Spas videos


SpaDesign virtual spa builderDESIGN YOUR PERFECT HOT TUB ONLINE

Bullfrog Spas are all about you and your lifestyle. Our unique SpaDesign software allows you to design your own Bullfrog Spa to fit your needs, preferences, and style. You choose your JetPaks, your colors, your accessories, and your custom options. Build your spa online today!

Launch SpaDesign