Practical Matters: Tips for Keeping a Pool Clean and Well Cared For

Practical Matters Tips for Keeping a Pool Clean and Well Cared ForIf you’ve recently installed a new pool or hot tub, you’re probably pretty excited about the benefits to your lifestyle and social status. Pools are a great excuse to have friends and neighbors over to socialize, but before you throw your first big pool bash, it’s important to ensure that your pool and hot tub are nice and clean.

Check The Water

Purchase a good chemical testing kit and test the water in your pool and hot tub at least twice a week. The pH of your water should remain in the recommended range for your pool type and area, and chlorine levels should be maintained at recommended levels to ensure sanitation. In between testings, always visually inspect the water in your hot tub at least once every few days.

Add Chemicals if Needed

After you check the water, you can add the chemicals that you need. First you must maintain the pH and then the chlorine, as the chlorine can’t work properly without the pH being in balance.

Keep it Clean

It’s important to physically clean your pool regularly. Skim the surface daily to remove any debris, fallen leaves, or dead insects. At least once a week, use the scrub brush to clean the steps and walls. You should also check the skimmer and pump baskets for clogs. When it comes to spas and hot tubs, you will want to entirely change the water every 3-6 months or whenever it begins to look cloudy.

Enhance Your Water

There are a number of different chemical enhancers that can be used to make your pool look even better. Although this step is certainly optional, pool-water enhancers can be very valuable in preventing scum stains, fixing cloudy water, and removing any potential odors.

Clean Your Filters

Clean your filter at least once a month. Always check for rips and tears, as these can affect the filter’s efficiency. Replace the filter or cartridges any time you see that the pressure is still remaining high even after it has been cleaned.

All of this sounds like a lot of work, but it’s really quite easy, especially when you consider all of the benefits of having a backyard paradise to enjoy. The most important part of owning a pool is jumping in and having fun with your friends and family, so what are you waiting for? Your pool is calling your name.


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