Public Hot Tubs vs Your Personal Hot Tub

That creepy dude with the mustache and tight shorts, the pack of sweaty teenagers, kids with loaded diapers, yes they all use public hot tubs!

Doesn’t that make you itch just by thinking about it? It isn’t any wonder that public hot tubs can harbor unwanted bacteria. Shouldn’t you consider a pristine personal hot tub in the privacy of your own yard? Personal hot tubs are actually very easy to sanitize and maintain, keeping them pristine and bacteria free for your enjoyment and relaxation any time you decide.

Dirty Hot Tubs

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Bullfrog Spas is serious about relaxation. We constantly strive to create the best and most technologically advance hot tubs on the planet. No other spa manufacturer is doing it like this. We are combining patented JetPak Technology with a 100% wood-free structure, advanced construction methods, and the finest in skilled craftsmanship to bring you the very most relaxing portable hot tubs on the planet!

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