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March Hot Tub Sales Event

Get special clearance pricing and a free water care system upgrade

Free EOS system + Mineral Cartridges (STIL/A Series/R Series)


Free WellSpring Purifier + Mineral Cartridges (X Series)

Bullfrog Spas makes it easy to take care of your hot tub with its premium water care systems. Just stretch out, relax, and soak away your worries, enjoying the peaceful waters of your very own Bullfrog Spa. Visit your dealer before March 24th to take advantage of this promotion.


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Bullfrog Spas – The Only Hot Tub Designed Just For You

Only Bullfrog Spas®, with the JetPak Therapy System™, offers you a choice in your hot tub experience. Whether it’s therapy, recovery, a peaceful place to escape, or the chance to connect with loved ones, your Bullfrog Spa is configured just for you.

What is the EOS system?

The EOS Enhanced O3™ System is a revolutionary water purification system that is up to twice as effective at oxidizing out impurities, without the negative effects of excess ozone gas.


This unique 3-part system generates as much as 2 times the amount of ozone as standard systems*, charges spa water with free ozone more effectively, sanitizes spa water better, and destructs nearly all of the residual O3 gas. EOS has been third-party validated to kill 99.9% of the microorganisms that could be found in spas.

What is the WellSpring Ozone Purifier System?

The WellSpring High-Output Ozone Purifier features Corona Discharge Electrode Technology that consistently helps to keep your spa clean and can significantly reduce the amount of sanitizing chemicals needed.

Ozone Hot Tub Water Purifier
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Personalize Your Hot Tub with SpaDesign

You are unique and your hot tub should fit your unique life. Why would you settle for anything less?

SpaDesign allows you to choose the spa model and layout you want, the JetPaks you need, and the color combination that complements your home and landscape.


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