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Mike and his family love the outdoors and spending time with each other. They decided to get a Bullfrog Spa to spend more time together.

The Martinez’s Spa

Spa Model: A7L

Cabinet Color: Titanium

Shell Color: Driftwood

JetPaks: Rainshower, Oscillator, Gryrossage, Versa


“My wife said we didn’t need the A series, but when I saw the lights and the cup holders- it was a no brainer. She loves it now!”

Get to Know Mike

How has your spa helped you?

The thing that motivates me to get out for my run every day is I get fresh air. I get to enjoy the most gorgeous scenery. I feel like I’m taking care of myself so then I can go ahead and take care of my kids.

Why did you choose Bullfrog Spas?

My husband was doing a ton of research when we decided we wanted a spa. He read every review he could find and everything pointed to Bullfrog Spas.

How does your spa help you with a peaceful mind, body, or home?

For years, I tried to run a sub three marathon there [Boston] and I finally did it. I ran a 2:54 and I was healthy. It was such a proud day for me.

What is your advice those thinking about getting a Bullfrog Spa?

We love getting in our Bullfrog Spa together. It’s one of our favorite activities because it feels like a little escape from normal activities where we get to relax.