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When Can I Expect My Spa?

Hello Bullfrog Spas customers and future spa owners. We welcome you to the Bullfrog Spas family. We sincerely appreciate your trust in us, we understand your excitement to receive your new Bullfrog Spa, and we look forward to exceeding your expectations for many years to come.

As users and advocates of our own products, we understand your excitement about bringing more peace into your lives with a new Bullfrog Spa.  Given current supply chain conditions around the world, we also understand the challenges and frustrations many expectant customers are facing as you wait for your new spa. There are unfortunately many things we cannot control in these times, but certainly there are some we can. For times our brand or our dealers miss your expectations in these areas we sincerely apologize and assure you we are committed to doing our very best. Absolutely nobody wants to deliver you a top-quality spa sooner than we do.

Our lead times are significantly shorter than they were during 2020-2021. As a market leader in the hot tub industry, we have built significant capacity to produce spas. Refer to your dealer for specific wait times. Some dealers may have some in stock and others may be able to get supply in a few weeks or months.

We Sincerely Appreciate You

With the times being what they are, sometimes it feels like we’re pretty far apart. We’re not. We’re all connected by the same desire for a little more peace in our lives. Over the last many months, we’ve received some very inspiring feedback from many of our customers. We are so grateful for the kind words. We will occasionally stub our toes, but we are committed to getting better each day, week, month, and year. This means making you happy by providing a more peaceful body, peaceful mind, and peaceful home with one of our great products, as well as a peaceful experience getting that product into your backyard. Thanks for both your trust and understanding.