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When Can I Expect My Spa?

Hello Bullfrog Spas customers and future spa owners. We welcome you to the Bullfrog Spas family. We sincerely appreciate your trust in us, we understand your excitement to receive your new Bullfrog Spa, and we look forward to exceeding your expectations for many years to come.

As users and advocates of our own products, we understand your excitement about bringing more peace into your lives with a new Bullfrog Spa.  Given current supply chain conditions around the world, we also understand the challenges and frustrations many expectant customers are facing as you wait for your new spa. There are unfortunately many things we cannot control in these times, but certainly there are some we can. For times our brand or our dealers miss your expectations in these areas we sincerely apologize and assure you we are committed to doing our very best. Absolutely nobody wants to deliver you a top-quality spa sooner than we do.

The information on this page is intended to help you understand a little more about the situation that is causing longer than normal lead times, what we are doing about it, and what you can expect going forward.

Current Market Conditions

As we all know, the COVID-19 pandemic has created unprecedented impacts across many facets of life. Food and grocery supplies, employment situations, housing, our children’s educations and, most importantly, our health and that of our loved ones have all become top of mind. In business, certain markets have struggled, while others have flourished. At Bullfrog Spas there has been some of both. Demand for our products has never been higher. However, in the areas of material supply we have never been so challenged. Meanwhile, it is at the very top of our list that we continue to protect and care for our essential team members. As you would expect, critical protective measures sometimes slow down a manufacturing line, but our people’s continued health and safety comes first.

Predicting Delivery Times

In short, the volatile supply-side market conditions we’re experiencing do not currently allow for accurate long-term lead time estimates. Many factors may change and have changed without warning and each unexpected shift may impact your estimated delivery date differently.

We have instituted a system to ensure that product is delivered fairly to all dealers across all markets and in the order it exists in our production queue. We appreciate those of you who are waiting and assure you that an amazing hot tub experience draws nearer for you with each production day. This system also alerts dealers as soon as we know with some confidence when they can expect to receive specific orders. Unfortunately, currently these alerts most often occur weeks before a spa is ready to deliver and not months. As supply conditions continue to improve we expect to be able to gradually expand the number of production weeks we can predict and, subsequently, provide more accurate estimated completion and delivery dates to more and more of our waiting customers sooner in the process. In the mean time, please stay in touch with your Authorized Bullfrog Spas Dealer. They will have the best information relative to your specific order. Please keep in mind though, your dealer will not be able to precisely predict your delivery date until we at Bullfrog Spas are able to alert them of an official manufacturing and shipping date.

More Information on Supply Conditions

Global markets experienced rapid and unpredictable changes as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many product categories, especially those related to health care, home office, and home improvement saw large demand increases. Many firms were even forced to abandon the production of key goods in order to produce other even more important goods. These global market changes and the shift in focus for many of the world’s largest manufacturers, suppliers, and logistics providers have interrupted normally reliable supply operations.

On top of an already volatile and sensitive supply situation we’ve seen that unexpected challenges that in normal circumstances would not affect production outcomes having much greater impacts. Some of the notable events more recently include an unusually cold storm in the Gulf Coast area that halted the production of many materials and a large shipping vessel stuck in the Suez Canal. In addition, there are widely reported shortages of microprocessors and related hi-tech electronic components. There have been many other supply shortages and logistics interruptions that are less dramatic that don’t get reported. Nevertheless, they add up. Normally we could move through such challenges more seamlessly, but today any interruption in nearly any critical supply chain activity can create ripple effects, leading to more delays and ultimately a lower likelihood of accurately estimating delivery timelines.

Jerry Pasley, CEO, Bullfrog Spas

A Letter on Supply Challenges from Bullfrog Spas CEO, Jerry Pasley

More Information on Demand Conditions

Current demand conditions have brought about both great opportunity and great challenges at Bullfrog Spas. Going into 2020 Bullfrog Spas had enjoyed an exciting, yet predictable and planned, period of strong steady growth over much of the last decade. Our sustained growth has been built on the unique benefits of our innovative products, our focus on sound operational practices, and our reputation for quality.

However, in the early stages of the pandemic response, we quickly began to witness significant hesitancy within our prospective customer base. To some degree, this resulted from and coincided with public health policies that put operational restrictions on the many retail businesses selling our products around the world. The total effect was significantly reduced demand and we saw orders dwindle. Manufacturing operations were cautiously scaled down while, at the same time, we adjusted operational procedures to ensure the safety and health of our team members.

In a matter of mere weeks, that condition of significantly reduced demand changed very quickly. As stay-at-home orders and work-from-home situations became the norm, people around the world began to vigorously invest in their homes, creating sanctuaries and enjoyable resort-level experiences right in their own backyards. Beginning Q2 of 2020, we were hit with explosive demand for hot tubs and related products. Demand continues at record levels here at Bullfrog Spas and industry-wide today. We continue to invest in infrastructure and to increase our teams to meet that demand. It will take some time to catch it, but we’ll get there.

We Sincerely Appreciate You

With the times being what they are, sometimes it feels like we’re pretty far apart. We’re not. We’re all connected by the same desire for a little more peace in our lives. Over the last many months, we’ve received some very inspiring feedback from many of our customers. We are so grateful for the kind words. We will occasionally stub our toes, but we are committed to getting better each day, week, month, and year. This means making you happy by providing a more peaceful body, peaceful mind, and peaceful home with one of our great products, as well as a peaceful experience getting that product into your backyard. Thanks for both your trust and understanding.