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Hottubs and Athletes

What Benefits Do Hot Tubs Provide For Athletes?

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Hot Tubs, Sports and Exercise



woman stretching for a morning runIf you are an athlete, then performing at your peak is important to you. There are several ways to achieve peak performance. You probably know about diet, fitness regimens, visualization techniques and more, but you may have never considered the benefits of hydrotherapy.


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As an athlete hydrotherapy can benefit you in many ways. With careful consideration to timing and frequency, you may want to consider soaking in the hot tub before and/or after a workout. There are a number of ways that you can benefit from soaking in a hot tub. HereĀ are some of those potential benefits:



Reduce Your Risk Of Injury


Soaking in a hot tub before you work out can help loosen up your muscles. This will make it easier for you to exercise, and reduce your chances of suffering an injury. Depending on your sport or activity, soaking in a hot tub before exercising can help improve performance. When muscles are loose and ready your agility and speed can increase.



Reduce Soreness And Stiffness


Muscle soreness and stiffness are two very common complaints that athletes have. Most athletes experience the soreness and stiffness the day after they exercise. Warm water therapy helps your blood vessels dilate, or expand. This helps increase blood flow to the muscles and skin and can help prevent soreness and stiffness.


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Insomnia is a problem that is fairly common in athletes who work out later in the day, or those who are simply prone to insomnia. Studies have shown that people who soak in hot tubs one hour before they go to bed usually have an easier time falling asleep. It isn’t hard to see why the warm, swirling water might be beneficial in helping you relax.



Treating Injuries and Ailments


Soaking in a hot tub can also help ease the pain of an existing injury. There was a study done in 1995, published in the British Journal of Rheumatology with people who suffered from chronic low back pain who were asked to soak in a hot tub every day. The results of the study showed that the subjects experienced both short and long-term back pain relief. In another study published in the Journal of Rheumatology, a group of researchers from France examined the effects that consistent hot tub therapy had on pain and the subjects noticed a significant reduction in pain and an improvement in flexibility. They were also able to reduce their reliance on anti-inflammatory drugs and painkillers.


Soaking in a hot tub before your workout can reduce your chances of suffering an injury. It can also reduce muscle soreness and stiffness and help you treat an existing injury. If you are an athlete or just simply training to be one, don’t forget the benefits that heat therapy can have on your workout and be sure to consult your physician to be sure this is the right treatment for you.


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