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Lose Weight with a Hot Tub

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Lose Weight in a Hot Tub

Support Your Fitness and Lose Weight with a Hot Tub

Just jump in your hot tub and watch pounds melt away like magic butter in the magic hot sun. Get six pack abs sitting in the spa. Start searching for your supermodel talent agent and Bentley right now. Yeah, it seems too good to be true right?

13_woman_3Well yeah, it should, because weight loss doesn’t work like that. But, as our friends at Swim University just pointed out in their recent blog post, you can use your hot tub to support your weight loss plan and even as a location for low impact workouts and relaxing hot tub yoga sessions.

To really lose weight you can’t rely on magic or unicorn dust. You still have to work out and eat right. However, even if your workouts are of the more conventional out-of-water variety, your hot tub is the perfect location for after-workout recovery. Hot tubs help loosen tight muscles and relieve joint and muscle aches and soreness. When you make hydrotherapy in a hot tub part of your routine you’ll be able to work out harder and you will still feel loose and energized the next day.

Check out the full Swim University post on weight loss with a hot tub for more great ideas.

AUTHOR - Jake Ricks

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