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Tips for Buying Your First Hot Tub

Tips on Buying Your First Hot Tub

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Advice for the 1st Time Hot Tub Buyer


Advice on Buying Your First Hot TubIf you are preparing to buy your first hot tub, it could seem challenging to make all the plans necessary and to make sure you buy the best product for your purposes and your home. This article is intended to provide some insight into the specific needs to consider in that process. With these hot tub buying tips you’ll hopefully avoid any potential issues so you can focus on what’s really important.




Know Your Home


In order to know what you are looking for in a hot tub, you must first know where you will be placing it in your backyard or in your home. You should do an inspection and quick walk around of your spa’s future location prior to shopping for your hot tub to be sure the location will work.




Indoor Hot Tubs


If you want to keep the hot tub indoors, you will need to measure the size of each door to ensure your ability to fit it through and ensure with an engineer that your home’s floor will support the weight of the filled spa. Along these same lines, it is also necessary to make sure that the room where you intend to relax has ample room for such an addition and the right flooring. Splashing can when someone leaves the hot tub will occur, your floor may need a drain. Also, if you desire to have your hot tub indoors, remember that evaporation from the tub can cause increased humidity. An exhaust fan will be helpful to prevent any problems related to higher level of moisture in your home.This is not generally an issue in outdoor installations.



Outdoor Hot Tubs


If you intend to install your hot tub outdoors, be sure your property that has enough room. Most people install their spas on a hard pad of concrete or other hard surface. However, you may also desire to place it on a deck. Once again, consult with an engineer to ensure the structure can handle the weight of the tub when full. Also be sure to account for water splashing out of the tub and keep enough space to move around the spa.



Know Your Purpose


Hot Tubs and Your HealthThere are several reasons to purchase a hot tub. Hot tubs are certainly useful for relaxation and enjoyment. Many people, however, use hot tubs for muscle therapy or socializing with family or friends. The purposes for your purchase, therefore, will determine how you use your hot tub, which hot tub is best for your lifestyle, and where you should place it.



Think about your life with a hot tub. Do you see yourself using it to unwind after work? Do you intend to use it to help you recover after working out? Do you intend to share your spa with family or friends. Is your spa a more intimate location to spend quality time with a spouse or partner? Is your spa going to be at a vacation home unattended? All of these things will influence which spa will work best for your lifestyle. For example, if you are empty nesters, a 2-person hot tub may be sufficient, but if you plan to entertain you may opt for a large hot tub with 8 seats and an open floor plan. If you intend to be away from your spa you may want the CloudControl app system to monitor it from your smartphone.



Understanding how your new hot tub will fit into your lifestyle and how you will use it will help you decide which spa to purchase, where to place it, and which features will mean the most to you.



Know Your Budget


In hot tubs you generally get what you pay for in terms of quality, size, and features. The more people you want to be able to accommodate, the more the spa will generally cost. The higher the quality of the build, the materials, and the more elaborate you decide to be with jets, audio, lighting and other features, the more you will spend.


Knowing your budget in advance is important to be sure you will be happy with your hot tub and that you will get one that is right for your home and your purposes. Therapeutic needs may require more jets. The hot tub accessories you will want to add can also add a little bit to the price tag.


Also consider the ongoing costs of a hot tub. There are many energy efficient hot tubs that can cost you as little as $15 – $20 per month, but some poor quality spas can cost more. Your local energy costs and other operating costs like sanitizers will depend largely on your location and amount of use, but must also be figured in.



Know What Is Available


Modern hot tub and homeWe of course would live you to take a trip to your local Bullfrog Spas Authorized Dealer where you can test multiple products to know for yourself what fits your house, your purposes, and your budget. Even if you have thoroughly researched your hot tub online, an expert in the field will have new insights and can make suggestions you may not have thought of. Before you visit hot tub stores make sure you have thoroughly investigated the first three topics first so that you can recognize which tubs can be good fits for you. Also, by doing so you will be able to know the most pertinent questions to ask. Knowing what is available to you and how it might suit your needs helps you determine which hot tub is the best for you.



Knowing your home, knowing your purpose, knowing your budget, and knowing what is available are just a few simple hot tub buying tips to help you choose the right hot tub. When you take the time to ensure the product fits within all of your individual needs, you will then be able to take advantage of your new hot tub with the utmost enjoyment.


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  • Nancy | May 23, 2014 at 3:57 pm


    I would like to get a Brice on the 2 person hot tub. Can I make it salt-water vs using chemicals and what is the average cost per month to run and the volts needed? Thank you. Nancy

    • Jake Ricks

      Jake Ricks | May 29, 2014 at 9:37 am

      Hi Nancy,

      The best way to get a price quote will be to use our SpaDesign software to design the model you would like. You can find that here:

      I would start with an A5L based on your description. Pick your colors, then add the JetPaks and options you like, and you will be able to get the information on your local Authorized Dealer who can get you pricing on the specific spa you design.

      You can create a salt water system with an aftermarket addition to your spa equipment if you desire. Keep in mind this is unproven as yet in portable spas and could potentially cause damage and warranty ramifications. Another sanitization option is ozone, which is available as an option. Ozone can significantly decrease the amount of sanitizer necessary to maintain spa water.

      All the best in your research,
      Jake Ricks
      Bullfrog Spas

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