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shoulder and neck pain relief

Best Ways to Relieve Shoulder and Neck Pain

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As we age, aches and pains tend to increase, with the pressure from poor posture, stress, or injury often exacerbating issues. For many people, this means neck and shoulder pain feels like an unavoidable part of life. It doesn’t have to be, though. With the right steps and tools, a life free of neck and shoulder pain is within reach.




The stress of day-to-day life or turbulent times in life can cause muscles in the neck and shoulders to become clenched. Regular stretching of the neck and shoulder muscles may help to ease the strain. Talk to your doctor before attempting stretches to make sure you are not at risk of hurting yourself through movements, and if a stretch causes pain, immediately stop to avoid causing further injury.


Stretches you can do to get neck and shoulder pain relief include:


Neck Rolls


Start with your head facing forward. Gently move your head toward the left shoulder, then ease it into tilting backward with your eyes facing upward toward the ceiling. Next, roll your head toward the right shoulder, and then gently move your head slowly down so that your chin is close to your chest and your eyes are facing downward. Return to the start position, repeating the entire cycle 4 to 6 times.


Shoulder Rolls


Sit or stand so that your spine is straight and your head is facing forward. Move both of your shoulders in a rolling motion first upward, then forward, then down, making ovals. Repeat 8 to 12 times. Next, move your shoulders in a reverse oval movement, rolling them first upward, then backward, then down, and repeat 8 to 12 times.


Shoulder Raises


Sit or stand with your spine straight, your head facing forward and your arms at your sides. Slowly lift both of your shoulders upward and hold for a few moments. Then, let your shoulders slowly fall. Repeat this movement 4 to 6 times.




Massage is another means of helping to ease neck and shoulder pain, with many people finding manual manipulation of the shoulder and neck muscles to be an effective means of pain management. While you can work with a professional massage therapist to work out the stiffness in your shoulders, this can be cost-prohibitive as massage sessions can cost hundreds of dollars per hour and will need to be regularly scheduled for continuous pain relief.


Self-massage is a cost-free way of minimizing some neck and shoulder pain. To massage your neck and shoulders, using your thumb and forefinger, knead the muscles on either side of your neck where it connects to the shoulders. You may also use your knuckles to apply pressure while massaging the area or ask a family member or friend to do the same.


Some sufferers of neck and shoulder pain may wish to utilize an at-home massager to get more powerful manipulation to help better relax stiff and aching muscles. These are available as handheld tools or as devices you can place in a chair or on a bed or floor to use.




Many sufferers use medication to get quick relief from neck and shoulder pain. Anti-inflammatory medications such as naproxen (Aleve) and ibuprofen (Advil) are often used to help minimize pain. Acetaminophen (Tylenol) may also be taken. In addition to oral tablets, there are medicated balms and salves available that some people find useful in treating neck and shoulder pain.


Although medication can offer relatively rapid relief from aches and pains, it should only be used as directed. You should consult your doctor if you find the recommended doses and usage guidelines unable to meet your needs.


Hot and Cold Therapy


For those looking for more natural pain relief and management, hot and cold therapy can be incredibly helpful. Fresh injuries to the neck and shoulders may benefit from ice packs or cold compresses that can be put against the affected area to help minimize swelling.


Chronic pain may benefit more from heat therapy, as heat helps encourage blood flow and causes tight muscles to become relaxed. Heating pads and packs and hot compresses may be beneficial in relieving pain.


Hot water baths are an excellent way to relax tense muscles in the neck and shoulders in the comfort of your own home. Hot tubs designed with massage capabilities such as the JetPak Therapy System are especially effective as the water streams are designed to use heat and are forced to work through neck and shoulder tension.


With its unmatched personalization capabilities, you can choose from 18 interchangeable JetPaks to be placed precisely where they are needed to accommodate your individual height, and when in use, you can adjust the power of the massage to meet your particular needs.


You don’t have to suffer from chronic or occasional pain. For those wondering how to relieve tension in the neck and shoulders, these recommendations are a smart start to leading a happy, pain-free life. Don’t live in pain another day. Design your own custom hot tub with an innovative and personalized JetPak Therapy System and get the easily accessible pain relief you deserve.



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