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Luxury Hot Tubs Aren’t Just for Relaxing

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4 “Other” Ways Hot Tubs Make Life a Little Sweeter

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When you think of the typical uses of a hot tub you probably think of relaxation, soothing your sore muscles and de-stressing. There are of course as many reasons people enjoy their hot tubs as there are hot tubs and, while these are certainly good uses, they aren’t the only good reasons people report that they love their spas. Whatever your reason for enjoying spa time, remember that there’s always a great reason to step into the warm, jetted water of a nice luxury hot tub.



bring back your youth in a hot tub time machine

#1 Something to Do on a Date

If you aren’t sure what to do on your next date, or have trouble planning something unique, hot tubbing may just be your ticket to that special someone’s heart. While not suggested as a first date activity, (unless you’re ultra-smooth or on reality TV) the relaxing atmosphere adds a comfortable intimacy to your night and you can both sit back, relax, talk and enjoy each other’s company. As your relationship progresses, a hot tub is the perfect addition to a romantic night with someone special.

#2 Working Out

working out in the hot tub

Sure, sitting back and relaxing is all well and good, but why not get some extra use out of your spa? Many people are discovering the huge benefits of exercising in their hot tub.  Yes, that’s right, hot tubs are great places for a variety of low impact exercises. This is a perfect situation for those that struggle to exercise because of joint pain. The buoyancy in the tub and the pain-reducing effects of hot water make it a great, safe place to burn some calories. Plus, when your body temperature rises, your blood circulation gets better, and the water acts as simple resistance to help build muscle strength. Chances are you’re already sweating from the warm water; you might as well earn it by working out a little, too

#3 Hot Tub Hang Out

There is no better place to meet all kinds of people, not just those you would like to date. The simple logistics of sitting close in a nice outdoor hot tub removes normal conversational barriers. You can ask even potentially awkward questions and people are strangely okay with it. The intimate setting invites you to open up and you will find yourself building great relationships in a short amount of time. It’s a fantastic way to skip right over the awkward moments and move right to making good friends.

#4 Drink Break

enjoying drinks in the hot tub

Go ahead and use the excuse of needing “to relax tired muscles.” But yes, sometimes we all need to just enjoy a beverage in the tub. There is simply nowhere better to hang out and sip that tasty drink than in your own relaxing hot tub. A quick caution: hot water can increase your circulation. That’s great for your heart, but if your refreshing beverage includes alcohol or any other mood altering substance, the effects will be amplified. If you feel at all drowsy or strange in any way, get out of the hot tub immediately.


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