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Political Figures That Need To Unwind In A Hot Tub

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Political Figures That Need To Unwind In A Hot Tub

Let’s face it: politics can be a stressful career path. After a long day of campaigning, sitting in meetings, shaking hands, or giving speeches, politicians need to relax. Here are five politicians who really need some time to unwind in a hot tub:

President Obama

ObamaBeing leader of the free world is a tough job. President Obama is constantly dealing with political fights, scandals, national security threats, and criticism in the media. On top of all that, he usually works 16 hours each day. How does he find time to relax? President Obama might benefit from a few minutes in the hot tub — even the busiest leaders can make time for a rejuvenating dip that melts away stress.

Hillary Clinton

ClintonHillary Clinton is a busy woman. Not only has she been First Lady and Secretary of State, but she is may be running for president again in 2016! That’s just asking for punishment and that kind of busy schedule can create lots of muscle aches and tension. While she has some free time before the next campaign, Clinton should get a hot tub to soothe her aching muscles and relieve some tension.

Jeb Bush

BushWill Jeb Bush run for president in 2016? He has already served for eight years as governor of Florida, he has a pedigree like no other, and he has been traveling the country talking about immigration reform and education policy. His father and his brother both know how stressful the presidency can be, and they would probably recommend that Jeb get some rest and relaxation before he thinks about hitting the campaign trail again.

Rahm Emanuel

Rahm EmanuelRahm Emanuel has a reputation for getting angry. He once sent a dead fish to a campaign staffer for making a mistake! Anyone who has been yelled at by Rahm Emanuel has no question about his need to relax. But now that Emanuel is the mayor of a little town called Chicago, he has little bit more time to chill out and rejuvenate than he did as White House Chief of Staff. Since hot tubs can help release stress in just a few minutes, perhaps Emanuel could find some time each day for a quick relaxing soak.

Michael Bloomberg

michael-bloombergThe mayor of New York City has received a lot of criticism over his plans to ban sodas larger than 20 ounces. He obviously cares about health, however, despite being one of the ten wealthiest men in America, Bloomberg is having trouble getting his way in politics. That kind of frustration can lead to headaches, back pains, high blood pressure or worse. Anyone can benefit from relaxing in a hot tub, but Michael Bloomberg may need that relaxation the most!

All of these politicians could use a hot tub to unwind from their stress. But you don’t need to win an election to enjoy a hot tub — everyone can relax with a hot tub in their home or backyard!

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