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People Who Need Hot Tub Time

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People Who Could Stand To Spend Some Time In A Hot Tub

Life is full of stress and, as we all know, some quality time in a hot tub can work wonders for the soul and bring us back to good. That said, below is a list of high-strung people that could stand to spend some time in a hot tub — far far away from the stresses of the world.

1. Crazy Phil the Candidate

Although anyone in politics could probably stand for some classic rest and relaxation, this particular candidate seems a bit more high strung than most. Hey Phil, You should take a soak sooner than later – you’re scaring more voters than you’re attracting.

2. Jack Bauer

If you haven’t seen the TV series 24, you don’t know stress. The protagonist Jack Bauer is on a constant race against the clock with the future of America on his shoulders. Across any given season he gets in hundreds of physical fights, kills 50-plus people, dies and comes back to life more than once and loses all that he loves. If that’s not deserving of a relaxing soak in the hot tub, I don’t know what is.

Jack Bauer Needs a Hot Tub

3. Mel Gibson’s Agent

Between the anti-Semitic comments after a DUI arrest and the recent domestic abuse controversy gone public, it’s no secret that Mel Gibson and his career, to put it kindly, have fallen from grace. That said, Gibson’s agent needs to turn and walk the other direction, away from Mel and toward a soothing water massage that will help him put this entire train wreck behind him.

Mel Gibson needs a hot tub

4. The Mother of a Problem Child

Granted, there might be some parenting classes in this lady’s future, but if you watch her son closely, you’ll also feel for her. This kid is pure evil; full of hate, angst, anger and the seasoned manipulation skills of serial killer. When raising a problem child like this, in an effort to stay sane, everyday needs to end with some re-group alone time in the spa.

5. Bobbi McCaughey

You’re probably asking yourself, Who? Well, Bobbi McCaughey is an Iowa woman that gave birth to a set of septuplets – four boys and three girls – all at once in 1997. Even if her kids were the sweetest angels on Earth, raising seven infants simultaneously is an undeniable free pass into any spa – no questions asked.

Bobby McCaughey needs a hot tub

6. The President of the USA

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, each and every president of the United States of America deserves to have a hot tub placed in every room of every home from the White House to Camp David. As if running an entire country (where you can never please everyone) wasn’t hard enough, imagine the stress of running the most powerful country on the planet with all eyes fixated on you!? Relax Mr. President.

President Obama needs a hot tub

7. Coaches Everywhere — Especially Him

Sports are full of highs and lows, wins and losses but when the business outweighs the sport itself, the pressure can break even the strongest of wills. While many coaches have lashed out under pressure, Dennis Green clearly needs to go to the locker room and evaluate his team’s loss in a private hot tub – far away from reporters and cameras.

8. Air Traffic Controllers

There are many stressful jobs in the world of employment but topping many of the lists is the behind-the-scenes folks known as air traffic controllers. These people are responsible for regulating the arrival and departures of all flights in and out of an airport and any glitch in their judgment could cost hundreds of lives. Without a doubt, after a long day of trafficking the skies, air traffic controllers deserve their hot tubs.

Air Traffic Controllers need a hot tub

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  • Matt Giovanisci | Nov 12, 2010 at 10:38 am

    A brilliant collection of highly stressed people.

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