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My Morning Hot Tub Soak

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With the changing of the seasons comes an adjustment in my hot tub soaking schedule.


I am a hot tub nut. One of the only reasons I like the winter in Utah is because that is when I enjoy using my hot tub the most. Nothing is better than 20 degree weather and 104 degree hot tub (minus the wind). The cold crisp air mixed with the embracing heat of my hot tub water is the perfect way to end a long work day. But those days are gone for now. With the passing of the summer solstice comes the passing of my night soaking routine. Not to say if friends and family are over I won’t get in on a warm summer night, but it’s the mixture of the cool air and hot water that makes this experience the most enjoyable to me.


A little background on my aches and pains: To get into better shape, a number of the neighbors have agreed to start playing some pickup basketball on the neighborhood court. There is not one ounce of natural talent in the bunch of us. We are out of shape, slow, and visually offensive, but we do it anyway. None of us can shoot the ball well, but we are all professional hackers. So we just plan on pulled backs, a rolled ankles, and a couple of bruises, and that’s the first 5 minutes. After returning home, I planned on getting into the hot tub, but my wife and the DVR (Dexter, love that show) seduced me away.


Rolling out of bed this morning nearly killed me. My arches on my feet were non-existent, my left calf was screaming and my lower back was knotted up thanks to a good forearm shiver the night before. I didn’t want my hut tub, I needed it!


So I quietly headed out back to my hot tub (Bullfrog Spa 462). It was 6:15am, so the sun was just peaking over mountains. The air was crisp and cool and the neighborhood was still. I had forgotten the early morning soak, and how great it could be, shame on me. I worked my sore feet and legs with the powerful feet jets and targeted my back with all my JetPaks. I rotate in all my seats for about 5 minutes a massage. Then cut the jets and soaked in peace. The hot water felt so good, making me buoyant and relieving all of my aches. I just closed my eyes and listened to morning sounds. It was great. I am glad that the seasons change so that my hot tub experiences can also.


– Clay


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