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Hot Tubs and Your Joints

New Research: Hot Tubs Improve Joint and Muscle Health, Part 4 of 7

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Benefits of Hot Water to the Muscles and Joints


Can my hot tub help me achieve my fitness goals? Joint and muscle benefits of warm water.


Hot Tubs and Recovery After ExerciseA NASMI study and other scientific research suggest that hot water therapy, 98-102°F, helps to increase blood circulation within the muscles. This is likely one of the reasons that soaking in a hot tub or warm bath often relieves muscle and joint soreness.


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Researchers, including Dr. Becker of the National Aquatics and Sports Medicine Institute, suggest that the improved circulation that occurs while soaking in warm to hot water may aid in the process of healing after muscle, bone, joint and connective tissue injuries such as those that often occur in sports.


Research on the subject of muscular circulation during immersion in hot tubs and other warm water environments also suggests that the effect of increased blood circulation within muscles can also be especially beneficial for those who experience decreased circulation due to diabetes and some auto-immune diseases.


This is part 4 of a 7 part series. Part 5 will explain the health benefits of reduced hypertension through hot tub therapy.


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