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How Stressed are You?

Is Stress Affecting Your Health?

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Find Your Stress Level


Soudscape with Your Bullfrog SpaDid you know that April is National Stress Awareness Month? I’m guessing probably not. Neither did we. But I looked it up. Coincidentally, April also features Math Awareness, Earth Day, National Pet Day, Jazz Awareness, International Carrot Day, National Pillow Fight Day and a whole bunch of themes we all should observe. So, yeah, lots of things this month.


We don’t want you to stress about all the things. Stress, of course, can have a negative impact on your health. So, we’re providing a fun stress assessment quiz to help you determine how much stress you have and how you might be able to reduce that stress.


Here at Bullfrog Spas we help you create one of the best stress reduction experiences available, so if you find yourself wound up a little too tightly as you prepare for International Carrot Day we invite you to dial the heat to “just right,” sit back with your favorite JetPak massage, and relax. Your stress will melt away.


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Remember, hot tubs are a great way to relieve stress. Keep in mind the safety guidelines for using a hot tub while pregnant or while having other special health considerations, and use your tub to relax to your heart’s content.


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