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Hydrotherapy Helps Relieve Arthritis Pain

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Can Hydrotherapy Help Arthritis Pains?


Hydrotherapy is Vital for Aging AdultsHydrotherapy is most commonly used as type of medical treatment for sports injuries, sore muscles and joints, and psychological and emotional disorders. Hydrotherapy, especially in warm water, is beneficial for those with many other medical aliments. Warm water therapy acts to relax muscles, boost circulation and is a catalyst for the body’s healing process.  One of the ailments that hydrotherapy helps the most is arthritis. In these cases, doctors often recommend hydrotherapy for relief and lasting, healing results.


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Hydrotherapy for Arthritis Treatment


In a Journal of Investigative Medicine report, Italian researchers published findings that show that hot tubs reduced the inflammatory agents that caused arthritis pains after three weeks of heat hydrotherapy.


Comparatively, a recent Arthritis Foundation study comparing Hydrotherapy and Tai Chi for knee and hip osteoarthritis patients showed: “Hydrotherapy classes appeared to provide greater relief of joint pain, and resulted in larger improvements in measures of physical performance…”


Based off the study results, The Arthritis Foundation has also recommended hot tub hydrotherapy to the nearly 43 million Americans suffering from arthritis pain, “Regular sessions in your hot tub help keep joints moving. It restores and preserves strength and flexibility, and also protects your joints from further damage. A hot tub fulfills the need perfectly . . . providing the warmth, massage, and buoyancy that is so necessary to the well-being of arthritis sufferers. The buoyancy of the water supports and lessens stress on the joints and encourages freer movement.”



Treatment at Home and in Spas



spavault-poolBecause of the benefits of using hot tubs in arthritis treatment, homes all over the globe have begun installing and using hot tubs. Arthritis suffers are now able to relax and feel relief in the privacy of their own home in their personal hot tub spa. In fact, regularly relaxing in a hot tub can reduce the chances of getting arthritis and reduce daily stress.


The Arthritis Foundation also recommends at-home hot tub exercises for those suffering from Arthritis. Water exercise in a hot tub supports the body and provides a more gentle way to move muscles and joints without strain. Hot tub jets also create a water massage that relieves and loosens tight muscles and warm water increases the circulation in blood vessels.



Arthritis Relief


Physicians and patients praise the healing properties of warm water massage.Through the use of hydrotherapy in a home hot tub, the pain of arthritis can be lessened and in some cases even cured.


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