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The World’s Hottest Fitness Craze – Prancercise®

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Prancercising is Hard, You Need a Hot TubIf ever there were someone in need of a hot tub it would be equine-imitator and self-professed spiritual and fitness guru, Joanna Rohrback. You see, Joanna is the creator of Prancercise® and author of the book: Prancercise®:The Art of Physical and Spiritual Excellence.

When this popped up on my Facebook newsfeed (thanks Jeff) the name and premise alone was enough for me to WOL (whinny out loud). However, after a few minutes of researching the fitness craze I couldn’t help but to GAWFE (gallop around whinnying from elation).

You just have to see her hit YouTube video to understand:

So, if you like acting like a horse, you can take Joanna up on her offer to become a full fledged member which:

“Allows you to use the website and post on the forum, to partner with someone in your area code to Prancercise® together, and the opportunity to become a Prancercise® Representative, through purchasing and reading Prancercise® : The Art of Physical and Spiritual Excellence, taking and passing a questionnaire, providing a short video clip doing the 4 modes of Prancercise®…(along with some legalities).”

Click here if you are ready to get to “stop the talkin’ and get to the walkin’.”

Joanna, you really need a hot tub after all that galloping.

Jake Ricks

AUTHOR - Jake Ricks

Jake Ricks is the Marketing Director for Bullfrog Spas. In addition to his efforts in marketing leadership roles, Jake has been published in a variety of publications with topics that include the pool and spa industry, outdoors, digital marketing, and content marketing. Jake's passion is fly fishing, bird dogs, and living life outside. When possible he guides on local waters, competes in fly fishing events, designs new fly patterns and is a regular contributor to outdoor blogs and periodicals.

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