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Japanese soccer team

Footballers in Hot Water: Hot Tubs Become a Surprising Headline at the World Cup

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What’s Up With Soccer Players and Hot Tubs?


The 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil has drawn the world’s finest footballers together for what has already shaped up to be some fierce competition.  With the physical and mental toll the game takes on athletes, it’s no surprise that many of the pros are retreating to hot tubs to stay loose and unwind. But, what is a surprise are the hot tub headlines popping up. It appears these footballers are getting in a little hot water.


Croatian Soccer Team

Mario Mandzukic of the Croatian National Soccer Team protests a call. img source:

Several news agencies in Brazil are reporting that after their loss to Brazil in the opening match of The Cup, the Croatian team shook off the defeat, along with their skivvies, and took to their hotel hot tub to relax.  The skinny dipping soccer stars were documented by Croatian photographers who hid in the bushes to capture shots of the boys in the buff.  The nude photos were inevitably published.


Coach Niko Kovac chastised the media, refusing them further access to the team:


“I can’t force them to be at your disposal after what you have done to them and their families,”

“How would you feel if someone took naked pictures of you? They are adamant that they won’t speak to you lot anymore and I don’t know whether the silence will end tomorrow or last until the end of our World Cup campaign.”

“I respect my players’ opinion and I also know that you have done a very professional job so far but you blew it with this one. The whole world has seen the photos.”


Japanese National Soccer Team looking relaxed img source:

Japanese National Soccer Team looking relaxed
img source:

While the paparazzi are stirring the hot water with the Croatian team, Japanese athletes are utilizing a little hot water of their own.  According to a report from Brazilian sports magazine Lance, “after training, the national team players from Japan will be able to relax in individual rooms at Sport Spa Resort in Itu. Each suite will feature a jacuzzi tub.”


Given the good citizenship of Japanese fans who stayed behind to clean up the stands after their loss to Ivory Coast, someone should arrange a post-game soak for them too.


The 2014 FIFA World Cup continues until July 13th at sites throughout Brazil. Of course there is more drama, action, and controversy to come, along with the probability of a few athletes getting themselves in hot water.  Hopefully it’s the hot water of their hotels’ private hot tubs and not with officials, paparazzi or the media.


Hot tubs requested by Japanese team. img source:

Hot tubs requested by Japanese team.
img source:



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