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Tailgating Hot Tub: How a Portable Spa Helps You Help Your Team

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Football Season is Hot Tub Season

There is a special feeling, a slight chill, and a peculiar bite to the morning air that reminds us of a few things – changing leaves, the Fall harvest’s tasty goodness, that favorite flannel shirt and most of all FOOTBALL.

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In no other season is it ok and even normal to paint our faces bright colors and blast out spontaneous shouts of joy or anguish that make others question our mental state.

Yes, it is that time of year, football has returned just in time to save the world from crappy reality TV reruns and baseball games that drag on forever. NFL fans will remember where they were when the Giants beat the undefeated Patriots on the famous “Helmet Catch” or when Brett Favre, Reggie White, Steve Young,  John Elway or many others won their first Super Bowl. Or, college football fans will recall with fondness the time your Alma Mater smashed their in-state rival, won a huge bowl game, or even won the coveted NCAA National Championship, if you’re lucky.

And who can forget the intro to all these special times? The tailgate party leading up to big games is all part of what makes football season special. This is a rare phenomenon, where friends and family gather every Saturday and Sunday in stadium parking lots to consume hundreds of metric tons of food and beverage. Yes, this is tailgating, a true American tradition.

When did this most wonderful and gluttonous event begin and how do hot tubs fit in? Well you’re about to find out!

First Ever Tailgate Party?

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This picture is from 1869 and even though this probably isn’t a gathering for a football game, we have no doubt it must have been some sort of grand pioneer sporting event. Since this time, tailgating has become much more than just sharing a great BBQ or having a few drinks before the start of the big game. Tailgating has become an expression of authentic American culture that has grown out of our competitive spirit to be the best and beat our rivals, even at pre-game partying. It is a time to gather with like-minded individuals, relieve some stress and make the most out of some of the most memorable moments of our lives.

However, even with such unforgettable and cherished memories, until recently there was just a little something missing. Something, that caps off this authentic expression of revelry and magnifies the fun by a factor of infinity – yes, it’s the portable hot tub.

The Best Seats in the House

Photo courtesy of: xlcountry.comI can hear you all now, slapping you foreheads and exclaiming, ” of course, hot tub.” Yes, this is that thing your tailgate party could be missing. Here’s why:

Hot tubs are fun. So, they naturally fit with your rocking tailgate party.

Hot tubs are social. No other place on earth is as social as a good tailgater. Bonding with your fellow fans is always better when you’re all wet.

Hot tubs are good for your brains. Yeah, it’s a stretch but go with me here. Research shows hot tub use can help our brains and nervous systems to balance. In order to cheer your best you have to be in a good mental state. And it help all you stats geeks keep track of rushing yards, sacks, and red-zone conversion percentages.

Hot tubs can help you stay calm. We all know football can fray the nerves. If you’re relaxed going in you have a better chance to not pull your orange hair out when your quarterback throws a pick 6 at a critical time. Helps you deal with those tense 2 minutes-to-go comebacks as well.

Hot tubs help you recover. Normally this applies to recovering after exercising but we all know tailgating and exercising have nothing to do with each other. Hot tubs do, however, help you recover after running into parked cars while playing parking lot football. They can also help you recover and recompose yourself after those unfortunate but inevitable tough losses.

So, next time your favorite team has a home game, be sure to get the face paint, the jersey, the brats and get the hot tub all fired up.

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