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Happy Shark Week!

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Shark Week Becomes a Thing

I can just see how it all began it back in 1987 – It’s a meeting of executives at a young cable TV network called Discovery, trying to figure out how to increase ratings. The CEO speaks up: “Come on think, how do we get the big guys to advertise with us? You know we need ads like Rubik’s Cube, Swatch, Commodore 64, and Pepsi. How do we do it?” A pimpled intern in the back says: “I like sharks,” and Shark Week is born.

Who would have thought Shark Week would become such a thing. Today it’s almost as popular as Christmas, well, if you ask Conan O’Brien anyway.

Here at Bullfrog Spas we are happy to say that sharks are radical, however, please notify the appropriate authorities should a shark be found in your hot tub.Happy Shark Week! hot tub

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