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Pool Accessories

Fun and Useful Pool Accessories

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How can you transform your pool into an exciting recreation area for family and guests? The answer is pool accessories that can add some unique glamor, versatility and accessibility to enhance the experience. Pools don’t have to be boring anymore, and who wouldn’t want their pool area to be more festive and attractive? Adding accessories can provide additional safety features to your pool, minimizing accidents and allowing easier entering and exiting. Visitors and guests to your home will take note of your accessories and know that your pool has that special touch because you care. Don’t forget hot tubs are always more fun and relaxing.

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Safety Accessories

Safety accessories don’t have to be dull when you consider how many floating toys and loungers are available that will give your pool that unique and colorful appearance. You can opt for simple single seat inflatable loungers, equipped with head rests and cup holders, to double-seat loungers that offer that intimate sharing experience. You can choose from a wide variety of inflatable platforms and toys, such as inflatable surfboards, happy face rings, animal floats, small fortress castles and theme-centric floating islands that will accommodate multiple persons. Not only are float toys and platforms fun to interact with but they serve as safety devices for resting and aiding persons who haven’t mastered proper swimming technique.

Ladders and swim steps provide safe and reliable egress into and out of the pool. Ladders and swim steps come in designs available for in-ground or above-ground pools. They assist younger children and older adults easier and safer access to the water, providing a platform for rest (steps), and comfortable exit and entrance when ladders are employed.

Pool covers will keep the pool water free of contaminants and debris, reducing maintenance time reserved for skimming. Pool covers also cut down on evaporation and increase the concentration of cleaning chemicals such as acid and chlorine. Adding pool lighting will increase the visual aesthetic appeal of your entire pool area, making it attractive for pool parties and special events. Pool fountains add that exotic look, and combined with special colorful lighting, add beauty and elegance to any pool.

Entertainment Accessories

For thrill and excitement, nothing beats the addition of slides and diving boards. Slides are a great accessory piece, mirroring a small carnival ride. Young and old alike will be instantly attracted to a slide, wanting to try it out for the pure thrill of it. Slides come in a variety of heights and configurations to fit any personal taste. Popular slides include designs like the corker screw, twisters, tunnel slide and high or low straight-line slides. Slides easily conform to above-ground or in-ground applications, possessing stable and sturdy mounting platforms.

Diving boards, probably the most popular entertainment accessory, are a smash hit with any pool crowd. Persons will be instantly attracted to the diving board, wanting to test their diving skills and techniques. Diving boards come in a variety of lengths and heights for both in-ground and above-ground pools. Some even have adjustable components that accommodate different weights and rebound pressures. Not only are diving boards fun and irresistible, but they serve as excellent practice and teaching devices for amateurs or seasoned pros. Wherever you can find a diving board, you’re sure to see some type of diving competition.

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