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Five Ways to Legally Party Like a Rock Star

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Rock stars are known to party more than any other species on planet earth. Whether they are tearing up the stage, green room, hotel room, extravagant tour buses, or even a private jet, rock stars go out of their way to party hard every night of the year.  Being a rock star isn’t for everybody, especially if you’re sane and responsible. Luckily, there are many ways that you too can party like a rock star without breaking the law or the bank.

Have a Hotel Party at Home

Enjoy a nice soak in the hot tub complete with champagne and strawberries, wine, cheese, chocolate, or whatever else whisks you away to your new home away from home, in your home. Create your own room service by having delicious food ordered in. Throw a few mints on the pillow of your bed for you and your special groupie and it’s a done deal. If you want to keep the illusion going the next morning pay a little bit for a maid service to clean up after you or for someone to come clean the hot tub.

Karaoke Night

Rent or borrow a karaoke machine and invite some friends over to show off their vocal skills. A disco light display or fog machine can even turn your living room or backyard into a seedy concert venue. Be sure to crank the volume all the way up to the max. Then live it up with some good food and drink while not caring that your annoying friend Joey is missing every single note in “Sweet Caroline”, ba ba baaa.

Dress the Part

Hit the thrift shop, costume store, or just raid some closets and dress up like your favorite rock star of today or years gone by. Just like Halloween, there’s no better way to step out of your skin than to step into the skin of someone else and see where the night takes you. When it’s time to take the costume off and head back to reality, exorcise the demons of your rock star persona by winding down in the hot tub.

Movie Night

Play some rock and roll videos or your favorite rock movies on the big screen, or projector if you really want to go big. There’s no better seat than right in the hot tub, with the added bonus of your feet not sticking to the floor when you get up. Treat your eyes, ears and body right while summoning your inner rock star.

Rock Out for Real

Borrow, rent, or buy some instruments and rock out with your friends, even if you can’t play very well or at all. There is no better way to party like a rock star than to actually start your own band. Be sure to practice for at least a few hours before inviting any fans over. KISS wasn’t built in a day. When your ears can’t take it anymore, hit the hot tub for some hardcore relaxation.

These are just a few fun and safe ways that you and your friends can party like a rock star. When you step foot in a hot tub, you can forget the world and become anything you desire.

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