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Dream Backyards

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Backyard Inspiration


My Backyard Looks Nothing Like This!

One of the most important elements to any home is the backyard. This is that little piece of outdoor paradise that’s all yours. Of course, we all dream of an expansive manicured backyard with a hot tub, pool, and stylish patio but many of us are stuck with a crowded plot of land with less than ideal landscaping prospects. However, there are options for any backyard. Many Bullfrog Spa Dealers are also talented landscape designers that can creatively turn any outdoor space into a functional backyard home spa perfect for a vacation every day.   In the mean time, here are some amazing yards to get you dreaming big about your space. If it’s of any comfort to you, you’re not alone when you think, “My backyard looks nothing like this.”

Residence or Resort?

Resort or Backyard with a PoolAt first glance, this backyard looks like a high-end resort but rest assured, it’s simply a residence. Speckled with wonderful stonework and lush jungle-like plants, this setting is beyond impressive. My backyard looks nothing like this.

Lifestyles of the Rich and Rustic

Outdoor Kitchen and Living RoomThis backyard outdoor kitchen and living room has gone to great lengths to retain a rustic feel. The antler chandelier, wood beams and posts, pond, grasses, and all make it feel like a high-end lodge. It is certainly not your average squatter’s shack in the woods or simple deck and BBQ set up. My backyard looks nothing like this.

Orlando Box Office


Swimming Pool Theater


Somewhere, probably in Florida, an affluent film buff is enjoying bigger than life motion pictures from the comfort of his/her swimming pool. Not only does this backyard look like an exotic resort but it also boasts a 300-inch movie screen with 8 large speakers. My backyard looks nothing like this.  

Rink of Dreams

Backyard Hockey Rink


We would maybe expect something like this on MTV’s Cribs or at Wayne Gretzky’s house, but this DIY hockey rink in suburban America is in a league of its own. Lights, yes! Lines, of course! Sponsor ads, well how else are we going to pay for this? What is even more impressive is that two neighbors sacrificed their entire backyards to host this impressive site. One suggestion: hot tub penalty box! My backyard looks nothing like this.

The Blue Lagoon


Blue Pool with Waterfall


Reminiscent of a scene from The Blue Lagoon or any other paradisical location your mind can come up with, this naturally inspired swimming pool and waterfall is the centerpiece of a most amazing backyard. With a setting so elegant as this, it’s hard to imagine ever wanting to leave home, ever. My backyard looks nothing like this.  

Gazebo Wonderland

spavault-poolThis stellar backyard incorporates all of the must-have elements for any great backyard setting: tons of space, a sport court, a pool, a cool stone wall for maximum privacy, plenty of lush turf, a spacious patio and a glimmering gazebo, complete with an inground hot tub. This looks like a scene in a movie and of course, my backyard looks nothing like this.

Flower Power


Flowers and Backyard Pond


While many can say they have a pond in their backyard, this owner should rise up and say, Yeah but my flower’s can beat up your flowers. It’s true; ponds are a dime-a-dozen but when the owner cares enough to maintain a colorful bouquet such as this, it deserves its praise. My backyard looks nothing like this.  

Clean & Simple

A shining example of less is sometimes more, this classy New England backyard is simple but oh so sweet. Complete with a beautifully manicured yard and shrubbery, it’s the clean lines that make this one so stunning. My backyard looks nothing like this.  

Cozy Countryside Cottage

Countryside CottageThis cozy cottage and garden simple could not be more quaint. I can see myself cozying up with a great book and wiling away the hours in this countryside paradise. My backyard looks nothing like this.

Water World

Oceanside infinity poolThis yard doesn’t impress with the foliage or expanses you might see in other oppulent abodes but it makes up for it with the incredible, cool, clear water. If the pool wasn’t enough, the incredible ocean vista will sweep you away into another world where things are all cool blue and tranquil. My backyard looks nothing like this.   While this is quite a list, be sure to check out the Bullfrog Spas Pinterest page for all kinds of mind-blowing backyard inspiration!

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  • Anna | Apr 13, 2011 at 1:49 pm

    i love the pictures you have. it inspires me to get a good job so i can get a a nice houes with all this nice stuff. dont stop putting up pictures. thank you 🙂 <3

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