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Design a Perfect Setting: 4 Ideas for Your Personal Spa at Home

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There is little more gratifying than having your own personal spa at home. It is your own private sanctuary where you are free to relax, unwind, and forget about the demands of daily life. There are so many options for what to put into your spa; you can customize any way you would like to make it fit your lifestyle perfectly. Here are 4 suggested ideas that may help you to design your own personal spa at home.



Start With a Great Hot Tub

Modern hot tub and home

One of the best items in which to create a spa is with a hot tub. Yes, the term spa is also used for hot tubs. A bit confusing maybe,  but it does show how perfect a hot tub is for your at home spa. Drawing a hot bath or soaking in your hot tub with your favorite bath salts or spa scents is the perfect way to relax after a long week and the best way to get rid of aches and pains. Plus the jets will massage your body with a soothing hydromassage, perfect for relaxing. Bullfrog Spas feature different types of spas and accessories. They have different options in style, colors, and you can even design your own hot tub spa online.



Choose a Great Setting

Outdoor Bar, Patio and Fire PitNext is the setting. Make sure it is clean and organized, free of any clutter. A messy area is distracting and reminds us of what we need to get done. Use a cabinet or special container in which to store bath items such as scrubs, salts, moisturizers, etc. Lining a spa, wall, or ledge with candles is a classic technique that adds a nice warm light that has a wonderful aesthetic appeal and adds to the calm of the area. If you use aromatherapy candles, they can have added benefits of scents that promote peace and relaxation. Keep your colors neutral and warm for a calm ambience or bright and natural for a clean fresh look. You can also decorate with additional complimentary décor to enhance the vibe of tranquility, just don’t go overboard.



Make it Comfortable

Modern Patio Design - Contemporary Wood DeckAdd to the comfort by placing discrete and comfortable outdoor furnishings. Adhere the the popular design concept of the “outdoor room” or “outdoor living space” as you choose which furnishings and where to place them. Don’t overlook a few plush, yet durable, mats or rugs. A personal spa can become a wet area, so it is good to have a place to dry off. Plus, it prevents you from slipping on the floor. Speaking of items to enhance your enjoyment and function, create an area to keep towels when you are done soaking. There are some exceptional towels made specifically for spa purposes that are thick and soft.



Customize the Lighting

Backyard Landscape with Pool and Hot TubFinally, customize the light in your at home spa space. In addition to the candles mentioned above, make sure your lighting is adjustable. For time within your personal spa, the lighting should be soft or dim. If it is too bright, it can be distracting. But, when you are finished it is nice to be able to turn up the lights for safety and cleaning. A great lighting concept really completes the look and feel of your special place to relax and unwind.

With these four ideas, you can begin to create the perfect area to get some privacy and release all your stress. Having a personal spa is a magnificent investment in your home and yourself. So lay back and relax!




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