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Hot Tubs Made in Economic Zion

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Bullfrog’s Home Gets Recognition By Newsweek for Being Business Friendly


For years we here at Bullfrog Spas have known that Utah is a pretty great place to live and to run a business. Seems like the rest of the world is catching on. This week Newsweek magazine ran a feature titled Promised Land: How Utah became the new economic Zion.


The article talks about Utah’s success in attracting new and vibrant businesses. While much of the rest of the country seems to be losing their grip on what’s left of the economy, Utah has continued to add jobs, especially in hi-tech industries. Heavy hitters like  eBay, Twitter, Adobe, EA Sports, Disney Interactive, and Oracle have all set up shop, literally right in our neighborhood.


Bullfrog’s continued success and emphasis on innovation couldn’t be happening in a better place. Newsweek and several other recent articles tout Utah as one of the economies that are poised to lead the country out of recession and into a new age of stability and growth. One of the major benefits of Utah for businesses is the highly skilled, highly educated, and ultra dependable workforce available, something Bullfrog has tapped into for years.


In addition to being friendly to big business, Utah is also an amazing place to live. As the 2002 Winter Olympics proved, the skiing and snowboarding couldn’t be better and Utah cities perpetually land on lists of “best places to live.” This assertion is backed by perhaps one of the best lines from the Newsweek article: Utah is “cheaper than Washington, cooler than Texas, as outdoorsy as Colorado … and not California.”


Bullfrog is happy to call Salt Lake City metro area home and wants to congratulate Utah for the recognition. While more and more spas are being built in places like China and Mexico, Bullfrog Spas will continue to produce the most innovative and the highest quality hot tubs on the planet right here in the United States, and more specifically, in Utah.

Jake Ricks

AUTHOR - Jake Ricks

Jake Ricks is the Marketing Director for Bullfrog Spas. In addition to his efforts in marketing leadership roles, Jake has been published in a variety of publications with topics that include the pool and spa industry, outdoors, digital marketing, and content marketing. Jake's passion is fly fishing, bird dogs, and living life outside. When possible he guides on local waters, competes in fly fishing events, designs new fly patterns and is a regular contributor to outdoor blogs and periodicals.

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