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The Best Ideas for Your Next Staycation

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Whether you’re able to travel or not, we all need a chance to relax and take a break from day-to-day life. Not everyone can afford to take extravagant trips every few months, no matter how badly you might need a break. Maybe you can’t spare the time required for a quality vacation, or maybe your idea of relaxing is to stay close to home. No matter your reasons, we compiled the best ideas to inspire your next staycation, including our favorite—a spa staycation.


Visit Local Museums or Art Galleries

There’s nothing quite like viewing beauty created by brilliant minds—whether those minds are famous artists or local school children. Art, in all its forms, is an excellent expression of culture that has a tendency to help us understand others. You can find some amazing hidden gems of ideas and expressions in your local art galleries and museums.

Alternatively, you could take an art class and create some art yourself. Whether it’s painting, drawing, sculpture, pottery, acting, music, or some other medium, art can be a great way to transport yourself for a short while.


Stay in a Local Airbnb or Hotel

Let’s face it. Sometimes getting out of your house is necessary to refresh your mind and body. Anymore, there are so many cool and unusual rental options, it’s not a far stretch to find interesting and unique places to stay that are close enough to home that they don’t require travel further than perhaps across town. Airbnb has turned the rental market on its head, since inventive and creative people have made hotel-like rentals from shipping containers, treehouses, old busses, grounded planes, antique grain silos, and even mountain caves. The possibilities are endless, fascinating, and in most cases, close to home.

If renting a cool place isn’t an option, consider pitching a tent or building a fort in the backyard or out on a deck or patio and creating your own cool place to stay. Build a bed under the stars where you can sleep in the open air in comfort using lots of cushy pillows and fluffy blankets. Maybe string some patio or holiday lights around your camp area to create a festive ambience.



Speaking of pitching a tent, you don’t have to stay in your yard. Consider finding a local mountain, field, beach, or river area where you can experience a different environment for a night or two. Be sure to bring food that can be cooked outdoors and maybe board or card games to play with your tent-mates or to keep you occupied and away from technology.

Build a campfire and tell stories, roast marshmallows and make smores or other fun campfire treats, and relax in fresh air under the stars. Find a trail and take a hike, bike, or explore and marvel at the wonders of the area near where you live.


Host an Outdoor / Backyard Movie Night

In the spirit of camping, it can be fun to spread out on the lawn or patio in all manner of chairs, blankets, cushions, and sleeping bags and project a movie onto a screen or exterior wall. It might be fun to invite friends and neighbors. You can serve pizza or hot dogs for dinner or just popcorn for snacks. It can be fun to get individual paper sacks for each portion of popcorn to give the experience that extra special touch.


Plan a Family Cooking and Game Night

This can be a great bonding activity for family and friends alike. Plan a simple menu, such as homemade pizza, or some other family favorite or specialty, and purchase all the ingredients in advance. When people arrive for the activity, assign each person (or couple) a duty chopping, washing, or prepping, and then setting up each station. Once the food has been prepared and eaten, invite the group to choose from a variety of games and start the game night while everyone is full and happy.


Spa Staycation

is it okay to use a hot tub everyday


Day Spa

Visit a local day spa and spend the day lounging in the sauna and treating yourself to services, such as massage, facials, and pedicures. It’s amazing what a difference a massage can make when you’re stressed.


Create Your Own Day Spa

If you’re planning to create a day spa in the comfort of your own home, you have lots of options. Maybe start with some yoga, read a good book, and give yourself a facial or pedicure. Take a long, luxurious bath with some indulgent bath bombs and bubbles. Wrap up in a cozy robe and spend the day in super soft lounge clothes doing quiet, calming activities and drinking soothing tea or cocoa.


Get a Spa or Hot Tub for Your Home and Yard

Maybe you’re considering creating a more permanent solution to spa staycation plans. Adding a spa to your backyard is a great idea for how to utilize your space and make the most of your yard.


Benefits of a Home Hot Tub

We probably don’t need to emphasize the benefits of investing in (and using) a home hot tub, but we’re going to anyway, because—let’s face it—if you’re planning a backyard staycation, a spa or hot tub should definitely be part of it. Not only does it provide a plethora of massage options that are available whenever you need one, the warm water helps your muscles relax, which helps your mind unwind.

Regular spa use helps improve sleep and assists with pain relief. On top of all that, the circulation benefits can improve cardiovascular health and insulin sensitivity, as well as boost metabolism for faster calorie burn, helping you foster a peaceful body.

The mental health benefits are also worth mentioning since regular spa use helps relieve anxiety and depression, decreases stress (and stress headaches), and when you feel better physically, you naturally feel better mentally, giving you a peaceful mind.


Your Backyard Oasis

Rearranging and designing your backyard can go a long way to helping you create your own local oasis from daily life. A hot tub is a great centerpiece around which you can design the rest of your yard and turn it into a true getaway, one that feels as though you are transported to somewhere else entirely. Just add water and presto! Instant vacay. Peaceful home indeed.


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