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11 Backyard Privacy Ideas to Improve Your Home

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If you are fortunate enough to have it, open space in the backyard can be a major benefit to your home. It allows space for kids and pets to play, room to host gatherings of family and friends, and a place to simply get some fresh air and enjoy the outdoors.


But privacy in the backyard is also essential. After all, you may not feel comfortable letting kids play outside, for instance, if there is not sufficient separation from the neighbors. In fact, for a number of reasons, you could begin to feel uncomfortable yourself if you feel a notable lack of privacy on your property.


With that in mind, read on for some great backyard privacy ideas that can improve your home.


Living Fence


living fence


One of the most exciting ways to provide additional privacy for your backyard is with a living fence, like a hedgerow. In addition to providing a barrier between your property and a neighbor’s, hedges provide additional greenery, allowing you to effectively enclose your yard in an aesthetically attractive way.


Of course, hedges do have their mild downsides: they can sometimes be expensive to establish and take some time to form a proper “wall” that shields your property.




Hedges are not the only type of living fence you can create! Bamboo grows rapidly and tightly and can be an effective way to fill in gaps and enclose parts of your property. Be careful, though, because bamboo is highly invasive, and coupled with rapid growth, it can easily take over a property if not controlled.




above ground hot tub ugc stil pergola


A pergola can be a useful way to add privacy to your backyard. A pergola is essentially an outdoor structure that includes a roof and supports, but no walls. It can be a beautiful addendum to a backyard and is particularly beneficial at providing privacy for meals and similar settings.


The amount of privacy added by a pergola will depend on the specific layout of your backyard. In some cases, it will be a useful privacy component but will serve as more of a supplement to some other type of fencing.




gazebo in backyard

img src:


A gazebo can also make a wonderful and private alternative to a pergola. The main difference is that a gazebo tends to have a more enclosed roof, offering more sun protection and potentially more privacy. Whether a pergola or gazebo works for you will depend, in part, on the layout and exposure of your backyard.



Hanging Curtains


hot tub curtains


With or without a pergola or gazebo, hanging curtains can be an effective way to add an extra dimension of privacy to your property. If used with a pergola, curtains can hang between the support columns, allowing them to be pulled closed for meals or other occasions. This can add a highly attractive — and extremely functional — element of privacy to your backyard.


Hanging Plants


Hanging plants can also be another attractive way to enclose a pergola. In addition to providing greenery, hanging plants can help to cool the surrounding air and offer protective shade, helping to enclose a structure. Best of all, hanging plants can be very affordable, and if reliably cared for, can last a long time.




Hot tub in snowy backyard


Obviously, conventional fencing can be an effective — and often attractive — way to add privacy to a property. It can also be among the most affordable options, and many fencing plans allow for DIY work by homeowners.


There are many ways to set up a backyard fence; read on for some options.


Wood Fencing


deck wooden fence


Wood fencing can be particularly affordable, and can frequently be installed without professional help. With limited regular upkeep, it can last for decades. Many types of woods can be used, ranging from pressure-treated pine to a variety of sustainable hardwoods.


Metal Fencing


Metal fencing is frequently favored for its strength. If installed by a qualified landscaper, it can also be more aesthetically attractive than some homeowners might initially think. Both steel and aluminum are commonly used but may require some upkeep over time (for instance, steel may need semi-regular sanding).


Wrought Iron Fencing



Wrought iron fencing can be an extremely reliable and attractive material for backyard fencing. Of course, iron fences are not visually impenetrable, and so you may need another layer if you want to ensure total privacy.


Fencing Addendums


With all types of fencing, landscaping efforts can help to spruce up their look and functionality. For instance, trees, shrubs, and other plantings located adjacent to a fence can both add an extra dimension of privacy, and additional aesthetic appeal for the fence itself.


Bottom Line


Ultimately, there are a wide variety of backyard privacy ideas that can be effective for homeowners of all types. Once you have achieved sufficient privacy, there are a few things that can spruce up a backyard like an outdoor hot tub and spa.


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