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7 Ways to Create Your Backyard Winter Wonderland

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Crystal-clear nights, blankets of fluffy snow, leaves, and berries encased in glittering ice—despite all the unique beauty that winter provides, the season also brings wind and cold and the dreaded “wintery mix.”


You might think that the weather means you can’t enjoy your outdoor space until spring finally comes, but that’s not true! There are many winter backyard ideas that you can use to experience being outside in a whole new way.


1. Setting the Scene


patio furniture


An outdoor seating area can be attractive and comfortable throughout the year. An easy first step is to choose patio furniture with cushions and pillows that can be changed along with the seasons.


Shades of blue, lavender, silver and pale green echo the hushed perfection of a landscape covered in new-fallen snow, or you can use deep reds and oranges to conjure images of cheery fires.


Outdoor holiday decorating can go well beyond lights and inflatable Santas. Use elements such as natural wreaths (consider those made from wicker and berries as well as evergreen branches), themed boxes and signs, or a simple wooden sled to create a festive atmosphere. Miniature potted evergreens add a fun touch, and a live Christmas tree can be planted in a suitable spot and decorated every year for decades to come.


2. Having Fun


Family having fun in spa without use of electronics


Wintertime outdoor entertainment can be as simple as roasting marshmallows or nuts over a fire or as elaborate as projecting a movie or sporting event on your own backyard screen. Lounging in a hot tub while snowflakes tickle your nose is a truly magical experience.


Wintertime grilling is a novelty that can provide a welcome respite from the kitchen routine. And remember that outdoor games such as cornhole or bocce ball don’t have to be limited to summer!


3. Staying Warm



Thick, soft blankets are always a good start (and can enhance your decor), but most winter climates will require more heating for a truly comfortable outdoor experience. Fortunately, you have many options.


Metal or ceramic fire pits spark memories of summer camping and winter celebrations and are easy to set up and maintain (you will need to clear out the ashes periodically if you choose a wood-burning version).


For covering a larger area, consider strategically placed patio heaters; you can find hanging heaters as well as the familiar tower style. While typical patio heaters are fueled by propane, butane, or natural gas, electric and even solar-powered versions are also available.


For a patio, you have even more choices. Underfloor radiant heating systems provide even heat and keep your patio clear of snow (they can be installed in driveways and sidewalks as well). An outdoor fireplace is an elegant focal point; both wood-burning and natural gas-fueled styles are available.


4. Creating Light


outdoor lighting


Here also you have a wide range of options. Candles are a cheerful addition to your decor scheme, and electric, battery-powered, and solar-powered outdoor lights come in an endless variety of colors and designs, from strings of tiny bulbs to gazing globes to vintage lanterns to flowers on “plantable” stakes. Try a few different arrangements to find the perfect mix.


5. Embracing Nature


winter bird feeder


Gardening isn’t just for summer. Depending on your climate, you may be able to grow anything from potted herbs to snowdrops and roses. Evergreens provide a pretty contrast to bare tree branches, as does a trellis or fence covered in ivy, clematis, or other cold-tolerant vines.

Don’t forget wildlife; birds are often more inclined to visit feeders during the winter as insects and other food sources may be more difficult to find.


To increase the number of feathery visitors to your backyard, offer several feeders with different types of seed (especially those with higher oil or fat content) and try to place them in spots that are relatively sheltered from wind and snow.


6. Providing Shelter

winter patio enclosure


There are many ways to reduce your exposure to the elements while still enjoying an outdoor winter experience. A simple awning or pergola can help prevent snow from accumulating on your patio furniture; consider a moveable or retractable version so that you can still take advantage of sunny days.


Depending on the size of your yard, a gazebo can take you a bit farther into nature while still providing the shelter of a roof and an even floor for furniture.


Patio enclosures are another possibility. Clear vinyl panels lend protection from cold winds while still providing a floor-to-ceiling view; depending on the type you choose, they can be rolled up in milder weather or the whole structure can be removed. If you prefer something more permanent, a glass-enclosed sunroom is a possible solution.


7. Welcoming Kids and Pets


mom and baby in the snow


Winter backyard fun isn’t limited to adults! Snow booties, a doggie sweater, and perhaps a heated doghouse can keep your pups comfortable enough to join you outdoors.


Children can enjoy a swing set even when there’s snow on the ground, and a playhouse stocked with warm blankets makes a perfect retreat from the wind (store beach toys such as shovels and buckets inside; they work equally well for snow and sand).


Don’t let your grown-up dignity keep you away from the fun. An epic snowball fight, a family soak in the hot tub, or a board game on the patio accompanied by hot chocolate and homemade s’mores all make for delightful memories, no summer required.


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