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5 Ways to Add Value and Beauty to a Home

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design a reading nookThe value of a home depends on more than the estimated worth of the lot and the building alone. Value, in many ways, can fluctuate in the eyes of buyers based on many different dimensions such as the charm, ambiance, and the space’s suitability for specific daily activities. In other words, the value of your home can be considerably increased by adding beauty and making a few minor improvements that are done with love. The sincere effort that someone puts into raising the appeal of their living space will always shine through. These do not need to be major renovations or add-ons in order to make an impact. The followings simple ways to improve your living space can make a small but powerful difference.



Revitalize with Color


Both the interior and exterior of a home can benefit from a new coat of paint. Shifting from darker to lighter colors or vice versa can drastically alter the mood in a given room or expand the feeling of openness that the room possesses. Even old cabinets and furniture can be brightened and rejuvenated with a fresh coat of paint. Rooms can take on a completely new personality with very little time and effort on your part. New products that have primer mixed into the finish coat allow this kind of project to be less expensive and less time consuming.



The Whole Nine Yards


Backyard Landscape with Pool and Hot TubThe lawn is the other major component of your property other than the home itself. Great landscaping can add as much value to a home as complete room renovations on the interior. The key to good landscaping is to create a design that matches the visual style of the house and compliments its best exterior features. Use trees and shrubbery to frame bay windows, line walkways with gardens, and incorporate appealing borders. You can also consider fencing or lighting. Once the grass is in order and the flowers are in place, consider the niceties and luxury extras that make a home too good to pass up. A hot tub is an ideal addition in this respect. Incorporating a hot tub into new decking or fresh motifs that guide your landscaping is an investment that homeowners never regret.



Focus on Utility


“Junk rooms” or entire rooms designated for storage are not good things when it comes to considering the value of the home. Small, finished attic spaces and wasted basement areas limit the possibilities of your home. Take advantage of every square foot in the house by turning these rooms into fully-functioning, living spaces. Achieving this goal can often be as simple as finishing the walls, adding some track lighting or lamps, and incorporating some well-placed furniture. You can quickly have a cozy reading nook, a playroom for the kids, or an office setting.



Heart of the Home


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Although people shy away from remodeling, it is by far the easiest way to add value and beauty to your home. You do not have to gut the entire space to achieve the desired results. Often, the kitchen can find new appeal simply by purchasing new appliances and adding a couple of decorative back splashes. Rather than tearing out all the cabinets, replace the counter tops and switch over to laminate flooring that mimics a wood grain. Or you may even opt for an incredible outdoor kitchen and bring your dining and living experience outside. Breathing new life into this vital room will ensure a warm heart for your home.



Don’t Neglect Tile


Bathrooms are another major selling point for people. In this area, it is best to go traditional by incorporating tiles and other elements such as closet space for storing towels. To maintain this room’s value, be sure that all of the tiles are in good shape and all the seals are well-caulked. Also consider adding appeal by carefully placing comfortable, decorative covers and bath mats to add variety to porcelain surfaces. This room provides yet another opportunity to bring the magic of a hot tub into your life. The models designed specifically for indoor use will instantly pull people into fantasies of their own home spa, dramatically increasing the appeal instantly.


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