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5 Water Games to Try Next Time You’re in the Pool

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5 Water Games To Try Next Time You're in the Pool

We all know the water is great for swimming, but it is also the perfect arena for tons of competitive games! Dial up the fun-factor and whip one of these games out at your next pool party. Remember to relax in your relaxing hot tub after a long day in the pool.

Marco Polo

Fun as it is simple; Maro Polo is easy to play with a small group or large crowd. The first person who is ‘it’ has to close their eyes, and it is there job to find the other people in the pool without peeking! They do this by sound- their ‘marco’ call is followed by a ‘polo’ call from the others, and they have to swim towards the voices and try to tag someone out!

Sharks and Minnows

Best played in the deep-end where diving is safe, sharks and minnows are a super competitive game for strong swimmers! One person starts as the shark, the others as minnows. Stationed on opposing walls, the shark gives the ‘go’ call (feel free to be creative here!) and the minnows dive in and begin to swim to the other side! It is the shark’s job to tag other people, transforming them from minnows to new sharks. The catch? You cannot be tagged if your whole body is underwater! SO, the minnows that can swim the length of the pool without coming up for air have the best chance to be the last minnow standing!

Color Game

This is another fun game of tag with a colorful twist! One person starts as ‘it’, and stands outside of the water with their back to the pool. The other players wait on the wall directly behind them, and think of a color. When the ‘it’ person names their color, they have to swim to the other side of the pool before the person who is it dives in and tags them!


Pool volleyball is fun game for the whole family. A net makes things extra exciting, but the game can be played without by simply separating players on to opposite ends of the pool. Again, get creative here and make up your own twists on the rules!

Money Dive!

Great game for Birthdays! All you need is a bunch of change and some money-hungry swimmers! Throw the coins into the pool and watch as everyone eagerly dives in searching for treasure. In the end, everyone gets good exercise and a nice goody-bag to take home!

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