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33 Pools that Make You Want to Go To There

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I recently helped to put together this blog post for Swim University. It was so entirely epic we wanted to share it here as well. Hope you enjoy these amazing pools from around the world. I already want to go to there.

1. Sheraton Waikiki Hotel


The first pool on this list is one that is located in paradise, sits on the world’s most famous beach, and looks like it lasts forever as it blends into the cool blue Pacific. There are plenty of infinity pools in amazing locations but this one seems to define the word “paradise” in one relaxing dip. I would highly suggest an afternoon to relax poolside if you can ever get into this modern-day Eden.

Location: Honolulu, Hawaii

2. San Alfonso Del Mar Resort


If you believe that size matters when it comes to swimming pools, then you definitely need to check out the San Alfonso Del Mar Resort in Chile. This impressive watery expanse has been determined to be the largest swimming pool in the entire world. It is actually large enough for small motorized boats. Sound overwhelming? That’s the idea!

Location: Algarrobo, Chile

3. The Ocean Dome


The the Seagaia Resort in Japan, boasts the second largest pool in the world. What’s more impressive is that this incredible mulch-tiered swimmer’s paradise is actually indoors. Obviously the largest indoor pool in the world, the dome structure creates the illusion of being at the beach with always sunny skies. 10,000 people fit in this pool at one time and there is actually a man-made volcano that erupts several times during the day. Clearly this isn’t your average kiddie pool. No—this pool was made for swimmers and adventurers alike. Don’t bother making the trip unless you are ok with mind-blowing once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

Location: Miyazaki, Japan

4. The Gellert Bath


If you are dreaming of a pool vacation that entirely defines luxury, then you definitely need to take a visit to the Gellert Swimming Pool in Budapest, Hungary. This historic city is inspiring enough, but when you check in at this incredible establishment and take a dip in the pool, you will feel like you are in a water floored cathedral. This is not your average concrete box or just a place to swim some laps. The columns, ceilings and walls are ornately decorated with hand carved art and the adjoining spas are filled with naturally heated water from nearby hot springs. If swimming in style is your thing, this one can’t be left off of your swimming pool bucket list.

Location: Budapest, Hungary

5. The Nemo 33

world's deepest pool

Named after the venturesome Captain Nemo from Jules Verne’s book 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, this unique destination is for those divers just starting out, and those looking to test their skill. Nemo 33 is the world’s deepest indoor pool at 34.5 (not 33) meters deep, and 33 degrees Celsius, it is aptly named for adventure. With its safe, controlled climate, skilled instructors, and convenient, in-house restaurant all tucked away in beautiful Brussels, you’re bound to have a once in a lifetime experience.

Location: Brussels, Belgium

6. The Devil’s Pool

Devil's Pool

Victoria Falls is the largest waterfall in the world, and one of the 7 natural wonders, and if its beauty and wonder isn’t enough of a reason to visit, take a trip to the top. These falls have a 100 meter drop to the rocks below, but at the very edge of the falls, there is a small, natural rock pool called The Devils Pool where visitors can wade in the waist-high waters, over-looking the falls, or, if they so choose, to enter the pool with a big splash. With limited space to take this daring leap of faith, tours come and go up to 5 times a day in the hot Zimbabwean sun, so you thrill-seekers better make reservations soon.

Location: Victoria Falls, between Zimbabwe and Zambia

7. Blue Lagoon Geothermal Resort


When some people think of Iceland, they might think of the aurora borealis, or simply think just of ice, and while both are a permanent fixture of this secluded island, there’s so much more than meets the eye. This gorgeous and diverse resort offers a number of treatments, and is powered by clean, geothermal energy, set in the beautiful Grindavík countryside. The Blue Lagoon is far from your average spa, it will leave you feeling completely spoiled, and with your expectations happily set to insurmountable heights.

Location: Grindavík, Iceland

8.The Badeschiff

Badeschiff Pool

With the floating pool set to a glorious 24 degrees Celcius, bar and beach at hand, this eclectic playground is a detached piece of the Arena Berlin, host to various concerts, sporting matches and events. Open all year round, set on the river Spree in the busy Capitol, this pool provides both residents, and visitors with a much needed getaway from all the hustle and bustle of Berlin, as they sunbathe, take part in yoga classes, or just simply enjoy a drink by the wayside.

Location: Berlin, Germany

9. The Hearst Castle


Set on the famous California coast, Hearst Castle about 2 hours north of Santa Barbara, but makes you feel as if you have escaped not only to another country, but to another time entirely. La Cuesta Encantada, or “The Enchanted Hill” was completed in 1947, this 127 acre estate has been known to enthrall, and mesmerize visitors from the Gothic study, to the vast art collection, but never to be overlooked is the Neptune Pool. Composed of marble and serpentine tiles, this pool in itself is a work of art. With stone statues and antiques surrounding this timeless oasis, and a view over the Californian hills, this pool will leave you with a nostalgic longing.

Location: California, United States

10. The Sanctuary Swala

The Sanctuary Pool

For a truly wild safari escape unlike any other, look to The Sanctuary. Deep in the Tanzanian forest lies an oasis where visitors and indigenous wildlife co-exist, and while the watering hole is man-made, that doesn’t take away from the charm, nor does that stop the herds from stopping by for a cool drink. While onlooking from your room’s balcony, you might find yourself saying, elephants, jaguars, impala, oh my!

Location: Tanzania, East Africa

11. The Library


Getting away from the often-over-crowded beaches in Thailand can prove to be a task, bu there’s always plenty of room, an icy drink in your hand and a cool breeze at this minimalists retreat. This blood-red tiled pool is definitely what will first catch your eye when in for a visit at The Library, and it might also be the reason you stay. This simplistic and cool beach-front overlooks the Gulf of Thailand, and is sure to enchant you, relax you, and have you seeing red.

Location: Koh Samui, Thailand

12. The Joule

Joule Pool

Smack dab in the middle of downtown Dallas sits this unique structure. Lit up by the city lights, and overlooking the busy streets below, this chic and modern piece of, dare I say, artwork of a building, truly encapsulates the Dallas night life. Swimming out towards the edge of this pool is not for the faint of heart, but lounging around Joule-side under a gorgeous shaded canopy, now that’s for everyone.

Location: Dallas, Texas

13. Capella Pedregal Resort


Near the awe-inspiring Land’s End by the Sea of Cortez, the only entrance to this piece of paradise is through a privately owned tunnel, carved through the Dos Mares mountains. This resort sits on the very southernmost point of the Baja California Peninsula, giving visitors an exceptional view on-looking the Pacific Ocean from their beachfront room. One day spent here will feel like a lifetime of luxury, and will leave you considering moving in.

Location: Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

14. The Sarojin

Sarojin Pool

Named after the daughter of a Thai Noblemen, The Sarojin is renowned for its reputation of comfort and hospitality. The snow white beaches and topical surroundings completely immerse visitors into a world truly built upon the needs of its guests, and will make your troubles melt away with an array of options from the world class spa.

Location: Khao Lak, Thailand

15. Marina Bay Sands Resort Pool

Marina Bay Sands Pool

At 55 levels above the busy streets of Singapore, this pool’s view is unlike any other. With the pool stretching from brim to brim of this casino, resort, museum, restaurant, and hotel, there’s very little left for wanting. The breathtaking view of the lively city of Singapore down below is enough to make anyone weak in the knees.

Location: Singapore

16. Huvafen Fushi Hotel Pool

Huvafen-Fushi Pool

The Huvafen Fushi Hotel is a place almost built in your imagination. It gracefully combines reality with a dream. Whether you’re on a family vacation, your honeymoon, your 8th honeymoon, or on a ladies retreat; there’s something here for everyone, and will leave all on a luxurious high. This secluded resort offers diving classes on their privately owned diving sites. So if you or your children are interested in taking up diving, it would be a good idea to take a basic to advance swimming course before hand, like those offered at Swim Jim.

Location: Maldives

17. Golden Triangle Resort

Golden Triangle Pool

The Golden Triangle Resort gives every guest the spoils of modern living, but with the charming reminder of simplistic, jungle living. This resort is unlike any other, in that they have a strong moral belief in the preservation, and respect of the indigenous wildlife, so while you stay, you’re bound to make a few extra friends.

Location: Chiang Rai, Thailand

18. Hotel Hacienda Na Xamena

Hacienda Na Xamena Pool

Hotel Hacienda Na Xamena is the type of place that everyone needs to experience at least once in their life. It’s the kind of place where you almost forget you’re on earth, the beauty of this place is unheard of, and incomparable to the rest of our little blue ball. Set on an island off Spain’s mainland, this resort is surrounded by Balearic and Mediterranean Sea. Secluded as this little island might be, you’ll never want for a thing as you relax in the pool overlooking the glorious Sea.

Location: Palma de Mallorca, Spain

19. Mardan Palace Pool

Mardan Palace Pool

At this luxury 5-Star, you get a sophisticated and graceful combination of classic Turkish architecture, and modern accommodation and unmatched hospitality. Not only is the resort surrounded by the Mediterranean, but it’s essentially made up of one pool that zigzags throughout the resort, in and outside. With an indoor pool, steam bath, executive and teen spa, there are enough options for the entire family to find a body of water to suit their needs.

Location: Antalya, Turkey

20. Homestead Crater Underground Pool

Crater Pool and Natural Springs

Well hidden within a 55-foot tall, limestone rock shaped like a beehive, sits this truly magnificent, and one of a kind underground pool. Located in Midway Utah, it has astounded and awestruck both locals and visitors since it’s discovery over 120 years ago. The resort offers exclusive diving courses and certification, and therapeutic mineral baths, all in the sapphire blue waters within the crater.

Location: Midway, Utah

21. Shaw House Lap Pool

Shaw House Pool

Boasting one of the most original swimming home pool designs in all of the world, the Shaw House lap pool offers an underside view of the swimming pool above. It’s a structurally sound design that lets both swimmers in the pool and guests in the room down below see each other. It’s an innovative idea that is one of a kind. The outside of the home is modern and sleek, and the interior is much the same. There are several rooms in the house that have a view of the swimming pool above. While not the most beautiful or breathtaking of all the places on our list, this would still be an awesome addition to any house.

Location: Vancouver, Canada

22. Hotel Caruso

Hotel Caruso Pool

Offering one of the most comprehensive views in all of Italy, Hotel Caruso is full of majestic scenes of Italy’s hillsides and endless ocean. Hotel Caruso offers a breathtaking scene of all Italy has to offer. The whole experience at Hotel Caruso will give residents a chance to get a taste of the Italian culture, including the dining experience, the views, and the people. While the view of the Bay of Salerno is fantastic, the beauty of the gardens and greenery can’t be ignored. There are beautiful terraced gardens full of lemon and olive trees surrounded by impressive restorations of Baroque-inspired architecture.

Location: Ravello, Italy

23. Ubud Hanging Gardens

Ubud Gardens Pool

The Ubud Hanging Gardens stand as one of the most exquisite getaways in Indonesia. Relax in the infinity pools as you over look the Ayung river and the beauty of the surrounding greenery. This 5-star experience is all about luxury and relaxation. You can get a taste of the culture by staying in this area while experiencing the greenest and lushest landscapes that Bali has to offer. Surrounded by original Balinese decorations, your stay at the Ubud Hanging Gardens in Indonesia is sure to be memorable and beautiful.

 Location: Bali, Indonesia

24. Infinity Pool in Acuatico Beach Resort

Acuatico Pool

The Infinity pool at Acuatico Beach Resort in the Philippines has an unmatched view of the ocean. Get a taste of the island life with a small but beautiful resort managed by a husband and wife. This is a tourist attraction, but the smaller and more intimate venue provides ample opportunity to kick back, relax, and enjoy the serenity offered the view and the beach in Acuatico. There is also an impressive floating bar that is sure to please all guests. A cozy restaurant also looks out over the amazing view of the ocean. This is a great family-friendly getaway that everyone can enjoy.

Location: San Juan, Philippines

25. Tat Kuang Si Waterfall Pool

Waterfall Pool

Nature has done it again. The Tat Kuang Si Waterfall pool offers something that man just can’t replicate. A beautiful, scenic drive leads to this waterfall. It takes about one hour to get to the waterfall from Luang Prabang, and every inch is breathtaking as the last. Once at the waterfall, viewers are met with a group of pools at the base of waterfall overlooking the lush green landscape and rolling hills of Luang Prabang. The water also appears to have a beautiful green tint because of the way light reflects off the minerals produced by the waterfalls. This is one of nature’s finest natural getaways. It’s in the heart of a full green forest, and it’s like nothing you have ever experienced before.

 Location: Laos

26. Aquarium Pool at the Golden Nugget

Golden Nugget Pool

Everyone knows that Vegas is synonymous with luxury. The Golden Nugget pool takes luxury and the Vegas experience to new levels. There are waterfalls all over the pool area that cascade down to the main pool level. Want to see sharks up close and personal? This is place to do it safely. You can take tours of the Shark Tank area for an up close and personal encounter with sharks. If that’s not your cup of tea, relax with a drink from the H2O bar overlooking the Golden Nugget and the strip in Vegas. Just relaxing on the chairs by the pool is enough to transport you to a tropical paradise.

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

27. Tangga House Pool

Tangga House Pool

The Tangga House pool is luxury at its finest. The dream house was designed to show off modern design and aesthetics. The home is like nothing you’ve ever seen. It features a clear glass swimming pools that’s raised several feet above ground. The crystal clear water reflects off the protruding floors of the second story. The house perfectly combines nature and modern structural design to create a home that feels more like paradise than a living space. The house is a visually appealing, jaw dropping experience that will leave onlookers blown away. It’s built for one family. Look all you want, but this place would cost a fortune to own.

Location: Holland Village, Singapore

28. Aquaworld

Aquaworld Pool

Experience the best water has to offer at Aquaworld in Budapest, Hungary. Aquaworld boasts attractions and fun for the whole family. There are huge wave pools that kids can surf on, an awesome Saunaworld that parents can relax in, and a whole lot of adventure waiting in the Adventure Park. Aquaworld sets itself apart from other water parks with the massive dome covering the entire water park. A beautiful replica of a Angkor temple is located in the heart of the park, sporting amazing suspension bridges that add to the transporting experience that is Aquaworld. As one of Europe’s largest water parks, Aquaworld needs to be on your travel list if you’re in Europe.

Location: Budapest, Hungary

29. Hotel the Vine Pool

Hotel The Vine

The pool at Hotel the Vine embodies luxury, sophistication, and modern design. Swim in the sleek pool or relax on the deck overlooking the beautiful city of Funchal. You can also enjoy a gourmet dinner from the five-star restaurant hotel after a swim in the pool. The hotel was designed by the acclaimed designer Nini Andrade Sliva, and her eye for minimalism and modern design shines through. The pool at Hotel the Vine is how relaxation was meant to happen.

Location: Funchal, Portugal

30. Chime Long Water Park


Looking to give your kids the most thrilling water park experience of their lives? Chime Long, the largest water park in the world, is your best bet. Boasting a ten inversion roller coaster, this water park is for the families looking for an all-out water party experience. The park also sports the longest lazy river you can float to your hearts content. A massive wave pool will keep the kids entertained for hours, and speed slides are sure to thrill your older children. If you’re looking for a water world experience you won’t forget, Chime Long is your best bet.

Location: Guangzhou, China

31. Four Seasons Hotel Pudong Pool

Pudong Pool

Who says you can’t find luxury and beauty in the city? The Pudong Pool at the Four Seasons Hotel shows serenity is just a few flights up. Enjoy the beautiful city lights from several stories above the city of Shanghai. Relax with the help of the latest technology like a rain shower or whirlpool. You can also take advantage of the view from the bar if you’re not swimming. The Pudong Pool is the best way to relax in luxury. It’s a must-see if you’re in or around Shanghai.

Location: Shanghai, China

32. Bondi Icebergs Pool

Bondi Icebergs Pool

The view from Bondi Icebergs is hard to beat. It’s the best of both worlds: you get a fantastic view of the ocean with the comfort of a public pool. This is a popular tourist area, but this is one place you can’t afford to miss in Sydney, Australia. Several whales have been spotted from the deck, and there’s a perfect hangout at the “unsinkable bar” for those wanting to kick back and grab a cold drink. Soak in the ocean experience while swimming this 50-meter public pool.

Location: Sydney, Australia

33. Natural Infinity Pools

Natural Infinity Pools

The Natural Infinity Pools in Pamukkale, Turkey are one of nature’s most beautiful creations. Set on the hills overlooking the city, these pools offer breathtaking views of the city and landscape. The natural pools are so crystal clear it’s hard to believe that they aren’t man made, but they are purely nature’s creation. The pools are set in the hardened white minerals of the hill, which only add to the beauty of the entire experience. It’s hard to step foot in the pools without getting a taste for what the ancient Greco-Roman people must have experienced in the surrounding ruins of the city Hierapolis thousands of years ago.

Location: Pamukkale, Turkey

Thanks again to Swim University for the opportunity to collaborate on this list of epic pools and hot tubs. We hope you enjoy.


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